Mobile Phone Virus??

The other day my mother in law was happily browsing around on her Android phone, when suddenly she received a text message from an unknown number persuading her to click on a suspicious looking link, y'know the one which is disguised into shortened link? Sort of http://pleaseclickme/moneyforyou etc??
Obviously my mother in law is not very Internet savvy, smartphone is just something she uses to google for recipes, whatsapp with her children and play simple games. Lucky for her, I was around at the moment and she told me about the message as she was quite curious & intrigued. I immediately told her NO, DO NOT CLICK!!!! In the most undramatic way ofcourse, lol kidding. I immediately deleted the message and told Mak to be careful because the website might have virus that could wipe out her whole phone! You should've seen her shocked & troublesome face, jaw on the floor, hands shaking effect kinda thing. 

She wanted to learn more about this so that she can better protect her precious Galaxy S3 which Adik gifted her actually. I mean, it's Galaxy S3! I understand her concern and went on Google for help on the matter. Turns out there are lots of way a mobile phone can be infected with virus, IF you are not careful:

It freaked me out a lil but I kept my composure infront of Mak and told her not to worry because I heard Maxis has a Norton Symantec mobile phone protection package! I mean mobile phone protection against virus etc are always neglected, and I think it's a good thing that Maxis has provided such package. Phones nowadays are not just used to call and text someone, it means so much more; it's your diary, it's your camera, it has all your personal data and notes etc.. It's just so much mooooore, basically your life depends on it, don't you agree? Anyways, back to that Maxis Norton thingy:

According to this Youtube video from Maxis, there is just so much more offered in the package! 

Anti-Phishing Web Protection – Protects and reports malicious sites that may 
contain malware. Through this feature, users are protected from malicious websites
that offer quick access via the link or QR code.
Call & Text Blocker – Allows users to block specific people or phone numbers so 
that users are not disturbed by unwanted calls and SMS.
Lost Notice – In the event of a lost phone, the user may send a customised 
message to the person who located the device through this feature to have it 
Remote Lock – Users are able to lock the device remotely via the web or SMS to
prevent others from accessing the data and information on the device.
Remote Locate – Pinpoints lost or stolen phones or tablets on a map to help users 
find their devices fast. 
Remote Wipe – As an added security measure data and information in the device, 
both of which are stored in the internal memory or external memory, can be 
removed via SMS or the web.

I mean just wow, now I think everyone needs to have this mobile phone protection. As an IT grad, Norton Symantec is definitely one of the most trustworthy antivirus software, being awarded so many times since 95 and actually it's the antivirus software of choice for Fakulti Informasi & Teknologi Maklumat, UKM during my uni days in 2003 - 2006. So I can definitely trust it to protect against virus & so much more on mobile phone.

Okay now Mak is bugging me to download the Maxis Norton app on her Android, let me go help her and put her mind at ease ;) What are you waiting for?
For more info, find out HERE.


WIWT: Berrrry Lucky!

SUGARSCARF scarf / THEPOPLOOK slinky peplum top / ZARA pants

These pictures were actually taken by my mother in law! Love how they turned out, it was quiet a no brainer with my Lumix GF1 semi-auto cam but since Mak has never ever handled it before all her 50+ years of age it was such a delight to see these good shots even on her first try. Honestly Mak, you do it even better than Ajoi (Naz's family name).. Sssshhh, don't tell him that -_-" Thanks Mak for the photos :-*

I also have to give credit to a few wonderful Bare Minerals makeup that I just received after attending their Blogger Dinner sometime ago. In this look, I wore Bare Minerals primer called Prime Time (I absolutely loooove the silky feel it gives).. Eh, wait! I think I actually forgot to put the primer that day, anyways I proceeded with their newly launched product which is Bare Minerals READY SPF20 Foundation, dabbed on some concealer (to cover up nasty acne scars & dark circles.. sigh!), Bare Minerals Blusher & my current most favorite lipgloss from Bare Minerals which is Marvelous Moxie in Party Starter (orangey pink shade, which is very cooling and leaves lips looking plump & glossy!) I think the lipgloss will be launched in Malaysia soon ♥

In my opinion over the new Ready Foundation from Bare Minerals, I really like it coz it's super light and I can barely feel it on my skin (unlike any other foundation which feels cakey & just like a whole other skin), even my friends said my skin looks flawless (which is so not true and made me laugh!). I guess a more detailed review post of the Bare Minerals makeup is due huh? Maybe in my next entry!


