Hairy Timeline

Hi! I'm Maggie Cheung!

I stormed out of the salon with a big backpack (carrying a laptop, the bf and his sister left me at the salon and went to Nilai -_-) and my handbag with my hair still a lil bit wet, well I didn't actually storm-ed out furreal, that's too dramatic for my life. I walked really fast to the toilet and combed my hair straight, tried to. Kind of like a mad woman in distress. I was alone and in need of comfort talks telling that my hair looks fine, wanted to avoid the crowd but had to queue twice at the ATM machine and then waited for the guys to pick me up at Starbucks.

When I met Naz & his sister, they said the hairstyle suits me fine. Made my face a lil chubby, not sure whether that's a compliment or what but he also said I look sexy? Panicked a little thinking that the boys at work would tease and laugh at me, but nobody said anything. They said I look different but obviously men don't really know what they're talking about. But the girls said I look much better than my waify barely there straight-not-so-straight hair. I was happy as a bee. I'm also quite determined to maintain it's volume and texture for a whole year.

I'm thinking of perming my whole head now, wonder if that's a lil too drastic? Afro girl?