WIWT: Z o M B i e L a N D

Jumpsuit bought in Bandung, Indonesia. Faux YSL studded satchel bag from Winkstick. Casio Databank Calculator from Urban-Retro. Cut-out wedge bootie from Oh-Popsicles, last worn here.

Met Kishiey from Your Mom's Fashion for our first movie date together, she just moved near to my area so I thought we should go out together. We had dinner at Secret Recipe, I had Japanese Soba, she Spaghetti Bolognese and Naz had Chicken Cordon Bleu. The first time I met her was at Bijou Bazaar Soho, which was a long long time ago and we only said brief hellos anyways. I'm looking forward for more movie dates Kishiey!

Kishiey was wearing..

And Oh-Emm-Gee ZOMBIELAND is UHH-MAZING! Thank God for Internet, we re-watched it for 3 times this weekend at our 'foster parents' house, Watie & Pa'Tam. Love the slow motion action, the gory details of the zombies, awkward nerd Cera type hero and how hot is Emma Stone? The boys kept confusing her with Emma Watson when the credit roll opened, which is annoying coz duh totally different people those two! I love the part when Emma Stone aka Wichita first came out from the back of the store with her all innocent round doe eyes and whispered two words "Come quick". As Columbus would say;

Someone’s ear is in danger of having hair brushed over it…

Inspired by Wichita's smokey eyes & nude pink lippie, I did the same the next day to work. Probably not a good idea with my eyebags & dry lips but meh who cares! ;)

If you haven't watch Zombieland, go now!

M A D NESS 1209

Purchases of December 2009:
1. Floral Toga from Girl About Town (pic credit to Old Blossom Box) 2. Studded Chained bag hanging at the back bought from Us Us Us Clothing, sorry if my face scares you. No better photo at the moment. 3. Black Entwined necklace from Nichii RM19.90 4. Majestic neklace from Soak Republic 5. Sequined shoulders top from House of Allure 6. Feathered jacket from Tic Tac Toe 7. Chained top with slit sleeves, Nichii 8. Block Chain necklace from Castelle Clothing 9. Blue Toga dress from Miss OCD.

10. Scallop Boots from The Shoplifters.

And I highlighted my hair with some mahogany redness, ain't that visible but I love the layering Shane did whilst still keeping my current hair length. Don't know why I was super broke before the end of the month, probably coz I had to pay half of my room deposit and helping mom out on the house renovation fund. Fiance made me promise I ain't gonna loose it this month and I should control my spendings, whaaat? With all this year end sale and new year discounts??

Probably should start spending on wedding stuff. Gonna go meet the wedding planner during the holidays and see what he can do with all our requests. I've got big ideas but I ain't got much time. Sigh sigh meow!

And oh man, Topshop year end sale starts today.

FAV M O M E N TS: WATI's Wedding

Wedding Nazril & Hasmawati in Penang & Kedah on 21st & 22nd November 2009.
Hair & make-up by Alphard, pink wedding dress designed by Amir Mirza.

Must include this, lol-worthy. And as a warning for waning husbands. Haha!
All photos are taken & edited by me, except for the one I'm innit. More pictures here (a lil bit disorganized).

p/s: The pink shoe is for sale, custom-made size 6 for the bride a week before the wedding. Sorry for the lack of update, been busy planning my own wedding. Most probably gonna happen April 2010.

Thanks Miss Tisa Hanifa


Grey sequin shoulder tunic from House of Allure, zipper mini skirt worn as tube, geometric leggings from The Shoplifters, hot pink weave ballet flats from Vincci. And studded zipper jacket same as the one worn to hunt the Facehunter and below.

Went to watch Ninja Assassin with our friends at Midvalley, Naz's treat coz he won in their poker game the nite before. Didn't even expected to watch a action kungfu samurai ninja shit coz I'm not into that type of movies but waddaya know, it was kinda good! Gruesome with all the bloods but good. Just wished the heroin was someone else though.

Never thought that Rain was attractive but in that movie he was. Sorry Jacob. Rain > Jacob.

Here's a photo of me in the middle of 5 hours car ride going back to KL from Kedah, last month. Stopped to pee at a R&R and coerced fiance to take a style shot of me. Hah.

Studded jacket from Castelle Clothing, light wool slouchy top which you can barely see due to the exploding flash bought from Giordano, Topshop high waisted acid wash skinny jeans, heart necklace from Primark, brown chain handbag from Nine West, nude brown heels from Secret Shoes Project.

Gonna go take my wedding courses this weekend. Boring 2 days! I hope not :[

p/s: Secret Recipe Midvalley have the shittiest customer service ever. Rude, lazy and slow to the max! Been there twice and not gonna go there again. Congrats Secret Recipe Midvalley!!

