WIWT: Vintage Cape & Turban Tutorial

Joined to the wrists & Charles & Keith bags.

I know you wonder how do I pick my daily outfit, one way for me is to pick up an item and make that the statement piece. I know I can be quite the gibberish sometimes and it seems like almost every single piece I wear is a highlight (neon here, neon there), but hey ofcourse that's the truth but that will only work if I style my clothes to enhance one main piece, ironically. Over the months of actually wearing hijab & modest clothes properly (still learning my ways, don't diss), I have gone though my awkward phases - worn clothes and color combi that make me think now "DUDE WHAT WAS I THINKING?!" but reality is all those moments helped me become a better 'stylist' for myself and hopefully help others in their fashion crisis as well through blogging about it.

So for this outfit or actually particular weekend, I chose to highlight capes. Worn a white one casually here, and chose this vintage cape from ARARED to be worn the next day. When do I make my decision on wearing? Well it can be rather randomly or pre-planned, especially if I have a special event to attend to. I put my mind on it and just visualize which piece would match with what and the accessories that goes with it. As for this case, it was a random train of thought. The white one arrived in my mailbox that week and I promised myself to wear it that weekend, a UNIQLOOKS photo opportunity presented to me by Bibo a few days after so that was set - a UNIQLO piece + white cape. Other accessories was chosen based on the pastel colors of the season, especially mint. And complemented with other bright & pastel colors as well. If you think my look is unique and deserves to win a prize, please cast your daily vote here. Merci ♥ 

Ahh then, back to this vintage piece. I actually saw it in ARARED's lookbook shot by Bibo when they first came out, and I just knew I had to have it. Finally purchased it during URBANSCAPES2011 and it has never seen the light of day till two weeks ago. Sometimes you just hang on to a piece of clothing asking yourself when will you ever wear it, and bam! That time came and inspiration goes wild and just like that it becomes a wearable outfit, other than just an editorial worthy piece you just love having in your wardrobe.

Aptly that I found that vintage chained heart brooch at ChicPop a few weeks back, honestly inspired by Aussie babe Nicole Warren of GaryPepperVintage. Have worn the vintage chained brooch in one outfit at Zawara Weekend. Back to the cape, I just knew all I needed are subtle pieces that would complement & highlight it's tenacity, hence I chose a vintage pussybow top I got from Old Blossom Box years and years ago (back when they were still selling vintage) + my brand new metal plate black pants (I only have 3 black pants, I really should add more).

As you can see I used very minimal accessorizing, my Casio watch, a rope bracelet from The Brollies and my second hand Topshop cuff from Friendly Fashion that actually matched my pants. I also wore my outfit with my Jenni Kayne-esque flats from Vincci. It's pointed suede front and yellow snake skin print at the back is undeniably lovable and elegant.

Tied up my tribal print square scarf (part of 8 piece for RM20 purchase at ChicPop) into a turban courtesy of this tutorial from Honestly WTF.

Before you start, tie your hair in a bun or ponytail. Fold a large square scarf in half into a triangle. Lay the scarf on your head with the center point of the triangle facing forward and the sides hanging down each of your shoulders. Making sure most of your hair is covered, grasp the length of each side and bring them to the top of your head, twisting twice to create a “knot”.
Once you’ve twisted the ends twice into a knot, bring both sides together to the back of your head and tie it tight. Tuck all your loose ends under the back and front of the turban.
Voila, you’ve just made a turban! You can also create a turban-like headband using a rectangular scarf by repeating the same steps without covering all of your hair. Don’t forget the double twist and happy wrapping!

Can you see me SMIZING? If you can then I must be very good at it. LOL, just kidding! Geometric shades, super fun find at Vincci only RM20 holla! Signature minimalist rings, cursive LOVE + wedding ring + COURAGE ring stacked together, all were gifted to me.

Yeah it was that cheap. Infact overall my whole outfits is like under RM150! WHOLE OUTFIT! Well okay minus watch & bag. But do I look like a million bucks to you? Then I must be doing something right...

Joined to the hips, hand in hand to Azya Bazaar and then rushed for a movie date with dear husband who all these while is my style photographer, he deserves some time out from work and a fun movie date with le wife. 

We watched MIB III. Verdict: LOOOOOVED IT. Probably loving it more than The Avengers. The correct amount of story telling, humour, action and melodrama. Still can't get over how old Agent K looks... but hey atleast there's no Botox involved (I hope!). We also went to the arcade post-MIB III and shot some zombies, no photo coz well I was busy pretending to be apocalypse day Joan of Arc in my cape & turban, shooting animated zombies. We lost though, I need more practice.

Went to the optical store to stock up on contact lenses and chanced upon this covetable Prada baroque shades from SS11 (what is it with me and Prada?!), the lady was nice enough to let me test it on and have my moment with it (meaning take vain shots of self & pretend I'm a supermodel kinda moments). At RM1.2k, I think I'll pass.. With just a lil bit more I can get the coveted Prada Flame purse *saves every penny made through blogging, counts time... it's probably gonna take another 10 years. /cries in corner* 

Coveting. Birthday in another 2 months, thanks guys!

Anyways more photos of my trip to Azya Bazaar + purchases are { here! }

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  1. Beautiful pictures.
    You look chique and cute.

    XO Arezu

  2. Kak Ami, hikhik stop being too serious in your shot cause you look so pretty and sweet when you smile, hehe :D

    1. if u notice I only do the serious fierce pose when I'm in my supermodel mode *barf* but other than that I'm all smiles!

  3. wahh thanks 4 sharing that tutorial..ive been admiring it n adoring soo much!


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