Lover's Quote

Yesterday we only met once, for only a brief moment of sharing the car to the office together. Before he sleeps, he sent me a text message saying above ♥

I love this man, no doubt about it..

A day before yesterday was raining cats & dogs nearing ifthar time and we had to come into the restaurant way earlier than we normally do. So I had my Bel-ami in hand and read it while waiting for Maghrib, he was irritated because he had nothing to read hence he went to the 7-Eleven store next door and bought what may seem the most metrosexual magazine ever! I laughed so hard especially when I saw both the male models are bald, and so was the man reading it. ROFLMAO!

I had Nasi Goreng Thailand & ice tea.
And actually Men's Health was a pretty good read & I've finished up my Bel-Ami ;)

What are you reading right now?