SisterHood by Dian Pelangi - Day 2 Gala Dinner

And the journey continues, after the talk-show here, we had a Meet & Greet Gala Dinner:
I wore:
Unbranded scarf | Custom made dress | Rico Rinaldi bib necklace | Vintage clutch acquired at Azya Bazaar | Cala Man heels

With my pretty ladies companions Shea Rasol & Jezmine Zaidan ♥

The super funny & spontaneous emcees of the night: Gda Ghaida & Uuladiyanti. Decked top to toe in Dian Pelangi's latest collection "Plastic Dolls"

Youngest guest! And possibly the cutest! :D

With Datin Ana of Dian Pelangi Malaysia & her daughter :)

With Hijabers Community! They made us feel so welcomed ♥ 

Dearest Nadjani and & the gift she had for me, wore the harem pants straight away the next day! Check out her collection in &

With an Indonesian reader & pretty Dian Ayu, first met her during Wardah make-up class in OBB here. She's also one of the girl for hijab styling feature in HIJABISTA ^_^

The super sleek & awesome Ina Rovi, a famous Indonesian singer. She's so petite but oh so fabulous! ♥

Dina, we have your mom! Now hand over all your collection as ransom! LOL XD

With Diajeng Lestari darling of

Our lovely host Dian Pelangi who is ever so adorable ♥

And as we walked back to our room, we met Dina in front of the lift. Never mind my unravelling scarf lol!

Went grocery shopping with Naz in the mall before he had to leave me by myself the next morning. He went back to KL a day earlier than me :(

Anyways that night was indeed one of the highlights of the events. Wanna see more or are you bored already? LOL. Ahh well gonna share it anyways hehe. More photos in my facebook

Stay tuned for the book launching of Dian's Hijab Street Style and also for Dina Tokio's fashion show pics in the next entry :D


  1. where hana tajima?

    1. Didnt get a chance to take photo with her but there are photos of her in the facebook album..

  2. Wahhh best nye event niii! Nak join tapi saya bukan hijabista herherher..
    love ur outfit kak Ami :)

    1. Tq nisa.. Amboi kot yea pun bulan2 puasa ni jangan la gitu, bukan hijabista pekebendanya! Haih -_-"

  3. comel nye semuaaaaaaaaaaaaa !! jumpa dian pelangi lagi tu... kirim salam assalamualaikum ye :)


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