Raya 2013: Simple & Sweet with AttireMadness

Sweet & simple satin jubah with laced waist & an adjustable strap suitable for size S - XL. Love the simplicity of this jubah dress which can be worn to a dinner event or even to a wedding or just as casual outing with friends. What more, especially for visting open houses on Aidilfitri.

This satin jubah dress is part of ATTIREMADNESS's Aidilfitri collection, besides that they also sell casual clothing at affordable price. Check them out!

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INSTAGRAM: @attiremadness


Raya Shopping: The Labels Bazaar Klasik Raya

Are you sure you've done enough Raya shopping? 
 If doubt crossed your mind, then do not fret! You might be able to complete it by visiting Klasik Raya Bazaar! Check out the photos from past weekend:

and something for your home decor?

Fashion label Quhji & Kazami Homme by Kaer will also be joining bazaar, guys you really wanna check this out:

Even the organizers themselves are also selling some awesome pieces:
 { Azurite by The Labels } { Jasper by The Labels } { Olivine by The Labels }
you can check out the pieces at their website:

Aside from the vendors selling awesome & affordable products, there will also be traditional performances & activities for the customers. Interesting!

Henna body art ♥

Face painting for the kids :D

The Baju Raya Project. Buy some new ones & donate the old ones to charity ♥, although the collaboration has ended 21 July last week but you can still contact The Baju Raya Project people directly & donate straight to them :)

Raya performances - Chaklempong, Ghazal, Gamelan ♥

Or are you a business owner looking to market your raya products at a different/wider crowd?
Look no further as are very well known as responsible & ethical bazaar organizers. are looking for esteemed vendors that are:
>> Local brands & designers.
>> Locally made items (food and beverages, desserts, art, 
handmade, accessories, home deco etc).
>> Unique high quality Raya items at reasonable price.
>> Malaysian heritage themed items (batik, songket etc).
>> Sought-after vintage items (classic watches, handbags etc). are also doing their part in promoting the bazaar at all levels including by:
>> Hanging up buntings around the mall at Level 1.
>> Putting up posters at every elevators in the mall.
>> Putting up an outdoor banner at the advertisement board.
>> Encourage write ups from media and bloggers.
>> Mail drop and flyer distribution at nearby neighbourhood areas.
>> Newspaper insertion.
>> Radio advertisement.

ADDRESS: 1, Jalan Kiara Mont Kiara 50480 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
CONTACT NUMBER:  +60 3-6203 7688

More info:

FACEBOOK : TheLabels.Net
TWITTER: @TheLabels_net
INSTAGRAM: @thelabels

Remember guys, TheLabels Klasik Bazaar is open all Ramadhan 10am - 10pm!
Happy Raya Shopping, peeps! ♥


Raya Shopping: Pop your Raya Look!

When I received the parcel from, I was ecstatic especially when I put it on to go for Eiliya Boutique launching last weekend; So far, THEPOPLOOK dress has the best fitting on me and it made the dress looked like it was custom made to fit! What's even more amazing is that the whole dress was double lined, although the chiffon they used are not see through at all but the fact that they used lining for the whole dress makes it so much more awesome! Especially priced at only RM129, it's totally worth it. And I have seen a LOT of raya dresses & outfits therefore I would like to reward THEPOPLOOK for best value for money ♥ 

As for the cotton scarf, I love the half moon cutting and the light heaviness of the cotton which made it stayed on as my veil despite that I only used minimal pins to secure it on. The print is also quite unique, I'm not a floral kinda girl so this geometric floral print has made me fall head over heels ♥

That also made me wanna order the other color for this dress, gladly they restocked! Let's check out their whole range of POPPY RAYA 2013 :)

Raya Shopping: Saloma Lace Kurung

I am head over heels over this cute attire when I opened up the package I nearly squealed. Furthermore seeing how it fits on me and the superb quality of the material I can very much say I'm super satisfied. Did you know MODIISTA is actually "Modest Stylista"? Clever isn't? I love how the peplum is quite overdone these days but Modiista manage to design something modern, cute yet classic in a way. Aptly priced at RM239, I think it's quite affordable. I simply love peplum due to the fact that it can be worn as separates, pretty sure everyone knows that teehee. I paired the peach grey attire with my Diana x Melinda Looi sequinned half moon shawl. Perfect for a day at the in-laws this coming Raya right? 

Check out all the other colors of Modiista's Saloma Lace Kurung, love them all! ♥
You should totally check out MODIISTA's other exclucive designs, I promise you won't be dissapointed!

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Don't forget to use this discount voucher when you make your purchase!

