WIWT: Pearl Schanaz

Overdue photos from 2 weeks ago? Gosh I got a lot of catching up to do!
WHAT I WORE: Schanaz Scarf in Pearl | Inner Balqis in white from SugarScarf | Grey long sleeve tee from MNG | Necklace from Shop SputnikSweetheart (gonna update tonight!) | Schanaz Kimono Cardigan, coming soon ;) | Diamante Cuff from Diva | Tree Ring from KL | Casio watch from Urban-Retro | Vintage belt | Maxi skirt from Forever 21 | Wedding heels.

Went to somewhere in Subang for an old friend's garden wedding, Joanne. It was really private and I got quite emotional when the now husband, David recited his wedding vows, soooo romantic! Struggling to keep myself together and not let any tears fall down coz dude it's embarrassing! Haha. There were balloons and bubbles and flowers and kids in tuxedos & little gowns. A lovely day it was ♥

Love the pre-wedding photos of Joanne & David :)

We went to Empire Shopping Mall afterwards and I did the Levi's Curve ID Challenge, bought a pair of Levi's which I don't know in what year I will wear them -_- and we went to Charles & Keith to look around (Naz prohibited from buying anything more since I've already bought a pair of jeans). Damn buyer's remorse hanging on my eyelids each time my eye lands on a pair of heels & bags that I want to buy! But hey met a blog reader there and she was so nice to say Hi to me :)) Should've made the same pouty face as her daughter did haha :)
Stylish mom Bunga Lily & move over Suri Cruise, Lily's daughter is taking over! ;)



  1. A very cute and casual look! (even though you were at a wedding)

    I wish I could meet you one day, but thats probably not going to happen I live in the U.S.

    The closest way is to read your posts. :D

  2. Schanaz Kimono Cardigan! aghhh cantik! thot its from topshop / zara..

  3. Do update the kimono cardy so soon okay. look so nice on you and shea. :)


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