J'adore le JovianRTW by Jovian Mandagie

So, have you been hearing about all the JovianRTW madness? Or were you not in the loop? Well let me tell ya the story then. First there was the RIZALMAN x TESCO collection, I didn't even tried to get the collection plus I was busy at the time for some other projects. But seeing that the famous JOVIAN MANDAGIE also intended to do an affordable line for us rakyat marhaen aka the average people, ofcourse I jumped on the line to get atleast one of his piece. Plus I was even invited to his most coveted & exclusive AVI-RAYA fashion show. Will probably blog about that one later since most photos that I took was on the couture side which probably I can't afford in eons, price starts from RM3k /faints

BUT how lucky are we mediocre people when Jovian decides to do JovianRTW which starts from RM180 - RM400. And available at selected First Lady boutiques & also ZALORA *dance dance dance*
Gigi tak boleh besar lagi ke? Anyways HAPPY AMI IS HAPPY. This photo was featured in Jovian's instagram ♥

My Janissa in Emerald Green, fully pleated in all its gloriness ♥
On the runway for his AVI-RAYA fashion show, even the venue itself is super epic. In the museum hall of TUDM, Sungai Besi where they kept most of the the country's army aviation machines. Super cool!

Janissa ♥

This shot of mine was also featured in Jovian's instagram. 

Alas, my best friends were not so lucky to get their own JovianRTW in the first batch as I was. So they just had to drag me along to FIRST LADY boutique at JALAN TAR as early as 8am to battle the shopaholic war together. I................ obliged without even knowing what I was signing myself up for. PURE MADNESS!

*clueless face* The girls were late, so I took the chance to don myself up as per usual despite it being 7am. 
INSTAGRAM CAPTION: Up & ready way too early on a Sunday morn to accompany my girlfriends on a VeniVidiVici guerilla style.

JM MORNING MADNESS! That's Azlin or affectionately called Lin, in the front row with her sister & Akma. What, they probably arrived at 5am?? Crazy women. LOL. Naw just kidding they arrived just around 7ish like that, yeah we were sorta a lil late and got held up at the back. Told Lin to raise her hands coz we wanna take photo. That's her being all semangat and stuff *shifty eyes*

I have no clue why we were so happy, little that we know that we were about to get into a shopaholic war with KL's most notorious crowd - the JM fans. Should've worn studs & spikes, although we did discuss that but no one did wore spikes. I'm disappointed .... Could've brought my frying pan for protection too. Oh well.. You'll know what I mean, see below.

Rack almost toppled over / mad women & men going cuckoo over #jovianrtw. I...... Question my existence in this place, if not for my girlfriends T_T. Like I said, PURE PURE MADNESS! I tried going around and was only shoved to the side even more with crazy ladies clutching their clothes, so I just gave up and went to my girlfriends who managed to get a few for themselves. 

Managed to grab a piece of JULES on the way to my friends. VICTORY WAS MINE!! SPARTAAAA!! After the girls tried it on, only then we realized that there's a tear on the laced sleeve part. Saddddness indeed. 
This was probably a result of shoving, and pulling and tugging from the above? Who knows.. But it was a Size S which was what Kish wanted. Kish couldn't join us, she suddenly got fever.... *suspicious* 

I mean just look at her, so sweet & soft. And both colors are my favorite combination. Alas, I have been prohibited to spend anymore by le husband so that I have to abide to. I whats-apped the pics to Kish and let her decide. But of course just by holding the outfit in my hands there were so many ladies asking whether I want it or not (these shopaholic vultures probably read the doubt on my face!), then again with every question I answered YES I WANT IT. Deep inside I do want it but I chant to myself it's for Kish for Kish for Kish, can you tell how crazy it was in the boutique. Very!

After all that's said & done, these are what Kish + Tita + Yani bought. Lin & Akma bought a truck-load no kid. They are probably preparing for a fashion calamity I'm sure. My girls are crazy and that's why I love them. Probably I'm the craziest for agreeing to join the battle and not buy anything. It's okay, taat perintah suami I tell ya. I'm a good wife. 

But wouldn't mind getting a freebie you know, like from anyone out there reading this *cough cough!* My birthday is on 22nd August. *cough cough*
But then again, Jovian keeps on surprising us with new designs. I MEAN BETTER LOVELIER NEW DESIGNS! D: How now?

Anyways, I have a secret news directly from Jovian Mandagie himself to share with ya, introducing!


So what's the story with J'adore? 
* Comes in 2 colors, what's the other color? It's a secret.
* Date to be revealed? Secret.

OMG GOING CRAZY ALREADY! *pulls hijab* :O 

And guess what who will make a comeback?


Sweet ol' Janelle will be making a comeback! Love love love the beading details. 
* When will it be available? In the final batch.

And yes, Jovian confided that there will be a few new designs to be revealed in the last batch. It keeps on getting better and better. Hope door of rizq will open up for me to own any exquisite designs from the last one. I mean I gotta need closure right? I bought one from the first batch so it's like meant to be for me to own something from the last batch right Jovian? Here's to getting lucky!

THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW if you just found out about JOVIAN RTW and covets some:
* Be prepared, follow & like all these important links:
INSTAGRAM: @jovianmandagie

* Be cunning, quick and slick. This is why:
via fb.

via twitter.

