[BEAUTY] Review: Thayer's Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner

My instagram pic the day the long awaited Natta Cosme package arrived

BUTTERFLY PROJECT? A community of beauty bloggers doing what they do best, blogging! In this community lead by Tammy Lim, old *cough* and new baby bloggers has the chance to attend events, review products and learn from each other. All blogposts done by these community members are not paid for, instead brands / clients provides experience for these blooming bloggers and we do our best to promote / market the brands through our writings. It's a WIN-WIN situation. If you are a blogger, regardless whether or not you are into beauty - do join us!

NATTA COSME? Well according to the info card they gave in the beautifully packaged box: "Across the trillion stars along the milky way, there exist a planet named Natta. The nation of the planet lived under an abominable rule where the people must never look the same. They must have their very own distinctive style and character. If there ever existed people who look identical to one another, the authorities will dispatch these people to the one and only Natta Cosme. Natta Cosme provides numerous beauty products that brings out the true physical beauty of the people. These products include skin care, body wash, and make up set. A new individual will be borned after undergoing the transformation. This can be seen in the double "T's" of the logo of Natta Cosme which represents that every individual is distinctively different from one another. We, at Natta Cosme have the best and newest products in town! Besides, our courier service is efficient. The appearance of the products are to definitely capture your eyes. Fragile products are accompanied by bubbles to increase their durability ensuring your goods to be at good condition. Need not fret if you have no knowledge on the usage of the product as we are capable and trusted for providing professional advices.
Feel  free to leave any suggestions, questions or a friendly hello at "" or through our "contact us" page. Thank you!"

Over 120 years ago, Rose Thayer, niece of Henry Thayer M.D developed an all natural recipe for extra soft, youthful looking skin. As she aged, many would comment on how she looks 10 years younger than she was. Her secret formula of Rose Petal water blended with Witch Hazel extract, certified organic Aloe Vera and Vitamin E is being made available. Witch Hazel helps to tighten pores, and to smooth and beautify skin without drying. Thayers proprietary Certified Organic Witch Hazel (derived from the bark) is not distilled, thereby maintaining all the natural tannins. 

[TRAVEL] Part 2: Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh

Remember my trip with the Butterfly Bloggers to Lost World of Tambun last month? Here's Part 1 and lo & behold this is Part 2 :)

Yeay we're finally here! Can't tell you how huge of anticipation for us to finally to be there and get wet! Okay, the get wet part might be just me, I'm a butterfly who cannot swim therefore I shall float. LOL XD

One #TambunSelfie from my Casio Exilim TR15 ♥

1) Did you know that Lost World of Tambun is part of Sunway Group? Yeah the same one in Sunway, PJ ofcourse hehe. 2) Ticket Price: Adult RM48 / Children (12 years old & below) RM41 and toddler below 12 gets in for free. 3) DYMM Sultan Azlan Shah signed & sealed the Lost World of Tambun for it's opening, my favorite handsome Sultan ♥ 4) You can literally get lost in this maze of Lost World of Tambun!

Ooops, before we move further in to the Theme Park, I wanna show you our room! OUR room because I have a pretty roomie to share it with... Guess who? 

[FASHION] LONGCHAMP Private Blogger Party, Pavillion

Lucky for me, 2 days ago I was selected to be included among princesses & queen bloggers to attend this private blogger party by Longchamp (I'm hardly a princess, more like a pauper). This was also to commemorate the soft launch / opening for Longchamp's new store at Pavillion. It was so new, even the Pavillion staffs on the floor didn't know where it was and kept leading me on the wrong way. Finally after walking around like a mad woman for a good 10 minutes I found my way and it was such an easy place to find I feel like slapping myself. If you've been to Pavillion, it's right next to MAC cosmetics store, quite easily near the main entrance to your left.
This 1500sq ft Malaysian exclusive store continues Longchamp’s relationship with the region and will be Longchamp’s largest store in Malaysia. It is the latest expression of Longchamp’s global store design concept, which brings together the historic heritage of this family company with its creative, contemporary products and elegant style.  The impressive new store features light and colour-filled spaces, creating a unique experience for customers and visitors. 

[BEAUTY] The Gift of Glam by Bobbi Brown, Fall 2013 Holiday Collection

Looking to glitz it up? This holiday season, Bobbi Brown offers a beautifully edited collection of luxurious lips and eye palettes, lip glosses and brush sets for the beauty enthusiast who wants to get - or give - the gift of glam. Featuring an assortment of shimmery shades in silver, bronze and golden tones, Bobbi's Holiday 2013 Gift Giving Collection is a must when it comes to stealing the spotlight.


