25? Really?!

Thanks to Adik, K-rol, Lia and my fiance for a somewhat surprise birthday celebration. My 25th birthday fell on 22nd August, on the same day all muslems starts fasting for Ramadhan. I feel blessed in a way. Can't believe I'm already quarter of a decade, but I ain't complaining. Atleast not much, I'm still working my way up there, slowly.

When the food came we were too hungry & eager to eat we didn't take any photos. Thank GOD coz even the sight of that pineapple juice and cookies are killing me. Fasting101: DO NOT LOOK AT FOOD PHOTOS, EVER. They bought mini cupcakes coz fiance didn't have Awesome Dzu's number to make a special order, as he told me. If only he asked me lah kan.. Received a free box of cookies from +wondermilk, named Koko Fudge, seriously delish! You must stop by this Ramadhan at +wondermilk (be warned, full of tasty cute temptations), while stocks lasts :)

Was wearing: printed top, Bloop, Jakarta | black high-waisted acid wash skinnies, TOPSHOP | bag, Nine West | fuschia pink flats, Vincci|

Highlight of all birthday wishes, one person wished me Happy 22nd Birthday. Confirmed my thoughts that I look aptly younger than I should, hah! XD