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As featured blogger of the month for Tongue in Chic, I was required to write an article for them. I was in a complete wreck coz I have been super duper busy last week with entries stacking up waiting to be posted. Anyways I did the article at the very last minute and honestly regretted not spending more time on it but I had no time left and submitted it on the midnight of 15th April, right on the deadline. Not sure whether the pressure of writing for a well known fashion website or I wasn't really prepared but I submit the article with a heavy heart. Luckily today, when it got published so many people said they loved it! Alhamdulillah ♥

Here's the article if you haven't read it:

by: Ami Schaheera

"Keep it modest, but chic" - always easier said than done especially given the constraints of culture and religion in the humid temperatures of our region. When you can't expose your skin, there are a lot of ways to maintain a stylish look! Here I share some of my favourite tips.

#1. Quirky Bottoms

I myself live in harem, tapered & flared pants. That's one of the ways to make your look stand out from the rest of the short-pants-and-skinny-jeans-wearing crowd. Don't be afraid to experiment with types of bottoms, vary your choices! If you choose to wear long skirts, choose pleated, flowy chiffon or tiered patterns. Straight cut can only be interesting if you add prints and play with colors, or if you're at work. Here's an interesting list of pants suitable for modest muslimah wear yet still keep your look stylish.

#2. Outerwear

While cardigans are the easiest choice to wear as coverup among young muslimahs, I would like to recommend exchanging that cardigan for a casual blazer. It makes you look a lot more presentable and modest at the same time. If you are young and hip (in age or at heart) then put on a coloured blazer, don't just stick to dark or earthy tones. Be playful & courageous. Try on a printed blazer if you celebrate a quirkier style.

#3. Tops

Simple tops are the best; if they are see through or transparent do wear a long sleeved turtleneck inside. I know non-Muslims would probably cringe at the fact how many layers a Muslim would have to wear under the scorching weather of Malaysia but trust me - it's a learned skill. We get used to it and it's not so bad really. Plus, isn't sheer modesty simply IN? Okay, bad joke!

#4. Layering

Can I just say that layering is fun? And can be stylish once done right. Take your cues from the visual collage above. Even a single scarf around your neck adds character, and a bright coloured top on a Peter Pan collared shirt always looks cute no matter what.

#5. Color play

Sometimes when I don't know what to wear, instead of referring to runways for design or style inspiration, I look at the colors that designers use in their creation. The runway outfits may not always be hijab-friendly (sheer or showing too much skin where aurat is concern) but colors are definitely something everyone can enjoy!

Hope this will help all ya ladies who loves modest clothing while dressing themselves up stylishly.

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