ASK AMI: Arabian Night

Safryna asked me on my formspring on what should she wear to an Arabic themed dinner. I think I would've been so excited coz I'd get to wear pretty abaya's & layers of hijab to a fancy dinner, but that's just me. I get excited over any chance to wear pretty clothes T_T

My answer:
  • Obviously the easiest garment would be an abaya, in black.
  • Accessorize with gold & wooden bangles, beaded necklace & eccentric printed hijab or plain ones depending on your abaya.
  • As for shoes, wear beaded flats and maybe add a thin black sock on for added exaggeration of costume.
  • For make-up, think Cleopatra; thick cat-eye eyeliner, lightly highlight your temple, cheek, nose bone & chin with bronzer (not too dark), add a touch of gold shimmery shadow to inner corner of your eye and under brow bone & add white eyeliner on the waterline of your eye. You can go either for nude peach or matte maroon lips. Try out which beauty look suits you most. You can check out all the list of Arabic make-up tutorial on youtube.
Ofcourse this article would not be complete without a few photo inspiration. Here is an excerpt of Zleqa's Sahara Classic Series 2010 lookbook. Hope this helped you Safryna! Would love to see an outfit shot of you for that special night :)

via Zleqha