Earlier this month, I joined a community effort brought by none other the fun & sassy Butterfly Project to introduce Philips Innovation That Matters to You campaign. Wonder what does this campaign means? Philips Malaysia launched the campaign to create healthy homes & safer cities with an idea donation drive called "Innovations That Matters To You". Underlining Philips' commitment to develop meaningful innovations to help improve the health and well-being of communities across Malaysia, the program will listen to the real needs of Malaysians through their ideas and by partnering with local stakeholders.

Watch the video above to understand better ♥

Under the program, all submitted ideas will be collected and sifted through by a panel of judges which includes Philips, Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM) and University Putra Malaysia (UPM). The panel will shortlist 6 selected ideas for public voting based on practicality and sustainability and one winning idea will be implemented by Philips Malaysia together with the public and stakeholders.


Today I went to Longchamp soft launch private party for bloggers in Pavillion, such a fun event where each and everyone of us got to pick a Longchamp bag of our choice! More deets on that later! After the event me, Kelly & Shirley went for lunch at Dome, Centre Court Pavillion. At first I didn't know what to order then I remembered this app my friend suggested:
Download this cool makan-makan app now:
Weh, if HUNGRY, GO WHERE? Go open this app loh.... XD
Anyways, I chose these for lunch!
Salmon Steak with Salted Grilled Veggies (RM38.00) & Green Tea with Biscotti (I think it was around RM14.50, came in a small teapot suitable shared for two). 


FOOD: Salmon Steak was slightly tasteless, dunno whether it's my swelling gums are causing my taste buds to go awry or what but don't trust me much on that. The skin of salmon was crispy, love it! And plenty to be eaten that I had to takeaway half of the leftover, couldn't finish it. Save for dinner hehe.. Green Tea is as usual bland and nice just like I love, would've been nice if I have real honey to add to it but drinking it just like that is also fine for me.

SERVICE: Slightly slow but the staffs were nice & accomodating, Kelly ordered the same thing I did except she didn't want her potatoes. Hers came quite late with a portion of salad, and then they prepared & delivered the grilled veggies separately... Weird.

[LIFESTYLE] Dzul Dental Clinic - Braces?

Had an interesting invitation early last month, to wear braces.. and the procedures will be FULLY SPONSORED by the clinic. I immediately agreed to it without even thinking it through. I mean, I've always wanted to straighten my crooked teeth but just never had gotten around doing it and when opportunity like this appears you just gotta grab it right? Plus, the clinic who offered me belongs to Dzurina's father, Dzu is the wonderful owner of +WonderMilkCafe. Yeah the cute dental clinic right above +WonderMilkCafe at Uptown Damansara.

"A reliable family oriented dental practice established for more than 30 years specialising in orthodontics, dental implants and aesthetic dentistry."
address: 39M, Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
contact no: Damansara Utama Clinic: +603-77284297 Ampang Park Clinic: +603-21611868

Yes yes, enjoy your happy smile before the torture begins. Honestly I've always been afraid to go to the dentist all my life, I hate seeing/knowing someone in a creepy mask just poking, slicing and doing God knows what in my mouth. Just feels like someone entered your house without permission kinda thingy. Jyeah, it's silly I know.. The last time I went to the dental was about 3 years ago before I was diagnosed with Leukaemia, I did scaling and little that I know that my sore & swelling bloody gums which seems like it lasted forever were signs of the disease. Ah well...

The cozy space of Dzul Dental Clinic.

Just kidding folks! XD

[TRAVEL] Part 1: Lost World of Tambun Trip

This is probably one of the most looking forward to trip of the year so far, because!

♥ I get to join Butterfly Project, all them pretty blogger girls! And Maha and Henry the photographer hehe.
♥ I've never been to Lost World of Tambun despite having my hometown only one hour away from there & my sister lives in Ipoh as well. 
♥ Probably my first time joining such a holiday group tour, time to mingle and make some new friends *shy*
♥ Everything is fully sponsored! Thank you so much KTM Malaysia for the comfy ride & Lost World of Tambun Hotel & Park for the hospitality.

Anyways, a day before we're supposed to go, we received detailed instructions from Mama-san Tammy & her team to arrive promptly at 730am at McDonalds, KL Sentral because our train will depart at 815am. Honestly I didn't know what to pack for the 2 days 1 night trip but Mama-san said "It's only a short trip meh no need to bring your whole closet waaan!" I failed to comply, lol! Brought more than I needed in a suitcase and a hand carry tote bag. 
One group photo before departure, with the people from KTM Malaysia who were so nice to accommodate us 30 bloggers ♥

Actually this was not my first time travelling by ETS (Electric Train Service) by KTM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu) Bhd, and it has always been a pleasurable journey, never one that disappoints. In fact ever since ETS to Ipoh was available since the year 2010 and has been going strong since then. I feel like this train service is the best Malaysia has to offer currently in terms of public transportation. I definitely choose to board the ETS every time if I need to go back to Ipoh (if Naz can't go with me) compared to boarding a bus. Comfortable is an understatement, even driving by yourself won't be as comfortable as this. I kid you not! For a Gold Coach ride KL Sentral - Ipoh it's only RM35, very affordable! Oh and it's only RM28 for Economy Coach ;)

Bloggers ALL ABOARD! Check out 'em happy faces, no worries if you have carry on bags because you can put it on the rack above you and if you have a large trolley bag just put it at the front row where's there space in front of the TV.

