WIWT: Devonna Drapes

Honestly one of my most favorite piece in the closet: DEVONNA blouse ♥
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I'm not sure why DEVONNA blouse is not in their website, but I reckon it's because it's already sold out? If yes then I am truly regretting than I didn't get mine in purple too! Eventhough my body is actually a size S and the blouses at ZAWARA are more to size M or UK8 - UK10 but the oversizedness (if there is such a word) of the top is what makes the drape front looks more elegant on me. 

Worn it on a casual day out to ChicPop Bazaar (ya'll need to read the review I wrote about it!), with a pair of Levi's jeans that I got for free for being featured in Juice magazine sometime ago. Since the denim is quite fitting on top I throw on a pair of sleeveless chiffon cardi from Calaqisya, again in mint color. Just can't help myself, bought it last year but only wearing it more often recently.

One thing about the top is although it's chiffon, it's totally not transparent because it's also lined in chiffon! I mean fully lined, not just on the body like most tops. And I think that's quite a bargain at only RM99! I mean you can't get that price for fully lined chiffon top anywhere else can you? I read about someone commenting that better to buy at ZARA than ZAWARA coz the latter's sells their tops flat rate RM99, I mean where's the logic in that?? You can't get chiffon tops RM99 at ZARA, infact only tshirts are at RM99, cotton tshirts! Okay sorry that sentence just ticked me up a lil. LOL all good now..

Bejeweled lace bib necklace from Soak Republic from eons ago, and this hot pink envelope clutch I have since forever but have only seen the light of day a lot recently, and but ofcourse my fav Calaman heels of the season. Been wearing this dead Swatch Skin recently, Naz bought this from Japan a few years ago and even without the battery I think it's such a fun accessory to wear anyways.

Anyways eventhough I wore like 3 layers of chiffon including the sleeveless cardi on a scorching hot day at a crowded bazaar, I swear you couldn't see my sweats through the tops. So goood right, even without the sleeveless cardi, the DEVONNA blouse itself is good enough coverage but also light enough for hot sweltering days. Alhamdulillah for simple inventions like this.

Check out more of ZAWARA:

Or you can drop by their boutique and test their stuffs instantly! Address:
C-0-5, Plaza Damas, 
No. 60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, 
Sri Hartamas 50480, Kuala Lumpur.

By the way, this is only part 1 of 3 of my ZAWARA WEEKEND as what I call it, coz I wore all three ZAWARA tops that I own that weekend. Check out PART 2 here: PLEATED PURPLE & Stay tuned for more soon!Part 3 EDGY ELEGANCE

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