HAIR C U TS pt. 1

Trimmed my hair and did some highlights at REPLACEMENT Salon x Boutique last Friday, recommended by Emmy. The stylist's name was Shane and he was super nice, I love the fact that he spends extensive time styling my hair. Goodbye Jantzen, hello Replacement! I think there's high chance that I'm gonna come back again. Plus, I have a RM52 voucher to be picked up ;)
Latest news from Replacement, spend a total of RM388 in one receipt and you're entitled to enter a lucky draw which will be happening on Chinese New Year 2010. 12 names will be picked up and the first winner will win 12 haircuts and 6 hair treatments which equivalent of a year of care supply! Wooh!
Go to Replacement now! Or if you ever come down to KL city and want a good hair styling, this is the place you should go to. If not for the wedding, I would probably done mohawk or something, whatever it is that's stylish these days. But maybe I'll just try Jean Seberg one day. I wish I'm sponsored by Replacement but I'm not, I just love to share good things with people :)

All three items bought this month, wannabe YSL studded satchel by Winkstick, chain infested top with slit sleeves from Nichii, Block Chain necklace from Castelle Clothing and worn with my trusty high-waisted skinny acid wash jeans from Topshop. In dire need of more dark jeans.

Anyways, fiance went to trim his hair to a zero too, but at a rather conventional old school place. That will come in HAIR C U TS pt. 2. Hope you had a great weekend, do check out The Shoplifters latest update today and don't forget we do ship internationally!

p/s: My shoplifter partner / bb is a regular customer at Replacement, she went there and got a bowl haircut from Maggie yesterday! That girl can pull of anything, like seriously.

"Edgy, Parisian, Chic"

Suede scallop boots (I'm gonna keep one for myself hehe), Studded Pandora Bag, Scallop Studded Belts, Studded Cut-out Belts, Glamorama Stardust dress, Ruffled Back Blazer -- sneak preview for tomorrow's update UPDATED! at The Shoplifters.

So last week I had a 4 days weekend because on Thursday the company gave us our long overdue replacement leave, and Friday was a public holiday for it's the birthday of the king of the state. Happily woke up early to watch The September Issue (I have a new found respect for Grace Coddington and I wannabe like her when I grow up, like right now I haven't grown up enough ya know), Coco Avant Chanel (Boy was awkwardly hot? If not for the 'stache. I mean what is it with me & British men, I swoon all over 'em gentlemanly manners & broody eyes) & 500 Days of Summer (Poor Tom, Summer shouldn't have given hope if there's no hope at all but who am I too judge. Anyways JGL is too cute!!!!) over and over again in bed. Total bliss.

Then me and fiance went out to get stocks for The Shoplifter's new arrivals (pictures above), so glad of what I chose - aptly themed as "Edgy, Parisian, Chic". Hope it fits the bill. Heh, and I'm thinking of keeping the Scallop Boots for myself, and also maybe that Ruffled Back Blazer too. It's similar to Caroline Engman's Monki cardigan, sleek and edgy.

Anyways, I did some mahogany red highlights on my hair last weekend. It's not really visible rite now but probably will be within a week, as the stylist said. Will post up some pictures soon!

p/s: & I'll reply all comments soon, been busy lately :) Thank you so much for visiting my blog! ♥

80s babies & INDIAN CURRY

We found a good spot to take photos of my outfit that day, a field near a power plant somewhere in Klang. Went there to fetch medicine for Naz's aunt, not at the power plant but at a clinic in Klang. Lol.

Was wearing, my late dad's 70's shirt, The Shoplifters vintage leather skirt, Zara blue shoes, Topshop metal plat necklace, The Brollies hand-made weave necklace, Hello Fashionista slouch quilted bag, vintage Fa├žonnable semi round glasses.

And the next day I was sooo craving for some good Indian curry. Went to Raju Banana Leaf Restaurant at Jalan Chantek, Petaling Jaya. Aww man, deep fried squid and onion rings *gulps*, fish curry gravy........... *drools*

Last weekend was so much fun, went to meet our lawyer for the apartment we're buying, already signed the agreement, went to our friends' house, they just came back from honeymoon and we demand a home cooked dinner from the newly weds haha *evil*. We exchanged photos of our trip to Kedah/Penang where they got married, so I have more photos coming up. Don't know when that will be up, major resizing in large quantities oh emm gee.

I've also moved from the master bedroom to a smaller one since the other girl just moved out, previously was bunking with ma homegirl Lia. Definitely smaller but I guess I'll manage. I'm gonna be selling my stuffs next week at Uniten's student bazaar, so be ready kids I have loads to offer!