Crown Of Love

I really DON'T KNOW why Tina is always headless :P
And I'm wearing a size L on the destroyed jeans, duuude seriously?
Yeah I've gained back my weight but I'm loving it, 48.5kg. I dropped to 45kg a few weeks before CNY partly because I have no money, business was slow and I don't know why but I simply detest eating.

Really wanted to add more stuff to the photo but was suddenly caught on a lazy wave.

And then when business starts picking up, everything seems to fall into place and I started binge eating on chocolates & cheesy stuffs almost every hour. I blame Listerine mouth-wash for making my mouth feels empty and distasteful. Though, I like this one better, you can literally feel the liquid building up an iron fort on your teeth and gum.

I have a drying cold sore on my upper lips, honestly, really ugly. It's like somebody punched me and left a bloody bruise, well not bloody now but the bruise is still ugly.

This weekend I'm gonna go pamper myself, after a long time being sabbatical on that part, I'm gonna go do something to my hair ;)

Inspired by Siri Tollerod in Lula #6, Spring Summer 2008, Crown of Love:

ain't she just the cutest?

I probably need to start wearing my contact lenses a lot more, colored lenses, Y/N?
Feels like I need to kick it up a notch just as a wee prep on soon-to-be-wedded-girl (alasan hebat tak boleh blah for a girl to spend money on herself).

p/s: many people has misconstrued that the ring was an engagement ring, nah! that's just cincin merisik/proposal ring? We'll have the engagement ceremony around June/July and the wedding will probably come next year. Hey, I actually still have time to party!