UPDATE: Leukaemia

It's been awhile since I last posted anything about my treatment on cancer. It's still on-going, I mean I still go on check-up regularly. 2 weeks ago I went for a check-up at Hospital Ampang, the same place I did chemo.  I love their services (although the nurses can be annoying at times hehe) but the doctors are pretty great. Two weeks ago was the date that my result for bone marrow came out and I was quite nervous really..

But yeah as always, I put on my best brave face, dressed up for a boost of confidence and held Naz's hand all the way.
I was wearing Duo Color Kimono from Sugarscarf / H&M pants / Club Mod bag / old pair of Vincci flats.

Someone said that purple is totally my color, I love that haha. If I'm not mistaken my birth stone is Amethyst so yeah it is purple. I guess I do wear purple (& green) quite a lot honestly). As usual during check-up at the Specialist Clinic / Klinik Pakar Hospital Ampang they took my blood pressure stats & body weight. To my amazement I gained probably like 3kg in the course of 2 months from 49kg to 52kg! No wonder someone actually commented that I look pregnant -____-" 

Anyways for that day I was lucky to meet Doctor Xavier, one of the senior oncologist. He explained that my bone marrow result shows no sign of cancer blast (although the morphological test is not out yet, another test they do). Alhamdulillah me & Naz was quite ecstatic! Doctor Xavier proceeded to tell us we're not allowed to conceive right now because with me taking the toxic chemo pills it wouldn't be the best vessel for a fetus to grow healthily in me. Honestly not that we're trying to get one right away, I've understood & accepted that condition way long ago but sometimes hearing or looking at close friends announcing their own does makes me feel sad. I hope I can quit taking chemo meds soon. But for now I'm really grateful that the cancer is under control / non visible, just please begone foreverrr!

Long Distance Relationship

Everytime Naz goes oversea for a business trip my heart would sank a lil, not that I'm not happy for him being able to travel. Ofcourse I'm sad that I don't get to tag along (there's always one or other reason why I can't - jobs/money etc). But the main reason is that Naz is one of those guys who despises using data overseas. I MEAN WHY BABY WHY?! *cries a niagara fall*

his happy shopping for travel items face while wife pasrah cannot follow T_T

It's been like this since even before we got married, the most intense time would've been when he went to Japan for 5 weeks and only came back a week before our wedding day! Only God knows how hard it is to organize a huge event like duh your own wedding and to make things worse the groom just had to go overseas till the very last minute and refuses to use DATA & ROAMING T______T

Let's Go: TWINS OF FAITH 2012

The last time I went to a huge multinational Islamic convention was to Being Me Muslimah Convention in June 2012. It was really an eye-opener, heart warming and filled with knowledge to be shared. As is our body needs nutrition, so does the soul. So right now about a week from now there's another wonderful convention happening end of this month, what a great way to close year 2012 right?

There will be loads of international speakers for the convention, and I'm sure you will gain a lot from hearing their talks:

There are workshops opened up:

"Cubizm at Twins of Faith 2012: This year at Twins of Faith, we have world renowned graffiti artist and visionary artist Mohammed Aerosol Ali exclusively performing his art and we are excited to host two unique concepts exclusively in Malaysia.  He has travelled the world painting his murals in cities from New York to Sydney and has been globally recognized for pioneering his unique style of street, combining spiritual and Islamic themes and messages with the rawness of graffiti art. However at this year’s Twins of Faith, he will be bringing something totally fresh, with his recent exploration with the concept of ‘cubes’.  He brings two of his cubes to Twins of Faith for the first time. "

REVIEW: Givenchy Nightingale

Ashley Olsen via
If MK Olsen's favorite bag is the Rocco bag, Ashley's is definitely Givenchy Nightingale. Hers is large sized with basic leather finishing. Nightingale bag is easy/modern bag easily recognizable: simplicity of a timeless bag. The bag is named after Florence Nightingale, who came to prominence for her pioneering work in nursing during Crimean war. (source)

