WIWT: Bright Cat

Gushing cat-eye flick and come hither look, is it working? :P
More pics below!

Wore this ensemble to RIZALMAN x TESCO Raya Collection press conference coz the last time I wore this top was in Bandung under a sweater so it definitely deserves to see the world now. So lucky I bought that Stellar necklace a few months ago. 

Awkward legs and face pose is awkward. Love the fact that the sleeves of this top is black with an orange tip. Such a coincidence that I own a pair of flats of the same color combination, cheap discounted pair from Vincci I think it was about RM25?

most used pair of black pants with metal plate front. Loooooooves. The stud buttons on my top also matches the studs on my oversized clutch ♥

Casio Calculator watch Naz bought for me from Japan, other similar watch can be found here. And I think I bought the leopard chiffon scarf from Sugarscarf a few years ago. How awesome is that it matches my top from print to color!

Ring from DIVA.

Straight after the press conference, we walked around the The Curve doing some window shopping and then went to SS15 for dinner with the girls. Before that, I dropped by POPMYCASE to get a new case for my phone coz my only one is already cracked! So many choices:

These custom cases are RM98 per pop I think. You can also custom your own cases by uploading your illustration or picture collage of yourself or anything you love, make your payment online and item will be posted to your door once ready. Check it!

And then we went to IAMJETFUELSHOP, still contemplating whether or not I should pick this up. But I have been wanting a translucent shades since forever:
My new turquoise leopard print case, RM33 at POPMYCASE.

Variety of Knockaround shades!

This glitter stripes bag is calling my name when I first saw it, but the voice has gotten softer since a new bag arrive from Paris for me. Eheh..

Anyways, have you checked out the whole Rizalman x Tesco collection? I'm pretty late at updating my blog coz since then I have been to TWO Dian Pelangi fashion shows, a make-up class by Wardah & hijab styling class by (both from Indonesia, oh wait Dian Pelangi too), and then I went to Michael Kors Fall 2012 media preview, Button My Buttons fashion show and yesterday H&M Fall 2012 media preview. Which one do you wanna see first? :D


  1. you look extremely chic sis..
    i love the way you combined the leapord with orange shirt, not to forget the flat.. ;)
    i'm watching you from far far away in you sis!take care! :)

    1. aww thank you so much for the looove <3
      didnt know i have reader all the way from egypt!

  2. Dian Pleangi~ dian rainbow :D

  3. ButtonMyButtons. :)


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