FEATURED: Wikipedia & InTrend

About 10 days ago, Brooke Benoit of Rolling Ruminations sent me an email introducing herself as an American writer who has an odd hobby of writing & submitting to Wikipedia entries. She asked for permission to submit one of my picture for a Wiki page, which is list of types of Sartorial Hijab. The list indexes styles of clothing found predominantly in Muslim societies. And she thinks it would be awesome if I provided an image for "Tudung", not a traditional image but a look with a trendy twist. Obviously I agreed to it! I let her browse through all my hijab pictures on my blog and recommended the picture above because it looks like the most common style most Malaysians muslimah wears (even if you are wearing tudung bawal, right?) but with my personalized trendy twist as requested.

She sent me a permission form to fill up & voila, on 21st February it's official!

And to my surprise! My blog has also been featured in a list of 50 chosen Malaysian blogs 2011 by InTrend ♥ Thank you so much InTrend!
Under Hijab section. My decision to don a hijab permanently has proven to be much a blessing so far! And most of the girls featured in this section are my Scarflet sisters ♥

Oh no! I'm quite embarrassed by that come hither manja look -_-". A style I pulled off at Mimpi Kita's boutique launching, it was actually a raw 2 metres fabric I twisted & turned into a wearable hijab :) I was also featured { here } in the past.

A lil' sneak preview into my small home office/studio, good things are in the making.

And to tease you up a lil bit more, my own label SCHANAZ, coming soon. Just sent a batch with various glam colors to the production team. Counting the moment to pick it up!
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EDIT: What a surprise, Tee Elliot drew me! Has a bit of Andy Warhol influence into it, yes/no?
Loving it dear! Thank you so much :) This was me in WIWT: COLOR FOOL.