"The Nightingale features two handles along with a detachable shoulder strap so that you can alternate between carrying or better yet, showcasing the bag in your hands or wearing it on your shoulder. The bag generally comes in bucket shape but it can be purchased in other shapes. The Nightingale also comes in various colors and exotic skins. It carries the signature Givenchy monogram on the handles that lets the buyer know that they have purchased a truly special piece. This handbag is undoubtedly a statement piece. It can transition from summer into fall easily and looks great with any outfit because of its versatility. It has minimal details that provide a simple yet amazing structure. It is a perennial favorite of a lot of discerning fashionistas and style mavens because of how stylish the bag is, yet it still remains a timeless classic. You will be able to pair this bag with any outfit in your wardrobe. No matter if it is for a casual shopping trip or a nice dinner out, the Nightingale is the perfect accessory. This is a bag that, with the proper care, you are sure to have for years and years. " - The Handbag Concept

Honestly this IT bag has never ever crossed my mind so I was a bit sceptical when I was presented the bag, I mean I know which bag it is but I have never considered the Nightingale for myself. It's the kind of bag that the more you see it, the more you like it. As BagaholicBoy said it, for the same reasons some love it, others hate it, citing the exact same reason. Which is usually its unusual bulbous shape which frankly take some getting used too. The shape is quite peculiar in my opinion, but the bag is so so light that makes it the perfect everyday bag to knock around in. You can glam it up or dress it down, no matter what you will always look chic wearing it!

REVIEW: Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle Bag

Mary Kate Olsen & Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle bag, rumors has it that the previously named Coco bag was given to MK a few months before it's debut. And ofcourse who else better to wear & style it with that rock chic, edgy personality such as MK Olsen? Probably one of the most photographed twins in the history as well. Can't deny the Olsen twins are one of my favorite style icons, though quite hard to copy (they really loove layering) but I confess I stalk Olsen Anonymous almost daily at one time in life :P

Pretty sure I'm not the only one! And once Rocco debuted, as predicted it became one of the celebrity's favorite IT bag for it's soft leather & studded bottom which makes it an epitome of style, elegance and sass. A modern day classic.

Celebrities loving the rock chic Wang duffle bag! (via)

Vanessa Minnilo, remember her from CSI New York? (via)

Hillary Duff (via)

REViEW: Amante Nail Spa Experience

Since early this year, every month or every two months or so I try to make it a point to go for manicure & pedicure. Although I'm not the type who color my nails but I get them buffed up and looking all squeaky & shiny just perks me up! Not sure how you would feel, I seldom go out shopping nowadays or I only shop for things that I have targeted for quite sometime.. But then again, I looooooooove & treasure my pamper moments. Eversince I started wearing hijab, I don't go to salon much to get hair treatment coz thankfully they have grown thicker & healthier than even before my chemo cycle state so I'm grateful for that ^_^

Anyways! What am I rambling? LOL.. So yeah I heard about Amante Nail Salon & Spa from Tammy and she invited me to experience the nail spa along with a friend! Luckily it was right after I scheduled for a mani-pedi session with Wartea, so we canceled that one and went to Amante instead. Amante has a lot of branches, we went to the one in Bangsar coz it was easy for us.

Bangsar @ Telawi
28A-1, 1st Flr, Jalan Telawi,
Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2287 9089

It's situated at the back lane right opposite the row of houses, same row as RHB bank. And it's above a clinic. Quite easy to find, just look them up at 4square ;) We walked there after we finished our brunch at Devi's. It's on the 1st floor so you need to walk up a flight of stairs first.

They have shelves upon shelves of OPI Nail color! Such an eye candy to look at, I would personally choose the marbled flourescent like blue color if it was time of the month (ehem!) but that day wasn't so I just admired the colors from afar hehe. Oh I hear maroon or oxblood color is so on trend too! Not to forget glitters for Xmas mood :P And OPI is such a famous brand for nail color as well, quality & its wonderful range of color.

Amazing nail art! I've always wondered how one can precisely draw something so intricate on such small spaces like nails OMG, I mean I tried doing once and urgh my nails turned out terrible. Well yeah mind you I don't really have the skills nor are quite as experienced as the manicurist here. I'm sure they have gotten quite a lot of request from customers to do different sets of nail art ;) I like the white base with slightly tribal neon art deco! Although long nails may not look so good on me, I prefer them short & clean :D
Search #amantebangsar on instagram and you'll find abundance of cute nail art from AMANTE!

Glitter nails from Miss Muppet! Lolz

Comfy cozy living room area, and we were served with hot Chinese tea while waiting for our manicurist. We chose the NAILTEK Spa Manicure & Pedicure which was RM180 in total.

