INFO: Creativity & the Spiritual Path (CSP): Kuala Lumpur

Received this in the mail the other day:
On behalf of Crescent Collective I would like to invite you to "Creativity & The Spiritual Path: KL" which is hosted by Brother Peter Gould, an Australian Muslim graphic designer, and Sister Khadija O'Connell, an American event decor designer. This is the first time CSP is held in Kuala Lumpur, alhamdulillah. 
So you might be asking what is CSP and why is it important? It is a gathering of conversations. The intention is to facilitate dialogue on topics relevant to Artists, Designers, Musicians, Directors, Writers, Thinkers and Creative types linked by an interest in Spirituality and Islam. 
The platform is an ongoing series of events designed to nurture and cultivate creativity, both individually and collectively and to learn, share & connect. Previously, CSP has taken place in America, Canada and Australia. Some of the most prominent Muslim scholars and artists have participated as speakers and attendees e.g. Sami Yusuf, Imam Zaid Shakir (Zaytuna College)
Being creative is part of being human. And everyone loves to be artistic. I know many of you are into blogging, music, fashion, and design in general. So why not find out ways to be Islamically creative? After all life is about pleasing Allah swt and CSP is a great opportunity to meet some of the top Muslim minds in the field of creativity. - Sha Elaiza

Creativity & The Spiritual Path 2012 (CSPKL) Kuala Lumpur will be held on Saturday April 7th & 8th, 2012 at the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (IAMM) and Sime Darby Convention Center, Kuala Lumpur. This is the first time the event is organized in Asia.

Forum @ Saturday 7th April 2012:
Gathering of creative Muslim professionals will engage a series of presentations, discussion panels and spiritual talks by acclaimed international and local creative Muslims, and will showcase products of their work and talents. 
Venue: Islamic Arts Museum
Time: 8:30 - 5:00pm

Dinner @ Sunday 8th April 2012: 
Dinner will feature the story of CSP with performances from Nader Khan, a contemporary singer from Canada, together with local rock act Al Farabi Band and Imad. 
Venue: Sime Darby Convention Center
Time: 7pm

RM70 - Forum ONLY
RM100 - Forum and Lunch (lunch at Islamic Arts Museum Restaurant)


Forum & Dinner Package:
RM200 - Forum with lunch and Dinner


For any inquiry please contact:
Email :
Tel : +6017.6164.020

For ticket booking please contact Amie at:
Email :
Tel : +603.2166.6300 or +6016.2258.311

Clearly an event that is not to be missed! Sadly I have something else coming up that weekend :( If you wanna attend this major event go for it!

WIWT: Denim + Floral

Scarf from Sugarscarf | Denim shirt from Honey Pumpkin | Pants from Bangsar Village | Accessories: Chained necklace bought online (last worn here), Cuff from DIVA, vintage shades from Faconnable 

Re-enacting a world of hippy outfit with denim and slouchy pajama-esque pants on a Saturday which was loose and comfy enough to be worn straight to bed that night. Matched with a twisted rope chain necklace bought years ago and a gold cuff, so hard to find a cuff to fit my small arms but glad this looked normal on me. Giving some love to the vintage shades by re-wearing it after resting for so long on my vanity desk collecting dust. Could've worn a red ruby lipstick for drama but I guess the au naturel post-Nirwana brunch lips would suffice. It suddenly rained when these shots were taken so we went back to friend's house and watched a few DVD. How awesome is "We Bought A Zoo"?! I wish I can buy a zoo!

How was your Saturday? 

Sunday sees me adding not one but two pairs of shoes into the collection, a pair of cat eye shades espeshully for my Bandung trip this Wednesday (PSYCHED!), a jelly coin purse, chanel-esque stud earrings & zikr book from friends, a momentous meeting and The Vow! Shall post more on that in my next entry ;)

WIWT: Minted

Scarf from Little Ilsya | Stripe shirt from ZARA | Fafi Lapin top from Lawa Lawa | Sleeveless Cardi from CalaQisya | Pants from ZARA | Heels, Adriani's preloved! Scored for RM15 :D

Perusing points from The Man Repeller's Lessons of Layering the other day. Went out to watch a movie with mr. husband (we watched This Means War, the minute I saw it I knew who Reese would choose and dammit I was right!) Anyways, in the tropic weather we have, layering chiffon is much practical choice. Also, embracing the pastel + mint trend all in one go. Notice the Fifi Lapin graphics on my chiffon shirt? She's the most stylish bunny I've ever met in the interwebz!

Happy weekend everyone! ♥


Interview & featured in VELVET MAGAZINE March 2012 edition. Velvet is a UAE-based international monthly magazine that looks West but thinks East; it incorporates global style and trends but holds true to its Islamic roots, appealing to discerning readers from the Gulf to Morocco, from Beirut to Berlin. My first time being featured in an international media print! Check them out on facebook. Thank you so much Hafsa Lodi for the interview!

My online shop is picked and featured to be in InTrend magazine under the entrepreneur category! Thank you  so much InTrend ♥

5 minutes of fame with my Scarflet sisters earlier this month, watch it in Tonton episode 10. Thank you Siti Hajar for the feature!

Surprisingly featured last month in Jelita (even after months of not updating lol!), which made me determined to start blogging again. Thanks JELITA!

