ASK AMI: Style & Sneakers

Salam dear sister, I'm so sorry it took me almost a week to answer your fashion question. I've been swamped with other stuffs & also was trying to collect enough quality data to present in order to answer this question. It was quite hard because you specifically said you don't like layers?
  • Well for me, in my imagination wearing a simple tee + skinny jeans (one size up if you're wearing hijab) + sneakers, there can only be one thing that makes a lot of difference which is by adding a piece of jacket/drape cardigan/tailored blazer.
  • Sneakers or not, you gotta be brave in experimenting with colors, don't just stick to white & black. Add a pinch of neon to your outfit, if you don't like girly colors try lemon lime, funky orange or in-your-face purple shade.
  • But please do not wear sneakers to a formal company/government event unless if it involves sports or you are working in an art/construction scene.
WIWT: Neon Grey, just imagine I'm wearing a yellow hi-top Supra (and forgive me for wearing skinny jeans in this photo, I just started wearing hijab at that time and more or less jahil in terms of aurat); via Hanneli.
  • For tops, it can be a variety of things depending on the event you're going to! Some of them are loose t-shirts with loud graphics, sequin tank tops, lace long sleeves, empire cut baby-doll dresses, plaids, bell sleeve vintage tops.
  • For bottoms, don't restrict yourselves to only skinny jeans. Try cargo pants, harem pants & even long skirts.
  • For outerwear, think light-weight casual pieces. You must probably think that blazers are only for formal functions, I beg to differ! Think pin-stripe blazers, chiffon blazers & even corduroy ones (although I would only recommend corduroy if you're staying indoors coz it would probably be too hot outside). And why not a parka, if you're out at night or on rainy days.
  • For accessorizing, try adding button badges on the lapel of your jacket, studded bangles, oversized rings and maybe another layer of plain stretchable cotton shawl ala Yuna ;) and don't forget your socks! It seals your look and your feet won't be too smelly by the end of the day. Hehe.
  • Other than that perhaps you can take a look at the polyvore set I've acquired;
More can be viewed at my Sporty Style collection.

Various street-style with sneakers.

Hope this helped my dear! ♥