Sexified Tag

Perlukah? Demi memenuhi kehendak wanita di Kuantan kerja kerajaan tu. Saya menjawab lah tag dia:

1. Tangkap @ sertakan 3 keping gambar anda yang anda rasakan paling seksi.
2. Tak semestinya tak berpakaian atau mendedahkan. Mungkin anda rasa
senyuman anda masa itu adalah seksi. Sertakan!!! (Semangatnya -_-)
3. Nyatakan kenapa gambar itu begitu seksi di mata anda?
4. Tag 5 rakan-rakan anda yang seksi.
5. Selamat berseksi.

Semestinya gambar faveret adalah dari gambar2 spontan webcam & satu gambar dari kamera seamstress kami!

1) Seksi kerana mataku yang bundar, button-nose, wavy beach hair dan bibir mungil ala Angelina Jolie. Seksi kan??

2) Menjadi perempuan berkulit tan yang hitam lagi seksi berkebaya dan menyibuk belakang kucing mondok. Sebenarnya, ni gambar ekstra seksi untuk anda (you pervert!) :P

3) Sebenarnya yang seksi tu aksi orang belakang aku. Dahagakan susu dan si mulut senget.

Sekarang, saya nak tag:
1) Tina (sebab dia belum buat lagi tag Kak Rona)
2) Anil (Congratulations on your engagement! Maaf saya tak dapat datang esok, I'm still so happy for you though ♥)
3) Sarah Is The One, i know you got some sexay picturessss
4) Berapa ramai nak tag ni? Okaylah, Ferdows si anak muda dari lembah franjan. Franjan tu apa?
5) Dzu Wondermilk. Yay!!
6) Atas permintaan, Zeisch -_- (it's always more fun to blog when she's around honestly, ♥ darab 10juta)


I'm feeling extra gloomy and sad today so here's one of my favorite editorial of the delicate alex sandor (pics courtesy of mixologies@livejournal);

i like thy lace dress

i envy thy lovely hair

that dress

that pretty face

that top & skirt

and of course those pair of legs

I want them all.
Okaylah, I wanna go home and take a cold shower and watch YSL:Life & Times then maybe Baby Blues.


Also, I want to go to TiC Chic Code Retro Revival Party (missed last week's Androgynous) but I might be going back to my hometown. Ahh decisions decisions! Oh, by the way thanks for the invite Joyce!


Today I want to talk about something a bit more serious than clothes. Work. With the fluctuating situation of world economy I have to say I'm a bit more than just nervous thinking about the stability of my own job.

True, I have a permanent job (almost 2 years now, woah) which allows me to use the benefit of a credit card once and awhile and not worry about not being able to pay because I KNOW for a fact how much I'll be getting each month and apparently doing measly side income with two/three more online businesses does help, A LOT ehem!

However, with loads of rumors circulating the email world (what else office people do than gossip through mails?). I'm not so sure of how true this info is but it did scared me a little:
Flextronics 4 days week for Month Nov and Dec.

AMD Penang announced this morning VSS lay off 500 employees.

Spansion force to take leave (5 days in this quarter)

Jabil planned shut down from Dec 24 to Jan 4, will be 6 days leave.

Agilent planned shut down from Dec 24 to Jan 4, will be 6 days leave.
Jan09 might have another shutdown. No increment 2008 review.

Avago no plan shutdown as no more in house production, hiring freeze.

ASE shut down every fortnightly on Monday starting from Nov 3.

Fairchild planned 'Mass Vacation' for 9 days leave in FY08

INTEL - No increment 2008 review, VSS for those under perform and
massive cut cost/travel 2009, no shutdown plan yet

Motorola, Penang- Still hiring+profit, suspect got government 'look after',
Singapore cellphone plant cut 800 job and now waiting for sale.

Siltera, kulim - Propose close down this Malaysian 1st Fab company, loss RM4billion in 2008

SENSATA Plant shutdown from 22 DEC 2008 to 02 JAN 2009; NO increment in 2009;
NO Profit S hari ng in 2009!

As for the jap company I'm working for, they've decided that no overtime is allowed. We have to fill up a form prior to doing our OT, stating reason & length of time. Weekend OT is completely frozed, if the work has to be done during weekend when the production line is off, OT will be replaced with annual leave.

Furthermore, yesterday's latest rumor was that there will be only 6 working days in January. Damnson, if that's the case we certainly won't be receiving full pay are we?! Scary, our survival is at stake! Luckily the rumor was cleared up by our H.O.D this morning, he announced that we might have to take extra 3 days leave in December & 3 more days leave in January. Cuti paksa. All this will be going on up until March or April.. Who knows within that time what will happen to the economy.. or to the factory. I'm hoping it will remain strong :[

*sigh* As much as I hate this job, it's this job that took me to where I am now. I don't wanna loose it, not anytime soon. Seriously, tak nak.

