1st Check-up

So... today is the first day for my check-up with the oncologist after I failed my blood collection a month ago. Was quite nervous & worried, the point of my check-up was to discuss the in-depth result of my bone marrow, if I'm not mistaken it's called ze molecular test. Checking for the bad protein in my chromosome within the bone marrow. Woke up & got ready around 6am and we left the house around 7am. And then we had our breakfast at McDonald's infront of Hospital Ampang at Jalan Pandan Mewah area.

Wore my old Lucky necklace & Maysaa chiffon snood for good luck charm ♥
(picture has been edited to shadow my tiny acnes on my forehead)

Found our way to the specialist clinic, got my blood taken for testing & waited for my number to be called. After about an hour waiting while Naz drilling me about his programming ideas about Shop Sputniksweetheart, ting! Number 1506 called to room 36. I almost ran to the room, LOL. But anyways... turns out the result is not out yet.. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. The doctor did say it's probably gonna take another month so I'll have to come back at the end of February.

So far from the last molecular test, the percentage of bad protein is reducing. When I was first admitted, my bad protein level was 500%! A normal person should be 0.. After first chemo, it went down to 300% and after my 3rd chemo it reduced to 0.36%, which is really good considering that it's going down tremendously. But not until it's 0 that I will be considered as free of cancer. And even then they won't know whether the cancer will strike back one day, so check-ups will be done periodically.

IF the result of the molecular test shows that it's increasing, then the doctor said they need to give me an extra strong chemo :'( .. and find me a matching stem cell donor for my transplant. I really really hope it won't come down to that..

So far, alhamdulillah I'm living as much as I can. The doctor said there's nothing I can do to make the bad protein to go away or to prevent my cancer from striking back, except to live my life happily, eat healthily & pray. Okay I added the pray part. I almost shed a tear when he said that. Hmm... Friends & sisters, can you help me out please? Do put my name in your prayers please :'( Pray for my happiness & longevity if it's not too troublesome..

Thank you so much, may Allah bless you all...



  1. i do pray for you sis :) insyaAllah :)

  2. sentiasa doakan,

    putri ader makcik yang sakit kanser dulu n doctor pun nasihatkan sentiasa happy.Family n kawan2 sangat penting ,jangan sorang2.Alhamdulillah dia dah sihat.Ami kene kuat tau and makan makanan yang khasiat yang penting happy selalu =).

    love n hugs from me

  3. Salam Ami, I've been reading bout the progress of your disease for quite sometimes now...and i must say you are one strong girl!!

    Keep having faith in HIM.. ok. Take care.

  4. Mami, i'm a very emotional kindof person.. I can't help it but cry.. Sorry tau, but i've started to love u da n day by day we're getting closer.. I want u to be strong n live till we grow older together n our friendship will grow stronger, so of course i will pray everyday for u mami! :')
    Don't worry u have us, n we'll pray for u. K..
    Stay strong n stay healthy,
    Xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxx :)

  5. hmm..I know you are strong enough to fight this cancer..I'll pray for you matter have such a lovely family and friends..Semoga ini adalah ujian yg menguji hamba2Nya..Allah sygkan kamu ami..

  6. salam sister
    even though you dont know me. inshallah i will pray for you.... for you happiness & longevity.
    inshallah you will get better..xx

  7. Ami, been praying for you frm the first time i heard about this from Kid. And will continue doing it inshaAllah..

  8. insyaAllah semoga saudari cepat sembuh dan sentiasalah ingat dugaan ini buat hambaNya yang disayangi anda merupakan antara yang terpilih

    semoga stay strong


  9. Thank you so much everyone for the kind words & du'a. May Allah bless you ♥

  10. Insyallah everything will be fine..Do take care of urself!

  11. never meet you personally but.. i love to read yours and i do pray for you, Ami..

    wish the best for ur future too =) InsyaAllah..

  12. Get well soon and I always praying for your healthy and happiness. =)Think positive can get through all this as long as you think positive about this.

  13. Ami, saya SENTIASA doakan kesihatan awak. Allah Maha Penyayang dan Maha Pengasihani.. InsyaAllah, kalau kita jaga sembahyang, Allah akan jaga kita balik :)

  14. do hope u are getting better each day k?

    salam silent reader..

  15. Hi Ami, a silent reader here. I just want to wish you all the best in your fight against leukemia and don't give up! There's strength in God and from the looks of your spunky attire, YOU are full of zest and life! KEEP IT UP! STAY STRONG! So many people love you and TRUST that you can do it :) On another note, might I suggest eating well and staying healthy! Try not to have McDonald's etc ok? Lots of nice leafy vegetables and fruits and homecooked meals :)


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