Striped Fur & Coco

Despite the fact that our country has summer all year long, it has been raining like no other these past few weeks which in return makes my office turns into Winter Wonderland -- minus all the wonders, just extremely cold and quiet. And eversince I've stepped into Zara the other day, aside from the sale items, one thing that I was permanently drawn to on the new arrivals rack was a fur vest! Quite impractical for our kind of weather but nevertheless alluring. I even tried it on and once threaten the fiance by taking away his credit card in hand. If I was really going to a four seasons foreign country right now, no doubt that would be one of the item I'd buy.

1. Fake fur vest from H&M. 2. High plateu boots from Din Sko. 3. Striped t-shirt from Elizabeth & James. 4. Necklace from H&M. 5. Leggings from H&M.
outfit assembled by Caroline, do check her out! She's awesome.

Also, I've been coveting for stripe tees for the past few weeks, failing to find any in blogshops (holla if you've seen any!), I'll probably turn to the nearest shopping complex for solution. And I suspect the stripe influence could've been from Coco Avant Chanel movie ♥

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