Olsen Suited Up & Levi's x Juice Photoshoot

It was like a dream coming true when Sueann contacted me through facebook about doing a Levi's photoshoot. This will come out in Juice magazine in August, can't wait! Some photos of the day. Decided do to the Ashley Olsen matching suit get-up that day;

Wore the same outfit for dinner & movie date with the girls later that night, since I cheated and only wore the pants half part of the day. You'll see why later.
The get-up, it's not even a real pair of suit. Just a pair of pants & blazer that was of the same tone & here's Ashley in her suit.
Me, working the square scarf. Feels kinda awkward.
Should not have taken the belt off. Anyways leopard skinny belt & leopard loafers ;)

And at the studio, I got a chance to work with photographer Vincent Paul Yong! I was actually super excited but I had sore throat and was shy so I kept all the excited screams in my tummy and screamed outside when the shoot finished instead XD
Wanted to try this style from Giorgio Armani but I didn't bring the right material nor pins :(

I get to choose any of these! *gasp*

My slot ended like 10-15 minutes? It was really brief! But what's more exciting is that they were loving the shots and I think they got what they needed just within those short time. At one point, Vincent was cheering me on and said "Macam Ziana Zain!" .. I was like "whaaaat...?" and couldn't keep my face straight!

With the other girls, Devina was also the other girl they shot, Sueann from Catcha, Jolin from Levi's (she helped measuring me up and choose which Curve ID I was) and the adorable Miranda from Juice magazine. I still remember Miranda buying a Casio from us about 1 - 2 years back ;)

Sueann Chong, fashion director of Catcha Publishing. Thank you so much for inviting me babe! ♥
Playing with Vincent's straw hat.
Working the LEVI's Demi Curve + Skinny Boot they gave me for free! Of course I didn't wanna change out of it, now you know why ;)

Can't wait to see the final spread coming out in Juice magazine this August, wonder how I look like...

More photos in my { facebook }