WIWT: Mimpi Kita Sale

WHAT I WORE: IAMJETFUELSHOP syria pashmina | Inner balqis from Sugarscarf | Burnt orange turtleneck from MNG | Nude brown thin buttoned cardi from The Shoplifters| Bird necklace from OBB Preloved Sale | Purple harem pants from Cat's Whiskers (bought for 50% off! right after FV+Minz Tea Party) | Nose wedges

On 1st April 2011, I went straight to Mimpi Kita right after done doing my bone marrow aspiration procedure at Hospital Ampang, a lil bit drowsy from the sleeping injection but I got about 2/3 hours of sleep so I guess I was okay to shop :B Plus! Mimpi Kita just started their sale :)))
I want that nude brown top in the front, somebody get it for me pretty please?

Look what I grabbed!
I've been looking for a neon yellow top/dress for awhile so this was God-sent! And at 50% off :)))) Love the simple modest cut & beadings on shoulder and wrist. Always think of Mimpi Kita for a modest elegant outfit ♥

First time I was at their new boutique was back during the launching so I didn't go to the back and imagine my shock seeing this space greeting me! Well hellloooo old Hollywood glamor! Now where's my super large round shades gone to? *Audrey Hepburn moment*

REKAKITA area, this is a label under MIMPI KITA for home deco ;)

Nurul & Mira are attending to a customer, should I just sneakily step out and run away with my new top?
Oh wait, forgot I left him.
The lounge area, so cozy I felt at home ♥

Me & the dream girls, Nurul & Mira. Thanks for having me goofing around your shop - I was probably high from meds haaahaa!

Check out Mimpi Kita sale peeps!
WHERE: 15-1, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur [map]
WHEN: From 1st April 2011 ~ 3rd week of April 2011!
twitter: @mimpi_kita
facebook: Mimpi Kita

Don't be left out! :D

more photos { here }



  1. such a lovely post. those yellow blouse so beautiful dear. can't wait to see you wearing it!!

  2. i want that wings brooch..rite now!

  3. Okay the nude brown top, yeah THAT look so freaking delicious. I want osooooo! :(

  4. Salaam walaikum I've been following your blog for a few weeks now n I would just like to say that you are truly inspiring and beautiful! I'm a muslim revert n find your stylish yet modest posts rly helpful. Most of all, ur positive attitude is something we can all learn from! Take care sister :)

  5. Of course, you look radiant as always, but I simply can't imagine wearing my headwraps like that. Pashminas are heavy hot, how do you do it :D

    Best, EAK

  6. @EAV, not really eve.. it's light and not hot at all. plus, i'm used to it by now :)

  7. Sister Ami you have won an award on m blog go check it out


  8. wow! Such a beautiful girl, with a great style and a great blog! So happy to discover you! :)

  9. Salam...what camera r u using???clear sangat..nampak macam kecik!!!

  10. @little blue bird, lumix gf1.. tak kecik sangat but tak besar sangat cam dslr..


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