SisterHood by Dian Pelangi - Day 1 Arrival

Salam everyone, I've come back from Jakarta, Indonesia for Dian Pelangi's first ever Sisterhood event, let's do a recap shall we?

Lounge wear at the airport heading to a sisterhood to talk about fashion & blogging. Hence it's only natural for me to add a bit of color to the white shirt I wore:
Scarf from MIMPI KITA | Hot Pink 3 Way Outerwear from CALAQISYA | Floral Chiffon Kimono from MISS LILY SHOP | Shantung Pants from Allya Mysara Coutoure | Fabric Necklace, UNA from LanaStore | Heels from Cala Man | Red Shades from Vabene

Over abundance of rings!
Fabric ring from | Green DIVA ring | Green bracelet from | Dragonfly friendship bracelet from Hana Tajima | Cotton On pale pink bracelet | Blue SWATCH Skin.

Late lunch with Dian Pelangi at Sate Senayan, FX Mall Jakarta ♥

Thanks Pipih of Caneron Bag for welcoming us at the hotel lobby and for bringing us gifts even before we step inside our room! :O

Dinner at Prive, FX Mall Jakarta after resting in our room for while. Meeting Dina Tokio for the first time! 

In front of Muse 101, one stop centre combining most of the famous muslimah hijab designers ♥

Coincidentally bro-in-law was there for work too! He stayed at the hotel next door :D

All the shopping bags are his! Major sales going on in FX Mall right now, too bad they are all out of stock for my sizes. Jealous! 

Till next post, loads more to share ♥
More photos { here! }

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  1. Kak'ami ini arfa_khannazy juga,,,
    woooww kak'ami gojesss...sedeehnyee nggak bisa jumpa akak...lgi ujian (exam) hohooh...
    kak'ami u my rock style hijab...
    GodLuck :*

  2. I wish i had just 1 % of your inspiration and creativity.
    You always look amazing.

    XO Arezu

  3. I love your style and voted for you. Please help me support my blog :) :)

  4. Ami, we met at the Gala Dinner! I'll post our picture in my blog soon! Love being able to had lil chitchat with you! I love your edgy style.

    Aishah, you should come to Jakarta too. Many Indonesian hijabis love your style too (inculding mine) :)

  5. Ami, we met at Sisterhood Gala Dinner :) I had a really good time to have a lil chitchat with you. I'll post our picture in my blog soon. I love your edgy style, keep spreading the inspiration ya! Ditunggu kedatangannya kembali di Jakarta :)

    Aishah, you should come to Jakarta too. Many Indonesia Hijabis love your style (including me). Hehehehe.


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