baby you've got no move

WIWT on Saturday last week to go to work - then went to pick-up new stocks at supplier for The Shoplifters (scored myself a blue ninja jumpsuit as the girls call it, a black p.u leather pochette and will probably buy the checkered jacket we have -- items will be out next week on Tuesday as usual) - sped up to Midvalley to spend my birthday voucher on a raya shoe - then we went back to my hometown.
See by Chloe square tee, Bandung | vintage belt | dark blue Wonderpants from Pumpkin | Blue feet heels, Zara

Had our Subway of the day - Seafood & Crab sandwich for iftar at one of the R&R on Plus highway. Made us hooked all over again on Subway, so delicious and with it's Ramadhan promotion, it's quite a catch. Whipped out our foldable picnic table and chairs under the lamp post. Everyone else was eyeing us warily -- ain't we cool yo?, lucky for us the mosquitoes chose not to attack us when dark approaches ;)

Lo & behold! A vintage disco bag which I'm not quite sure where or when I will wear it but just gotta have, thrifted along with the black sequin purse below. This one is quite large, larger than a Vogue mag I tell ya!

In the previous post, questions were asked regarding my engagement photos:
  • They were taken by 3 of our friends who just bought their sets of DSLR and wanted to use us as their experiment. Oh we liked being used that way :P
  • Me & fiance chose the venue, a few kilometers from my home. Near Bota, Perak.
  • Selected photos were edited by the photographers themselves - in two forms, Monotone & High Pass.
  • And yes, they do all kinds of photography jobs - engagement/wedding/events so if there's anyone interested just contact these guys at
Lastly, I'm falling head over heels with my Lumix LX2! ♥