a series of events;

What happened last week?
  • Surpise belated birthday party! I was pranked into believing Naz won't come back till Saturday when actually he already has touched down in Malaysia and rushed to Engku's house for the surprise. I really wasn't expecting anything coz dude one week passed by and they didn't give a damn about my birthday, except for wishes and rose + chocolates from Alin & Rushdance :P. I was the ultimate prank/surprise party planner for the year and on my birthday I got nothing? Slightly sad though I did told them not to plan anything coz I know everyone's pockets almost empty on that date. Who would have thought they planned a lil something for me, only a week later when I was least expecting haha. Ololololololo, sayang you guys!
  • After coming back from COD with Sarah for Lacy Lucy, our car met with an accident. A suspicious looking motorcyclist who wore black from top to bottom with black kapcai, swerved right to our left side mirror at a dark barely litted road. We quickly drove away coz the motorcyclist was okay it seems, but we were in total shock. And then after careful examination of the car, our side mirror is completely broken, danggling from it's wired roots and scratches here and there and a minor 'kemek' at the back door. The damage costs us: RM680.
  • Restocked a whole lot of stuff for Neue Fashion & Vintage Wednesday. We were so tired from the photoshoot that we went completely bonkers. One of my favorite behind the scene photo is this:
me with si gila wow und fluttert. i'm star trek party trooper!

p/s: Selamat Berpuasa semua!


  1. Dalam ada seronok-seronok, mesti ada bad things happened kan?
    That's life..
    Baju Star Trek itu sangat rare

  2. baju yang you pakai itu sangat cun ok!

    tah bile i nak kaya.. boleh bid baju vintage kat the shoplifter. ni tak hari-hari masuk cuci mata jer ):

  3. and, i dah tukar link. jangan lupa update ok ;)

  4. RM680? that's pretty expensive.

    anyway happy fasting. :)

  5. itu lah pasal.. nak nangis pun dah tak berair mata dah :(

    redha je lah. mungkin ada hikmah nye kan.

    Seriously baju Star Trek tu, rare gila!

  6. :D:D fun gile baju tu!

    ala cik cempaka, ade buy it now price la skarang :D

  7. shahril, side mirror to ade lampu ape tu.. hah lampu signal and side mirror leh simpan ke dalam kalau tgh parking atau melalui tempat sempit (entah bile mase laluan sempit sangat?) :P

    tapi.. mahal sangat. kalau kat honda service centre sampai rm1k die charge. ayooo...

  8. nak nangis pun dah tak berair mata
    I faham.. I faham..
    Tak panas ke baju stat trek tuh?

    RM1K utk side mirror yg boleh lipat ke dalam? Mahalnyaaaaa....

  9. tuh la pasal! dulu org honda dah warn dah side mirror ni jaga elok2 sbb mahal..

    tak sangka lak mahal nak mampus utk 1 piece! T___T

    star trek tak panas lah sebab material dia chiffon :D

  10. hellooo, baju tu bukan chiffon lah! jangan menipu customer!

  11. hep! abes material ape? i main taram je cakap k!

  12. tu macam polyester cotton kan? i'm not sure, kena check balik. chiffon tu macam sue mei ling.

  13. ami!!! kamu bawak kereta elok2 skit yer... nanti siapa mahu update vintage wednesday?? hahahaha slamat berpuasa to u too babe!

  14. hey hey! tau tak baju star trek yang sebenar diperbuat daripada besi? lu orang jangan main-main....


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