Adding to this matter, my internet access at the office was suddenly blocked two days ago. Which was rather coincidental for the fact that my ip address came up as top ten best internet users *uhuk uhuk* (best lah sangat). Turns out it was just a virus infecting most PCs' at the office. Pergh, ingat dah nak kena yellow card tadi. Syukur....

*Currently scanning pc for viruses bertalu-talu.

WIWT ni macam weewit je?

What I wore on Saturday to meet the girls and jalan-jalan:

Don't I look a lot like my father? That's his wedding picture on my vanity desk :)

Wide Flower Curved Headband // Jualan Tepi Kilang, RM3
Chiffon Vintage Dress // Soak Republic
Coin Cincher // Malacca
Hobo Bag // Trendy Confessions
T-Bar Flats // Secret Secret Shop

When I wore this dress, there was a man with full body tatoo complete with dragons & chinese enscriptions asked me was the dress I'm wearing are old folks zaman dulu-dulu punya. That instantly put a smile on my face (I was already in glee being a store with everything that I want and that added more sparkle to my smile) and I replied,"yes, it's vintage!". Then he proceed to ask whether I was wearing my mom's or grandmother's ancestors dress. I said no, I bought it. He was ,"oooohhh". I was


What I wore on Sunday for photoshoot then to KLCC:

Black Beanie // The Shoplifters
NF15 Slanted Top // The Shoplifters (weird pocket, which I cut out as soon as I got home. Mungkin jugak macam poket Baju Melayu, poket mintak duit raya haha!)
Plastic Raincoat Vintage Skirt // Nina-One
Purple Owl Necklace // Green Bananas
Triple Way Big Ass Dump Bag // courtesy of The Shoplifters
Brown Striped Corduroy Jacket // Monday Monsieur 4 @ The Shoplifters

We did the photoshoot at a shopping complex's roof top parking lot, and I think that's the best spot and we're gonna do it again and again and again. There were people staring as they pass by but with my konon-konon professional habis tripod and small nikon camera, don't forget, serious modelling poyo expressions, ofcourse buat tak tahu sajalah. Hardly a nuisance!

Oversized Ruffle Collared Cardigan // Tic Tac Toe

Sila lawat.

Colorful Calculator Watches



Prices are updated at Urban-Retro. 10% off until new year eve.

Bye, I'm off to give this guy his Silver Databank


You can Quarantine me in a Shoe Store

Oh they're definitely mine now. Been eyeing them ever since I saw it at the secret secret shoe shop. Previously they had it in purple (Ok, I tried but I can't find the picture). So anyway after doing like months of thinking (serius beb), I finally succumbed and tricked my boyfriend to go to that place. I said I wanted to look at washing machines, which I really do coz my housemate just moved out and took along her washing machine & fridge but my main point was to buy the shoes. Hah! He says okay he wants to look at ovens cause he wants to bake/make nachos. He's adorable like that.

Anyway the shoes were only RM100 after 10% discount. I LIKE. Eheheheheh, now they only have silver & black left. I'm gonna keep the store as a secret cause there some flats that I like which are only RM39.90, most of its gladiator shits are around that price except the one that I like the most -_-"

Talking about washing machines, I realized that it's time to start buying home appliances of my own since I'm living alone now. There, I said it. It's really sad actually, not having a housemate but who am I to blame when her boyfriend wants to take it to the next level. KAHWIN.

I love browsing home appliances and dreaming about a house of my own, it's so satisfying at a certain level! I also remembered LG's decorated washing machine I found a few months ago. Look how nice do they look! In other words, CANTIK BANGAT!!

I CAN HAS THIS? Also found another interesting one from Samsung, Hauzen Washing Machines:

But the Samsung has way too much color than I like, kan? Apart from drooling over washing machines and oven and fridges, we went to watch Quarantine. We intended to watch Madagascar2, we're not the type to watch animation movies really but what else is there? But the only available seats for Madagascar2 was the front row seats. Uh no thank you, Quarantine please.

After watching the dizzying, surprise shock effects and loads of screaming and wailing in the movie. I was left trembling on the seat. Why la I tengok movie ni????? It's the home-video type like Cloverfield but the zombie type exactly like Will Smith's I am Legend. Atleast I am Legend had some emotional effect on me eg. the dog died, zombie got smarter, there's other people selain Will Smith. But Quarantine really is a blunt zombie type of movie. Get bitten > be a Zombie > kill kill die die. Nope, I NO LIKE. Mainly because I'm a scaredy cat. One should wonder how I'm able to live alone. Okay dah lah I wanna put an advert looking for a housemate right away!

