WIWT: Tutti Frutti & Crocs

The bow of my pants is tied off, only realized this after taking this photo. Too lazy to take another shot :/
WHAT I WORE: Vintage top, MNG tapered pants (sweat-pants material, I've always wanted one of these), my brand new Crocs.

Tadaa! Surprise! I bought Crocs XD, I'm probably doing some fashion faux pas but I think these Crocs are cute though right? They don't even look like Crocs but functions & weighs all the same. The purple one is Barney, I mean my new suede pumps wedges. Bought it at 50% off. And the greyish-blue is Naz's brand new Croc's leather boat shoes, sale at 30% off. Our first Crocs evah! I love how they don't look much like Crocs, y'know how Crocs are always associated to being ugly and blah? Well hopefully this one will change your mind :) *brain-washing you into buying Crocs*

Adriani, Ili Syazwani, Kish Roslan, Yani, Eyqa Sulaiman & me.
The girls & I went for some fro-yo at area Seri Bangi shoplots, the shop here just opened for about a week. So yay now we have a place to get together in Bangi :D I asked Eyqa to bring some stuffs from her online shop and me & Ili went a lil' crazy looking at all the scarfs & inner hijab!

Ili is the owner of Ilsya Hijab, my first time meeting her though we've been twitter pals for quite a while. Even Naz had met her before me, during the time Ili passed him the book she participated in writing - Perempuan Simpanan. Naz is a big fan of Sindiket Soljah's books.

These cotton Jumana scarves shown in the pic above will be available next week, we got an exclusive sneak peek! Tempting aye? *gulps* Now I know what you girls meant when you simply can't control yourself when buying scarves, I read once on twitter about someone who just spent RM300 for hijab and I was super shocked and thought ya'll must be crazy (this was before I wore hijab). Well look who just joined the crazy-over-shawl wagon? T_T

The model is Eyqa's little sister, she has her own separate site selling scarves too. I salute these business-ladies. Mira is only 20 years old by the way! Anyways, I'm head over heels over this silk chiffon scarf & super cool turban-ish inner. Head on over to Sugarscarf & ShawlbyVsnow to get some! If there's any left ;) *evil laugh*

p/s: This is not a paid advertisement, I really just want all of you to spend money & shop haha! No, just kidding. Really! Good things are best shared right? ;)