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theshoplifters: neue fashion updated!

& the fashion show continues;

Vogue AUS Oct 2009 / Photography - Terry Richardson / Model - Lily Donaldson /Fashion Editor - Elissa Santisi
scanned by Love More

Sorry for the previous outburst, I'm feeling slightly better now. All I have to do is not talk about it or think about it. I've been living as a nomad for the last couple o' days and probably will do so till end of the month. Already found a room in an apartment at a gated community, probably a better, safer place to stay till next year, moving in end of this month. Been snooping around at furniture shops too -- (needs to buy new mattress & railings for the new place), trying not to remember things, trying to live the life, heh.

Can't wait to move out and start life all over again, especially doing the interior decorating part haha!


p/s: thank you for all the nice kind words people.