[LIFESTYLE] Show: Sunsilk Hijabku Gayaku

Do you guys still remember about that Sunsilk competition looking for muslimah fashion designer and models? Guess what?! The shows are starting like now! I’m so excited  to watch 'em all especially because some of my dear friends will be in there

Check out their promo video! Subscribe to SunsilkMY youtube channel so you won't miss it!

I really wonder who will be the winner for this double competition!

Cutie pie Diana Amir who just got married recently will be the bubbly host of the whole show.

EPISODE 1, BEGINNING: The 1st episode has already  been  released on 1 Nov!  In this episode, the 10 fashion designers will start their first challenge of completing a collection for Islamic Fashion Festival which will be worn by all the 10 models. All the designers will cast a vote on the theme color they will pair up with Sunsilk's signature green color. The next challenge will include on sketching and drawing up their future collection which has influences of London, Paris, New York for a hijab wearing girl. In this part, the designers will be guided by jury/mentor Hatta Dolmat who is a prestigious local fashion designer. This challenge will help test their creativity to compile the whole designs into a "Functional Design". After all the sketching is done, Federick Wong (Chief of Fashion Department, Raffles College) will assist the designers on doing the patterns. Check out the first episode here at

EPISODE 2, ASSIGNMENT: In this episode, contestants are given an assignment to complete. Contestants are given RM500 to buy fabric materials at Jakel, Kuala Lumpur and for this challenge they are only given one hour to buy those materials - guided by fashion designer who is also the jury, Rico Rinaldi. While the designers are working it out, the models will be sweating it out on the catwalk under the guidance of jury Hatta Dolmat. After this challenge is completed, contestants will continue working on their collection - doing patterns or sketching. For those who haven’t watched this episode, go catch it now! 

EPISODE 3, IMMUNITY: This will be the episode where the designers get to see their models wearing the pieces they design, except they can only watch it from behind the television.The models will portray their skills on the runway and from here the designer will be able to evaluate the models. In this episode, for the first time the model & designer will be paired up! Aside from that, there will be an immunity challenge where the designers need to style up their models with randomly given collection and a brand new hijab style they need to make up while implementing the element of Sunsilk Lively Clean & Fresh. They will only be given 10 minutes to complete the task and the winner will be given the right to chose model of his or her choice and also chose models for all the other designers. 

After reading up the synopsis of episodes 1,2 and 3, are you excited as I am to see the show? Don't forget to watch  all the 5 episodes at Sunsilk Official Youtube Channel (  I really can’t wait to catch the next episode! :D

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