Yuna & Galaxy Wonderland

3 weeks ago at Shout Awards, Yuna performing live for her new song Lullaby with audiences holding on to balloons prior to her performance. Mesmerizing as ever, whimsical and magical.. She created a wonderland that inspires people through her lyrics & melody, and the video which won the Best Music Video award that night deserves every bit of recognition it gets especially because it was a collection of ideas & illustrations of Yuna's fan themselves through Samsung Galaxy Note.

Chatted with Yuna a bit before she was announced as the award winner, lovely as ever ♥

The award winning video Sparkle, made entirely on Samsung Galaxy Note! I love every single bit of the combination of real life & drawing illustration, so magical in every single sense! 

EVENT: Oroton Winter Collection @ Pavillion

The Oroton Winter collection debut party was where you wanna be seen, major celebs such as Lisa Surihani, Atilia, Ziana Zain, Natasha Hudson and so on and even all the media were there to capture the moment. I was from Mimpi Kita fashion show that day & went straight to Pavillion, thank God for surau where I can freshen up and pray prior to the event. Had dinner with my girls Natasha Hudson & Diana Nasir and off we went to Oroton.

Check out the collection photos below and pics of guests as well :)
Natasha admiring the Oroton's silk scarves.

The Archive Mini Bag is super cute and love that just in time for Christmas they came out with the lovely mesh version!

This particular large bag is pretty awesome for daily office wear.

More photos below!


Lovely chic ensembles from Mimpi Kita new collection, my personal favorite is the neon jumpsuit, sequin maxi skirt & the first patterned jacket ♥ ♥ ♥

Check out their new collection and KitaKids for toddler's at MIMPI KITA today!
More photos below :)

RUNWAY: Khoon Hooi Spring/Summer '13

BEAUTY: Dark Spot Corrector?

What causes dark spots?

Melanin is the brown pigment responsible for skin colour. When melanin is produced consistently and regularly, skin has an even colour. Yet, under the combined forces of UV rays, stress, ageing and changing hormone levels, excess melanin can be produced within the epidermis. Consequently it creates a localised patch of colour that we call a dark spot.

Who is affected?

50% of women are affected by dark spots* which can disrupt skin’s uniformity and radiance. Dark spots affect women of all types and all ages

In your 20s, blemish marks may occur. Between the ages of 30 and 50 hormonal fluctuations can lead to dark spots.Over time, repeated UV ray exposure can cause excess melanin production. The dark spots can also be accentuated by stress and external aggressors.

Garnier Light Dark Spot Corrector Pen(size: 10ML / 0.34floz)

  • With herbal extract + pure lemon essence
  • SPF15
  • Dermatologically tested

  • Product Description
    Garnier Light Dark Spot Corrector Pen's new formula works precisely to reduce the intensity, size and number of dark spots. Thanks to its active natural ingredients, it targets them precisely, preventing their formation. Instant whitening agent helps fade off dark spots and making them less visible. In 28 days, dark spots and signs of skin darkening diminish visibly. Skin is fairer and more even.

    Garnier Light Dark Spot Corrector Pen's new formula works precisely to reduce the intensity, size and number of dark spots. Thanks to its active natural ingredients, it targets them precisely, preventing their formation. Instant whitening agent helps fade off dark spots and make them less visible. In 28 days, dark spots and signs of skin darkening diminish visibly. Skin is fairer and more even. Measure and see!

    • Pure Lemon Essence, gently exfoliates & helps remove dead cells.
    • Herbal extract natural extract associated to Vitamin C slows down melanin production, responsible for dark spots formation.
    • UVA / UVB filters prevent skin from darkening.

    Your skin is visibly fairer and more even toned. Existing dark spots are reduced and the outbreak of new dark spots is prevented.

    To redeem a free tube of Garnier Light Dark Spot Correcter, just do the following:

    1. Click
    2. Register for an OnlyBeauty account so that when winners are selected, your prize will be automatically shipped to you.
    3. Just key in the code "onlybeautyami" to participate. Each account is entitle to 1 participation only.

    When the contest ends on 25th December, 2012, 10 winners will be automatically picked & prizes will be pack & shipped from OnlyBeauty by normal post.

    Easy peasy guys!


    REVEAL: #whosthatgirl in Topshop Christmas Campaign?

    Well did you guessed it right?? Hahaha I wish I did, oh well :)