Ya get what I'm sayin'?

Oh by the way they have sizes from XS - XL!
Some asked what size I took, well standing at 1.57m weighing at 45kg (wait is this a beauty contest? lol).. Size XS fits me well, but I guess I can also wear size S *hint hint*.

*If Jovian announces that ZALORA will restock his next batch at this date on that certain time. MAKE SURE NOTHING GETS IN THE WAY. Wait in front of your pc / laptop and hold on to it for your JovianRTW life!

*If you are willing to fight the battle physically in First Lady boutiques, please be informed that:
All collection of JOVIAN rtw only available in FIRST lady ; JALAN TAR, SHAH ALAM, MALACCA, PENANG & JOHOR BAHRU. Details can be found at ; *please ignore Singapore at it was cancelled. We are at the 3rd batch release now, and date of release is today 29th July 2012 at 9.30am. DON’T MISS it! will be released by MONDAY evening 10.00pm. JOVIAN rtw will not sold/ordered/custom made/bookings/restocked at our JOVIAN MANDAGIE boutique JALAN MAAROF BANGSAR.
*Anywhere you buy you will get the same cardboard folder, wahhh so nice one woh the packaging? Well it IS Jovian after all.

* Do not doubt yourself, stay focus, get the item you want > add to cart/basket whatever > and pay.

*Quality is commendable.

*Again, RM180 - RM400 for JOVIAN MANDAGIE's label tu uollls!

*Don't forget to tag #jovianrtw if you happen to make a purchase and instagram or tweet it. Share your joy with the world!

Hmm what else what else? I think that's about it. NOT SURE WHEN the last batch will be released but let's hope for the best. RAYA NI KITA BORIA EHH? JM BORIA :D

Yours truly fought my JM battle at First Lady Jalan Tar in half of this attire, minus the jacket, shades & changed to an Aldo shopping tote:
Tribal print Scarf / Studded Jacket / Studded Belt / Noni Zakiah jodhpurs pants, gifted to me from Jakarta / Asos shades / Caneron weave bag, also gifted from Jakarta as seen here / Topshop necklace as bag charm / Vincci flats, but I make my own imaginary heels, ANTM style ;)

It was quite an experience, at times I don't even know why I was there alas it was a good experience. Will I go through it again? Eh.. probably not. But who knows.. But maybe not.. Hmm lol!

p/s: No, I don't work for ZALORA or Jovian and ofcourse not First Lady la dey, I work on my own. Your trustworthy fashion blogger ♥

SisterHood by Dian Pelangi - Day 3 Book Launch

Backtrack to Sisterhood of Dian Pelangi weekend again; on Day 3 there was  Dian Pelangi's Hijab Street Style book launching, a talk show by Hana Tajima & Dina Tokio and a small fashion show. More pictures are posted on my facebook :)

Dual Tone Scarf from Jakarta | Striped Headband from Midvalley | Uniqlo Blazer | Necklace from Jakarta | Black Assymetrical Dress from Jenahara, available at | Neon belt from ChicPop bazaar | Striped Harem Pants from Nadjani | Betsey Johnson Heels ♥ ♥ ♥

Goofing around while waiting for our dinner, with Dina Tokio, Jezmine Blossom & Shea Rasol ♥

Dian Pelangi's Hijab Street Style book launching! Congrats Dian, I think her first publication is sold out but they'll be producing more soon insyaAllah. I'm featured in the book too!

Hana & Dina on their talk show and being cute & all ^_^ 

With Auntie Ana of Dian Pelangi Malaysia, Dian's mother and us girl ♥

With the famous stylish young mom, Maharani Hatta :)

The beautiful Lulu Elhasbu, check out her clothing line together with Dian Ayu: Alluya

With our cute Indonesian reader who gifted us this multicolored skull necklace :D LOVE IT!

Ashfi Qamara of Ina's Scarf who is so so nice to take me around Bandung when I was there in April :)

The super cute Indah Nada Puspita! I just wanna put her in my pocket and take her home with me ^_^

Hana Tajima on her last night with us, she's all packed & ready for a 13 hours flight to New York :O
Love her loafers ♥

I look humongous next to Hana -_-"

And with the bff twin Farah & Puteri Ezra, Puteri is Hana's personal assistant. Both super cute!

But ofcourse more photos from that day is available in my facebook, including photos of Dina Tokio's fashion collection! Check it out here

WIWT: Jolly Blues

Pretty Chase scarf | Dhiyaa Store top | Vabene shades | Swatch Skin

NIA HASYA! *roflmao!*

Wished I bought a bunch of these scarves in Jakarta :( | Uniqlo blazer | The Pop Look maxi dress | Pretty Chase scarf tied on my Prada ♥

Weekend with The Tam's ♥ ♥ ♥

Maysaa Scarf | Dhiyaa Store top
The lovely sisters of FRIENDLY FASHION dropped by! They raided my wardrobe for some old baju kurung & kebaya to re-sell for charity. Love love love what they are doing, even Rina Omar, Belinda Chee, Sharifah Sofia & Lisa Surihani is also on it too. Buy our traditional clothes for charity!