Interview & featured in The STAR iPAD version on 19th January 2012, if you have an iPAD you can download the app and check out the article titled Hip Hijabistas (although I do not see myself as hip in any ways). Honoured to be featured alongside dear friends Yuna, Hana Tajima and Eyqa Sulaiman ♥ Thank you so much Michelle Tam for the feature! Used the same photo over and over again since I barely took any photos during the time that my blog 'slept'.

All right so that rounds up for this year, alhamdulillah syukur ♥

WIWT / EVENT: Pretty in Hijab

Azua Drapey Duo Scarf from Shop SputnikSweetheart | Inner neck from Tudung People | Blazer from Azorias | Floral top from The Shoplifters | Skirt from Forever21

Last Sunday, Jezmine and The Scarflets girls decided to organize a small hijab styling session. Coaching the style session is Jezmine's own ex-intern at Old Blossom Box, Didi! She has quite a handful of hijab styles shared that day, love seeing all the girls struggling to get the style right it was fun and funny at some point haha! But we all shared some good time together helping each other out, there were even some girls who weren't in hijab but just came by to learn too. Extraordinary and just somehow bring that warm fuzzy feeling in our hearts ♥

Lisa Magazine also dropped by to take style shots of the participants and gave away free copies of their latest edition. Thank you so much LiSA! And there was also Melda Ahmad, who was one of the sponsors for the gifts but hummm I was too shy to take a photo with her and acted like a total fool by smiling like a donkey. Oh well!
Thank you Jezmine and Didi for all the hard work organizing such a sweet event and I hope the girls who got the doorgifts from Shop SputnikSweetheart are happy! Hopefully there will be more events like this in the future insyaAllah ♥

Check out more photos in my facebook { here }

Yellow Curry

Dual tone scarf from Sugarscarf | Satin top from The Shoplifters | Studded jacket bought online | Tie dye harem pants from Bangkok | Wedges from Nose

Cooking is my new found love and I love watching Jamie Oliver's 30 minutes Meal because I want my food cooked fast and easy. So today I attempted one of his meal, yumm I say! I replaced butternut squash in the original recipe with potatoes in the curry, and didn't put mustard seeds in the lemon pickle dish because I didn't have any in my kitchen. I think the pickle complemented curry quite well, it has a tangy bitter sour taste (macam acar!). 

Original recipe by The Naked Chef himself: Veggie Curry and Lemon Pickles
Here's my recipe in case you're curious!


a day with Wardah & Dian

Azua Drapey Duo Scarf from Shop SputnikSweetheart | Top from ZARA | Pants from JrBelle | Boots bought online | Accessories: choker & ring from Diva, Casio watch from Urban-Retro

We met with Dian again, this time also with Wardah Cosmetics representatives. Wardah Cosmetics is an Indonesian brand halal cosmetic. We were each given a Wardah product to sample on and I got a lip pallette!  Love it ♥ And then we got to talking about Hijabers Community Indonesia, Dian explained about the organisation and their activities, we were in awe and very much amazed at how much effort and time has been put behind Hijabers Community. It's very very inspiring! Compared to Scarflets, we have none to be proud of.. with that in mind, we want to start even with small steps we hope to start the change we want to see in the world (quoting Gandhi). Therefore this Sunday at 10am - 12pm there will be a hijab styling session held at Old Blossom Box Store in Shah Alam. InsyaAllah we are hoping that we can help as much people as we can slowly. The attendance for that event itself is alhamdulillah full at 45-50 pax, hopefully there will be more event like this in the future. For more info, please contact Jezmine at

So, thank you so much to Dian and Hijabers Community for being such an inspiration. We hope to be as an amazing force as you guys are! Any tips and thoughts please? ;)

Afterwards we proceeded outside, for some style shot session and photos together ♥

All in all, thank you so much Dian & Wardah for such a good time and I hope one day Scarflets will be as strong and big like Hijabers Community Indonesia. Let's meet up Hijabers! I'll be in Bandung end of this month for vacation, anyone wanna show me around? :P

what i wore

So when I knew that I was going to a fashion event by the famous Indonesian fashion designer Dian Pelangi, obviously I was quite nervous. I knew I had to incorporate some tribal print that day coz in respect to Dian's love for tribal/batik prints. And one thing about me is that I always unconsciously pick hot pink for fashion events! I think this is my third/fourth time wearing hot pink to fashion events and I didn't even realize I actually like the color that much :/
Made a poll about which shoe to go with my outfit, I asked my instagram followers and the boots won! But by then I was already on my way to the event wearing the pumps. I chose the pumps because I was going to be surrounded by ladies and I thought the pumps just added a bit of sophistication to my whole look (I hope!).

It's been awhile since I put an effort into using make-up lol. My skin really needs a better moisturiser, sigh.

Sheer sleeve blazer from Girl About Town | Panel shirt from Honey Pumpkin | Silk vintage pants from The Wardrobe | Pumps from ZARA | Bag from Charles & Keith | Accessories: dainty Wishbone Necklace a gift from Minz x Fashion Valet event, Bird Necklace preloved from Hui Wen

What do you think? Should I've gone with the boots or the pumps was a better choice?
Check out photos from the event { here }

p/s: Thanks Putri for the scarf tutorial! ;)