FEATURED: Uniqlo Uniqlooks Top 10

My first look, we all had to style up a piece of Uniqlo white tee. I wore:
Jenahara Scarf | Uniqlo Stripe Shirt | Dian Pelangi Songket Jacket | Levi's Curve Skinny Boot | Calaman heels

My styling didn't won the judges heart to qualify me to Top 5 *sadface*, I think because it's either I walked while looking on the floor all night (coz can't find a better pic of me not doing so) or I wasn't Japanese UNIQLO cutesy enough...........or else I would've shown this look on the runway:
Wore my second Uniqlo item of choice which was the pale blue blazer, paired with:
Uniqlo striped shirt | Vintage Thomas Hilfiger plaid shirt (last worn here) | Zara mint jeans | and a few neon + pastel mix.
What do you think of my second look? 

More photos below:

On my way to KLPAC on that day, we had to arrive around 10am to start rehearsals & event starts around 5pm. I was super sleepy coz I only chose the items I wanted to pair with the night before (I mean like really really super late night), I actually just came back from Perak a day before because my Mom got into an accident, it was really really heart-breaking and horrible but I had to come back to KL since I already have everything scheduled, but going back to Ipoh today! Ooh yay! ♥

Goofing around during runway rehearsals! We had to stop in the midst of doing make-up and walk walk fashion baby! LOL XD

With Jennifer from Make-up Maestro Geraldine Loy's team, thanks for the lovely make-up you did on me ♥

With all the Top 10 Female finalist! &hearts ♥ &hearts
I love that we all sorta keep in contact right now, can't wait to receive my UNIQLO vouchers and shop with these stylish girls!

With Fya, who won the Female Grand Prize :)

With Saiful who won the Male Grand Prize :)

With the boys & girls I manage to photos with, backstage & in make-up room. Not sure why my iPhone app did not rotate the pictures after I already assembled them so nicely. Ah well!

I knew it I'm gonna kalah strutting the runway next to this super hot model Dee! XD

With Ashman, who made it to Top 5 Male Finalist. Go Ash! Known him since he started working with Mimpi Kita ♥

Bibo is so cute! And Ridhuan of TTFGA who is also Top 5 Male Finalist :)

With Tengku Azura, supermodel & judge for the finale. Second time meeting her, first was here.

With Saiful & Julie Woon, celebrity emcee for the night. I had a few photos with Julie alone but the lighting was horrible hence this.

Me & Jiman Casablancas having a face off. LOL! Jiman Casablancas - PR, Stylist, DJ, ex-Lawyer, Writer, Pop Culture enthusiast! #peopleyoushouldknow

Anyways well ofcourse I'm a lil dissapointed but sokkay I know my chance is out there somewhere waiting to  be chased & grab. Went to a super fancy private resort the next day and eventhough all the packing and driving and picking up stuffs on the way was a really stressful journey but as soon as I saw the river stream welcoming us to the resort, my heart just sank and all stress just dispersed into thin air. More on to that soon ♥

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Thank you so much! Off to write my own destiny! ♥

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