What's In Your Bag?

Hello, so I decided to post a What's In Your Bag entry inspired by this group:

Stop lying to yourself and admit that you like knowing what's in other people's bags too!
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As you have probably seen in most of my style shots, this furry bag has been my go-to everyday bag, I don't carry a lot but I just love the versatility of this bag in color & trend-wise.

Mulberry inspired fur bag, RM35 from tiffanywardrobe | Nine West chain purse, birthday gift from Naz 2 years ago | Flora by Gucci 50ml perfume, it's almost finished! Part of my wedding hantaran / gift from Naz | Nokia E72, part of wedding hantaran | Marc by Marc Jacobs make-up bag, gift from Naz when he came back from biz-trip in Japan.

Inside the make-up bag;
Chanel Mat Lumiére in 40 Sable, almost finished - also part of hantaran | MAC Charged Water Skin Hydrating Mist, I rarely use this but carry it around just in case - about 1/4 left | MAC Sheertone Blush in Peach | In2It eyeshadow in matte gold & brown, stolen from my sister :D | Bodyshop peach brown eyeshadow, I've had this for years since uni days! Ok, that's not very hygienic/safe is it? | MAC Fresh Cut eyeshadow, gift from Naz | Marc by Marc Jacobs yellow mirror, gift from you-know-who. | Maybelline gel eyeliner & brush, easy to do that cat-eye look | Maybelline eyebrow brush & shadow | Maybelline white eyeliner, to open up my peepers & appear fresher than I actually am | Clean & Clear oil blotting film | CLARINS lipstick code 712, got for free when I collected my points from Clarins (used to wear Clarins skincare, but not anymore) | Majolica Majorca Honey Plump Gloss in PK122, shimmery peach lipgloss available at Watson's | Vaseline Lip Essence Advanced lipbalm, keep my lips moisturized & glossy on lazy make-up days. | Pins, brooches & needles, essential for hijab-wearing ladies. | Random: coins, Paracetamol & thumbdrives. I don't even use them normally.

Okay this is not in my bag, but these frozen strawberries are in my TUMMY. Yum! Keeping up with my resolution to eat more fruits everyday ♥

Now, expect What's In Your Bag posts from the other Scarflets members & friends too! I'm tagging YOU, yes you my readers to join in as well. It's just for fun, I'm sure you are as curious to see what's in other people's bags as well right? If you don't have a blog, upload your pic in your facebook or tumblr. Once done, share your link in my comment box ;)

Come on! It'll be fun! :D I'll do a compilation of all your photos soon as I get more entries from you guys!