Purple Swish

Ahah! I bet you were thinking about the car right when I mentioned Swish? :P
Well it's actually this wonderful angular cut dressy top from The Pop Look. Paired it up with a floral scarf, my boot cut Levi's jeans & a pair of tribal wedges and yep I'm good to go! Although these pics was taken last month, I haven't gotten around to share it with ya so here it is. Love the top coz it's made of comfortable t-shirt material which is comfy & casual dressy at the same time, and it's only RM59! ♥

A slick of pink lips & husband's Ray Ban helped disguise my sickly darken complexion too.
Have a nice day peeps!


Natasha Hudson's Baby Shower

Organized a mini baby shower for darling friend & sister Natasha Hudson who is about to pop anytime soon now. Although this blog is updated two weeks later with the photos, I hope I'm not too late to show it before baby girl is born teeeheeee :P

The party was done at Joe's Kitchen / Barber Shop, y'know the owner who is actually Joe Flizzow quite conveniently created a kitchen at the back for food & beverage area & a cool barber shop at the front. Ofcourse the kitchen was closed for our private party that evening. Thanks to Carleed, Tasha's hubby for getting the place! 
Yummy foodie from Joe's Kitchen ♥

Sweet confectionery from Iza the party decorator & cupcakes from Shakira Sahil

Tasha, Auntie Tina, Tania & Nessa. Beautiful bunch of ladies ♥

Cheeky Nessa! LOL!

Tasha & Jue.

Me & Zaza

Me & Sarah both handled the invites, I wouldn't be able to do it without her honestly ♥

Check out the details on the cake! Tasha's own mom made it for her, super sweet right??

Amazing detailing right?? She takes order for customized wedding & birthday cakes as well, just email her (Auntie Tina / Ratna) at

Cake cutting time! 
Awwwwwww ♥

Lovely Tania Hudson ♥

Tasha, hope you had a wonderful time with the mini gathering baby shower. Forgive me for any shortcomings and hope the lil baby's birth will be smooth & easy and she will grow up to be someone who is mama super duper proud of, amin ♥

Lots of love!


CANCER: 15 year old Kid Scientiest

Solutions to complex problems can be simple says Jack Andraka

Jack Andraka is a 15-year-old Maryland high school student who has invented an inexpensive and sensitive dipstick-like sensor for the rapid and early detection of pancreatic, ovarian, and lung cancers. He recently won the Gordon E. Moore top prize at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair as well as the Google Thinking Big Award for the project, addressing a large and seemingly impossible problem and finding an elegant solution with broad impact. Jack is a member of the National Junior Wildwater Kayak team and has won numerous awards in national and international math competitions.

I wish we have more of the likes of him.


Lucky Winners H&M Concious Pouch

Who's the LUCKY FIVE to win this exclusive H&M Concious pouch?

Shir Ng
Asyik Izas
Nina Zee
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Zarina Zainal Alam

Congratulations guys! And thank you so much for participating with this giveaway, 60 comments to choose from woah! Haha.. Don't worry, maybe next time will be your lucky day ;)
For those who won, check your email address yeah!


Win RM100 Shopping Voucher, Vote Me!

Happy Saturday everyone, well I just want to ask for your itsy bitsy help to vote for me in this My Favorite Look competition here:

Just by voting you stand a chance to win RM100 shopping voucher at HK Station! Remember how many things I got for just under RM200??

Look, I'm the only hijab girl there.. shy shy cat...

p/s: The H&M Concious contest below is closed and winners will be announced on Monday, so do check back for my new post layturrrr. Have a great weekend everyone ♥