Ramadhan Mubarak & HOTD

"Hoping that this Ramadhan will be more meaningful, that I can go through it with perfection"... InsyaAllah, let us work to perfect our ibadah towards a better Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah so grateful I am still breathing yet today to meet you, Allah gives me so many chances ya Allah.. Ramadhan Mubarak ya muslimin muslimat..

And I think I shall start Hadith of The Day series on my instagram, just to share some knowledge to all of us. Hadith is is like the wordings or examples of mannerism that is done by Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, pretty sure we can learn a lot from that. Insya Allah if I have the time (which I will try to find) I shall also publish it daily in the blog (esp for those who does not have instagram or tumblr)

This morning's read, from Naadiya Hani's wedding gift . "O' Allah, teach onto me what is good for me, give me the benefits from You have taught to me and add to me more knowledge." Bismillah...

1. Hukum memberi salam adalah sunat & hukum menjawab salam adalah wajib. 
2. Makruh memberi salam kepada wanita yg bukan mahram kecuali yang tua. 
3. Tidak boleh memberi salam kepada orang kafir, yahudi dan ahli kitab(?). Sekiranya mereka memberi salam maka jawablah "Waalaikum". EDIT: Turns out we can answer non-Moslems salaam if they pronounce it properly or in full unlike the way Jews did in the early ages which literally means "damn upon you". More explanation can be found via Dr. Maza's youtube. Thanks to these fine ladies (in the comment section) who shared the info with me.

If somebody can translate the elaboration of hadith to English for me that would be awesome so that we can share with more people in the world, and perhaps add or subtract so that we can learn more from eachother? 
InsyaAllah towards being a better person, towards being a better moslem & moslemah ♥

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