WIWT: Passport Photo

Passport photo, last I made was 5 years ago and I think I looked fatter and more miserable then. Couldn't be more happier to renew my passport when someone invited me to an all expense paid for trip (just coz I'm a blogger, well a hardworking one). Will be visiting a Jakarta soon under the invitation of Dian Pelangi for a Sisterhood event she's planning. Among others that will also be there is my dear Hana Tajima, Jezmine Blossom, Shea and also Dina Tokio! So excited and can't wait to meet my Indonesian readers (is there anyone excited to see me though? Lol!), and most importantly will be representing Malaysia under the name of fashion to another country. Talk about dream coming true ♥

Any Malaysian labels wants me to take their products to Jakarta to wear? ;)

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