WIWT / Malam Semalam di Ibukota 69

- raided angah's house bringing hefty nasi beriani lunch boxes
- did a vintage leather skirts & bags photoshoot with tina
- went to NZ and had tea + truth revealing moment with Naz's friends.
- went to OU on a whim, he bought a Zara pistol tee, and I bought Vogue UK with Cate Blanchett as covergirl, burned a hole on my wallet as usual.
- ate Beef Chilli Cheese Fries + Portobello Double Mushroom Burger, last expensive meal of the month, shared. We hope not.

What did you do last Sunday?


We went on a mini roadtrip last week, Schuhz was suppose to go with us tapi dia sombong-sombong kucing. And Angah was also suppose to go with us but he's a workaholic. So... it's just us three. Tina has never been to Jonker Street, so she went crazy for the first 5 minutes :))

gambar wajib malam semalam di ibukota 69. Schuhz, I cakap tutup muka je, duh! Dramaqueen. Hmmf.

kaki siapakah paling kecil tu?

saya suka spek bulat saya, macam Mary Kate tak?


penat dowh

moar photos here :)