I hate going home to an empty cold space anyway.
*cries a river*

Last but not least, this is in my wishlist:

Fringed Foxy Watch

Launching of Urban-Retro ehem! Not so much as a grand launching as the idea and blog has been lingering for awhile but I've only uploaded the photos & details today. The prices are still in consideration but don't worry, most of them are below RM200 and some are even below RM100. I'll update the prices tonight.

Don't ask me where I got them but these babies are pure original Casios' aite. They come with one year warranty, if anything happens just email me & ze boyfriend at urbanretrofit[at] Urban-Retro already has two customers; Anil Axteqs & Shahril FitterHappier ;)

Now, look what Schuhz made!

leatherette fringed necklace, so badass! Go get one!
I think I want a two tiered one, hmm.. But a single tier so reminds me of Stephanie Simek's Eyelash Necklace:

Which is worth USD30 and I don't have USD30 to buy a silver necklace. But......... I do have USD30 to buy a pair of heels that looks like this:

Hope they still have it in my size. Tonight we shall know! Oh by the way, my Bata Badminton Master got itself into here.



  1. Siti has updated with a make-up tutorial.
  2. I want that vintage skirts from that blogshop, but that boy tak bagi :(
  3. I almost lost my handphone last night, fell out of my lap when I wanted to go to the ATM near Otai Burger. Thank God it has it's own velvet condom, so the ringing sound was not obvious although there were people very near by.
  4. The tailor lanyard I made was quite a sell-out. Something that I had not expected. Hehe, now I'm out of ring keys (watchamacallit?) and I misplaced 6 lanyard. Wish I can magnetize them back into place, I'm such a klutz *__*
  5. I love this Super Heroes sweater, it has it's own pair of ears! And can be zipped all the way up, except that I have Super Large Head so..
  6. I wore a vintage skirt as a tube dress last Sunday, because I don't have enough plain colored tee. Now why I know every girl seems to go frantic over plain tees.. Hmm..
  7. Bought two more vintage skirts last Saturday at U.O.X Block Party.
  8. I don't get kimono-frenzy. Why?
  9. I want corn in cups.
  10. I need to save money for Jakarta gadammit.
  11. My elder sister now has a blogshop selling scarfs & skirts, I need to help her revamp the blog. Kasihan dia.
  12. I hate music players on blogshops. Inappropriate imho.
  13. Listening to Bo's Bedroom Sanctuary.
  14. Hates dramaqueen kiasu men. Girls are allowed to be dramaqueens, within limits lah kan.
Okay why am I listing likes/not likes? Ahah tetiba, I really wanna update but I don't know what to write apart from the photos from last week's event lah kan.

Joyce KinkyBlueFairy, dD 3rdCulture Kid, Wynn my highschool sweetheart teman tidur pegi toilet tenet, Sarah Is The One i like.

i ♥ pherry clucker; i ♥ syazwin niza nasution.

Okaylah tu je, nak sambung shoplifting & engineering konon-kononnya.


It's good to have experimental make-up frenzy friend

aka Miss Aoki. Macam siapa ya pose gambar ni hihihihihi :P

Dia memang terer gila mekap, aku sentiasa in awe bila tengok mekap shading2 tang mata and flawless skin dia tu. Since I suck on doing make-ups of my own, I want to learn from her so I ask for her make-up advice thru ym. Sangatlah exciting belajarnya, walaupun bila di-explain satu2 jadinya macam terasa tebal muka tapi bila tengok dia mekap tak lah nampak tebal, au naturel je.

So harini aku nak ke MidV membeli-belah kalau ada duit. Baru je lepas buat hair treatment lagi and I spent a total of RM314. Miskinnya! But I need it I suppose, sedapkan hati sendiri..

Anyway ni gambar masa kami kat Eco Film Fest haritu, booth tengah2 rumah lol.

gigih macam auntie kedai kasut cina tunggu customer datang, lai la lai la~

Angah tengah promote cd partimelovers kat Raoul(sp?) One Buck Short.

Petang tu hujan so Naz pergi ambil baju hujan thrifted aku:

Red, polkadot, frills, bows. Memang cukuplah! RM5 thankiu, Siti suka lalu bergambar memakainya.

Lepas tu ni gambar my purchases on the Bijou Bazaar day, two weeks ago:

vintage skirts, i think it was RM15 or RM10 kot per piece.

Vintage ruffle tiered dress, so lovely & modern? Slightly big on me which I need to alter & haven't done yet. RM10.

vintage not so vintage leatherette belt, RM10.

Awesomely sweet chiffon layer ruffles dress. Vintage!

And selepas tu kami ke Pavilion untuk makan2... Selepas makan, me & naz quickly went to get these:

The end...

Eh lupa, event kat Capsquare esok mesti terr-spend jugak ni. Ahh.. tidak....
Shoplifters will be there, opening up a booth.