Mourning A Black Loss

I lost (accidentally left) my favorite black satin blazer in Penang. I can't even muster the effort to thoroughly think where I might have left it, coz then I would break down and cry. Seriously dude, I only have one blazer, in black, and hard satin. Effin' love that piece of shit :(

Balmain Blazer via LuisaViaRoma

On another note, TOPSHOP really do have very nice collection of blazers and jackets. Now if only I have a few thousand £ lying around.. Hmm.

Anyways, accompanied Naz (the fiance) and his lil sister to do some shopping last night. I manage to get out of the shopping complex without buying anything, YAY!! It wasn't easy and didn't make feel happy leaving all those temptations behind but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, especially flat broke busted penniless girl ala moi. Now this is the moment where I feel I can't believe I wrote previous statement and really meant it, duude a few months ago I'm so pro at denying temptations! They caught up with me apparently T_T

Naz's sister bought the same Nine West long purse but in black color, we match :P, now we can whip out our purses together and battle at the cash counter LOL. I do not make sense. I have a nagging desire to take a quick look at Zara (again? roll eyes to self) and nab a suede harem pants even if it's one size larger, at RM40 it's justifiable. Yes/No?

Spreading the good news, though the prices are pretty much the same as last week's sale:

ZARA FINAL CLEARANCE at rock bottom prices - in stores from Thursday, 20 Aug onwards! - by ZARA Mid Valley.

Received it via sms yesterday. Imma just spreading the loove ♥

p/s: my birthday is actually tomorrow, how can I forget!*wiggles eyebrow suggestively*


  1. Great post! I love the topshop jackets and t-shirt.

    You might like my blog so come over and visit

  2. hey thanks for dropping by my blog :)


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