A train stewardess (is that what she's called? heee), will come and check your ticket while riding.

[FASHION] WIWT: Baby-G Tough

I was wearing:
MAGLifeStyle crumple scarf / MNG dress c/o Lin ♥ / AZORIAS blazer / Lestari necklace THEPOPLOOK / Girl's Generation Baby G Watch ♥ ♥ ♥

Gawdd I miss my slightly problematic far from perfect but easy to cover up skin..... I'm currently having a terrible reaction towards a skin care product I've tested which resulted in major breakouts and rashes and dry patches on both my cheeks and chin. These pictures were taken in mid of September when my skin was still dry as the dessert but was a lot fuss free compared to what I'm having now. Anyways on that day I went to BlackBerry Z10 launching with Anne & Natasha, met with Rene from KREE for coffee & lastly went to MYC Fresh Faces Search Launching event

[FOOD] Recipe: Tabbouleh Salad with Poached Eggs

If you've been following me on instagram and facebook, you've probably noticed that I always share my breakfast & eh maybe sometimes lunch meals that I home-cooked. One of my favorite eat clean meal is this Tabbouleh Salad I was inspired to make after eating at Plan B in Bangsar Village. Check out the my whole recipe which has been featured at Female Magazine website ♥

[LIFESTYLE] My new PANASONIC Food Processor c/o LAZADA

I've been wanting to own a food processor ever since I got hooked up on tv's food channel a few years ago. But I never really thought I would get so into cooking that I'd actually own one. Mom will be so proud, haven't told her yet mihihi... Anyways I received an email from LAZADA representative asking whether I'd be interested to tell my shopping experience with Lazada in exchange for a shopping voucher. Yes peeps this is a promoted post ;) but not just any coz I'll be reviewing my shopping experience, the product & a bonus recipe for you guys!

First thing that came into my mind was to purchase a FOOD PROCESSOR! And maybe a few facial masks haha. I browsed around at the website and they have quite a few choices with prices ranging as low as RM75 - crazy thousands ringgits! :O I had no idea food processor can get super expensive.............. But then again what am I complaining, during my research for finding a slow juicer - I read that the best slow juicer can get up to RM5k...... Cray cray!! I mean if you have the budget just go for it but I don't and I was pretty happy finding out that they have trustworthy home appliances brands like Kenwood, Panasonic and Breville (just to name a few). I chose Panasonic MK-5087M because it's affordable, has a few blades to choose from and looks like easy to learn & use. My second choice would've been this Philips Compact 3-in-1 Food Processor but after much discussion with Naz we decided on Panasonic.

Check out how easy it to make a purchase at LAZADA:

[FASHION]: Review

address: 20-02 Seri Bangi, Seksyen 8,Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor 
operating hours: 10am - 7pm
contact number: +603-89200 013

Was invited to review KZNabihah collection by Bihah the young successful owner herself and she also wanted me to join a lil photoshoot at her new store in Bangi. Lucky, coz her store is only a few minutes away from my home! What's interesting about their collection is that they provide sizes from S - 6XL!!! I mean really, do you know any other online store who does that? Up to 6XL? One for everyone for sure ♥

The clothing are super comfy because they only use premium quality lycra which doesn't cling on to your curves and doesn't scrunch up easily. I hate how certain lycra is super heavy that somehome it hugs your body curve so much though that is not what modesty clothes are supposed to go for. Plus, they have a wide variety of designs, sizes & colors! Suitable to used as casual wear, office wear and even to formal wear. All under one roof, prices are affordable too!
Check out some behind the scene photos below:
Makeup was done by ever so talented Kak Mel, you may check out her work at Mell Beauty Studio. My skin was not in it's best condition lately due to an allergic reaction to some skincare I've been trying out. Alhamdulillah thanks to Kak Mel she managed to cover it up (and thanks to my flawless camera Casio Exilim TR15♥)

[FASHION] REVIEW: Tribal Abaya by Az-Zerrin

I'm wearing abaya Tribal Therapy - Alika from Az-Zerrin Chic collection. Loving the drape cutting and modernised abaya with tribal prints. The material is super comfy and you don't have to worry about it being clingy on your body curves coz this definitely doesn't do that :)