By the way, thanks Naz the hubby for being my photographer even in this hot Ramadhan weather. Love you lots! ♥

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Raya Moments of Closeness with Samsung

What I like the most about Raya, well aside from ketupat & rendang tok & lemang... Oh boy, this is killing me ;____:

Is all the ritual stuff we do as soon as takbir raya bergema ♥
We wake up as early as possible in the morning, turn on the TV to hear the takbir and feel the joy of Syawal spreading into the house like shooting stars leaving sparks everywhere & spreading happiness into the hearts of all moslems. Can you feel it too? Ahhhh.... *closes eyes* Anyways! This is the time when every single member of the family, the young and the adults will scramble to use the toilet/bathroom and do their 'mandi sunat', although it's just basically like your normal everyday shower but it's extra special because you'll get points (pahala) for showering and the kids (and probably the adults too teeheee!) are actually excited to wear their baju raya & queue up for duit raya. LOL! But first, solat raya at the mosque secara berjemaah

The feeling of unity, togetherness & closeness to Allah ♥
Afterwards we would go to the graveyard and visit our dearest Abah, whom passed away when I was 13 years old due to lung cancer. Miss Abah so much...

And then we will all gather at home and mingle and finally eat all the raya delicacies I've been drooling at and sneakily eat before solat raya :D and ofcourse time to ask for forgiveness... Either way, it's always fun to meet all my cheeky nephews & nieces (as long as they behave with their Achik/Mak Long, there will be duit raya hahah!)

Mom's old house are filled with all the kids running around and adults chit-chatting in the living room, kitchen and everywhere. Especially when guests starts pouring in, I'll definitely be in the kitchen handling all the glasses & plates that needed to be washed so that it can be reused. I tell ya it's tiring but hey a girl gotta do what a girl's gotta do! ;) Plus, my mom is not so well now. Last raya she had to be on wheel chair because she had a terrible accident :(

Alhamdulillah she is a lot better now and can walk on her own although standing for too long makes her left feet feels numb. She also has to pray while sitting on a chair now. Last month she complained about the washing machine being broken and had to fork out a few hundreds to get it repaired. All I know is that with this coming raya and everyone balik kampung to Mom's house, the washing machine work load will definitely be overflowing all the time. I mean, with Yob's family with 3 kids, Angah with 3 kids, Yang with 4 kids, Uda with 5 and me, Naz and Adik.. I think y'all get what I mean. So this raya, I very much wish to get Mom a brand new Samsung washing machine. Our raya & Mom's life would definitely be more enhanced & efficient with a brand new washing machine. As a blogger, my heart definitely wishes for a smartphone or a smart camera but hey, Mom comes first so a washing machine it is ♥

This Aidilfitri, Samsung has organized a campaign - Portraits of Raya. All you have to do is submit your family raya moments here and you might get rewarded with Family Movie Treat! Awesome :D

I think I'll send in this picture!
Moments of Closeness with my lil pumpkin niece, Hannah Humaira ♥

Every year, raya ads are actually one of those things that I look forward to watch. They will always bring back fond memories of family & love, as does this raya ad from Samsung :)
Haa, nangis lettew! Lol..

Anyways guys, I have a favour to ask. Can you guys please LIKE this entry so that I can be in the running to win atleast something from SAMSUNG.. Pwetty please, said Hannah Humairah hihi.
Thanks a LOT peeps! Don't you wish it's Raya already? Haha.. Just kidding, I love Ramadhan too :D


WIWR: What I Wore Recently?

IRIS Sheer Dress from KIMISONWEB.comKimisonweb has been operating on web based since year 2008.They ship worldwide. However, for international purchase only can be done manually by emailing them at since they have yet to set up the shipping cost for overseas in the website. They accept paypal for payment method. Loving the sheer dress because the cutting is so simple yet makes me feel so princessy with bottom flow it makes whenever I move! J'adore ♥ I was also wearing:
Scholl wedges
New tote bag - Longchamp ♥

Red Flower Scarf - OMGorgeous. This scarf is actually made up from 2 plain chiffon & 1 flower patterned chiffon. I've never owned a scarf like this so it was fun to experiment with, especially since it's quite lengthy at 2m and with 0.6m width. Very affordable at RM35 including postage! ♥
Daisy Peplum Top - (again in love with the flow of the peplum!)
Sandal - Charles & Keith

Love this Tribal Print Scarf from OMGorgeous
Wore it to Butterfly Project x Esse Give Back charity discussion dinner, I sat next to Nadia Heng who was Miss World 2010! I was speechless, but she was so pretty & nice!

By the way, KIMISONWEB has a surprise for you awesome readers!
You must register with KIMISONWEB in order to entitle for the discount of 5% for any purchase (except for the on sale item). Use it before the voucher expires! ♥