10 Weird Conversation

Korang pernah dengar pasal Happy?

The first time it came out on promotions at Giant hypermarkets, boyfriend bought a pack for RM5. And then he bought a second hand Nokia phone for that sim card. Boyfriend aku ni jenis family guy. Every night it's either his mom or dad calling him or the other way around. And they talk for hours! I'm quite the opposite, heh.

So the Happy prepaid pack was perfect for this long hours calls coz it's only 99cent for 99seconds - 45 minutes. Before that it's 1cent per second. Valuable rite? Yesterday was no exception, his father called when we were on our way sending his brother to a friend's house at Sunway. Before sending him home, we went for nasi lemak RM1 at Selera Makan 222 in the middle of factory areas. Sedap gila wey nasi lemak situ, sup daging super pekat and delish! Anyway, then the father suddenly wants to talk to me.

Apa kabo??
Kabar baik.. hehehehe
Ami sehat ke?
Sehat.. hehehehe
Ni, nak mintak tolong ami tengok-tengok kan Kerol tu, dia baru nak start keje kan. Tengok-tengok kan la, call dia selalu.. Kejut dia bangun pagi nak keje, takut dia tak jaga. Tak biasa lagi. Kerol ni manja, manja ngan mak dia. Tau la dia macam mana kan.. Tolong yea ami!
(all the while, I was ehehehehehe, takpe takpe boleh boleh. In my mind, WHY? WHY ME?)
Emm.. takpe ujung minggu dia boleh datang dok kat Bangi. Dok ngan Ajoi. (Takdak kena mengena!)
Takde la, tapi korang kena tengok-tengok kan dia jugak ye. Maklumla dia baru ja start keje nih kan. Ayah bukan ape, ayah riso. Tu je...
Okla ami yea, bagi ayah cakap ngan Ajoi..

Lol, then afterwards I told my boyfriend about the whole weird conversation.

Oh, mak ayah dulu kan pernah tanya sapa kejutkan pagi-pagi, naz cakap awak kejutkan naz tiap-tiap pagi la sayang...

Patutlaa sayang...

FYI, the brother is 23, my age.


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