WIWT: Denim + Mustard

Inspired by this combination of mustard tapered pants & denim shirt I found via Miss Moss, I knew I just had to try it! I have this long denim shirt-dress I bought from Honey-Pumpkin which I have only worn once rather miserably coz I was in a fashion rut. Got my high-waisted tapered pants a few days ago, bought from an online shop. Not gonna tell you which one coz I'm rather displeased by its service, I paid for post express but they sent it using registered post which took longer time to arrive and the postmen didn't even ring me up when the parcel arrived in which I had to go to the post office to pick it up myself. Was such a hassle, sigh. But, can't say I don't love the high-waisted paperbag effect on this pants, and a long tassle for me to tie up as a bow ♥

I hesitated at first whether to tuck in the denim shirt like the above picture or to wear it as a jacket, but then I thought that it's better to wear it as a jacket - making it a modest look. Bought the scarf from the night market a few days ago at RM7.50, and the brown inner was a gift from Ryqa of Sugarscarf (DO CHECK OUT HER SHOP, SO MANY BEAUTIFUL ITEMS TO CHOOSE FROM!), my 3-4 year old Vincci boots and favorite pet bag of the moment :)
Brown inner scarf - SUGARSCARF
Denim shirt - Honey Pumpkin
Peach inner shirt - Zara
Paperbag high-waisted tapered pants -.
Boots - Vincci

Urgh.. my designer bags is getting bigger, under my eyes ~_~

Oh, by the way I'm so so glad that so many people gave positive responds to my previous modest fashion tips article. Maybe I should write more! Any suggestions? :))



  1. dear ami, haha..u ade polyvore x? best n i knoe u will like it.

    karer mustard campur dgn oversized jeans is so in! keep it up dlm campuran mix n match anda.kt byk sgt..juz hve a look tadi!

  2. LOVE that denim + mustard/beige combo! You look great and I love your inspiration photos ;)

  3. @tehateha, awww thank you dear ♥

    @naddy, yes I do have polyvore but i'm not that active (read: rajin) :P
    thanks dear!

    @christine, thank you so much love!

    @charlie, aww thanks :)

  4. cik ami!! tips for skinny girl pleaseeee...! mcm saya! tengkiu!! :)

  5. you and your friends are so cantik. you girls buat i rasa nak pakai hijab! :)

  6. mustard is a beautiful color
    love the outfit

  7. Beautiful colour combination! I never would have put it together, but I love it!

    chloe **

  8. @yash, awak boleh pakai apa saya pakai yash :)

    @ayuni, omg so glad to hear this! thanks for your compliments :))

    @soso, thank u dear.. you're so kind!

    @chloe, if i haven't seen the picture above that inspired me I probably wouldn't even know it can actually work together these colors :)

  9. ami.u comel with and w/o the cermin mata..meoww


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