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So last weekend on Sunday, SHOP SPUTNIKSWEETHEART was privileged to be one of the shop that +Wondermilk invited to join in for their Cuppacakes Show. I still remember back in the last +Wondermilk Cuppacake Show which was actually 3 years ago, me & my The Shoplifters girls joined in for our first time. I arrived late coz I had to be a bridesmaid to my colleague and I wore kebaya the whole day manning the stall + Marion Caunter from 8TV interviewed Shuz for The Shoplifters and it was sorta surreal! Missed those moments, and I'm very thankful Dzu & Ifzan decides to invite my shop personally since The Shoplifters has fallen into a deep slumber.. Anyways, photos!

There was free face-painting service and lookie here what I got, one of Mimpi Kita lovely owner; Mira Zulkifli! So adorable ♥

The 'twins'! Anna Joe + Dell ; Free glossy floss omnomnom!

There were people fighting over cupcakes! I mean CAPOIERA!

My new shop's mannequin..... nah! It's Julis rocking the Schanaz Scarf in Fuschia ;)

From top: Sha who missed her flight and was so meant to be to come to the bazaar :P | Color-blocking duo with Adriani, I love her maxi dress! Very Jil Sander | Shikin in her new highlighted short hair-do, so cute! | Me & Jezmine & Aishah of That Last Slice

Leopard scarf: Shop SputnikSweetheart, coming soon
Embroidered top: Mango
Blazer: Honey Pumpkin
Pants: JrBelle
Shoes: ZARA
Bangle: Aldo
Ring: The Curve

Thank you so much to everyone who came by and purchased stuffs from my lil shop :)) If you missed it worry not, I'll be joining another bazaar soon! Shall announce it in my next post.
Anyways, more photos on { my facebook }


  1. hi ami, it was nice meeting you..was about to take photo with u tho..tapi tetibe da ramai i'm glad to have your schanaz scarf for my raya..hehe..

  2. cikami, nama awak ni cik ami ke? heheehe thank you so much for buying my schanaz scarf. i really hope you like it dear <3

  3. name is friend used to call me cikami..hehe..

  4. the combo here..! ^.^ green + blue it reminds me of a sea~

  5. Yup I was definitely meant to be there! :D

  6. hik hik TQ ;P *komen sesat* i LOVE your photo in the DRESS SHOP LOVE ad!


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