WIWT: Prints on Prints

TIP: On wearing prints on prints, mix those that have similar traits or shapes for instance I use lines for this print mix.
Maysaa scarf | Zalora striped blazer | The Pop Look zigzag dress | H&M mohair mustard scarf, doorgift from here

Bangle set from Projekt O  & round chain-link bracelet from Naz my handsome boy ♥

We're working on a secret project right now, will be revealed soon.. 

WIWT: Poppin' the Neon Tribal Look

A casual night out with Naz for dinner, threw on The Pop Look's neon tribal print maxi dress and my favorite varsity jacket, second hand H&M from Friendly Fashion.

Tips: How to choose the right accesories? Pick ones that have similar color tones or similar shapes with your outfit. One of the tips I gave in a styling class for Hijabista Mag Icon finalists last Wednesday. My first time coaching a styling/grooming class. Hope to share my knowledge more in the future if given opportunity.

Unrelated but hey how cool is this Islamic artwork? Check out their work at

Anyone going to Being Me Muslimah conference tomorrow? See you there! ♥

WIWT: White Pastel to...

Cream scarf tied into turban from Ilsya Hijab, one of the very first few hijab I bought &hearts. Inspired by Yuna, I tied on a headband bought from a kiosk at Midvalley 3 for RM10. Maysaa's inner neck adorned with a necklace from Stellar. Cute chunky knit (chunky knits is my weakness)  from Old Blossom Box Store, and ZARA pants. But of course my new signature bag, le Prada. Do I need to name it? Nawww, I'll just call it Baby (yeah coz Baby is a lil less crazy than any other names huh? NO ami NO!)

RUNWAY FAVS: ButtonMyButtons Vintage Tea Party

Click below for more ♥

WIWT: Marni x H&M + The Bag

Necklace gifted my dearest girlfriend Yani ♥

I had the fashion x charity drive done by Gin & Jacqie x UNHCR to attend to early that morning (but missed it coz of the damn train, will share more info about the drive soon). Having known Angelina Jolie is one of the celebs that works hard to make a change with the help of UN I felt pretty inspired to wear something that symbolizes ethnicity. Plus it's only appropriate that this Marni x H&M dress comes out to play on the day that I was given a sneak preview of the coming H&M Autumn collection  right?

Marrying Malaysian + Indonesian + international labels together. Jetcirclescarf in silk is one of Yuna's first design for her quaint shop, the first item I got when I came for a visit too ♥ This dark brown shirt from Mainland Heritage which is from a budding Indonesian label, gifted by dearest LanaStore to me. It's actually a long shirt with interesting hems but I wore it underneath my Marni x H&M  halter sleeveless dress to cover up my arms.

SNEAKPEEK: Visit to H&M Showroom (Autumn 2012)

Two days ago around 3pm - 4pm, me & Lin went to H&M Fall 2012 media preview. It's gonna open up at Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur in September 2012. Btw all the H&M items I posted are H&M Premium, basics are much much cheaper. List down your wishlist now fashion lovers. Seen here my partner in fashion crime, Lin and KL's PR Boy Amri Rahim.

Click below for pics of the collection!

WIWT: Passport Photo

Passport photo, last I made was 5 years ago and I think I looked fatter and more miserable then. Couldn't be more happier to renew my passport when someone invited me to an all expense paid for trip (just coz I'm a blogger, well a hardworking one). Will be visiting a Jakarta soon under the invitation of Dian Pelangi for a Sisterhood event she's planning. Among others that will also be there is my dear Hana Tajima, Jezmine Blossom, Shea and also Dina Tokio! So excited and can't wait to meet my Indonesian readers (is there anyone excited to see me though? Lol!), and most importantly will be representing Malaysia under the name of fashion to another country. Talk about dream coming true ♥

Any Malaysian labels wants me to take their products to Jakarta to wear? ;)

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AMI for Levi's Blogger Award 2012

Guess what? I'm shortlisted to top 10 for Female Magazine Levi's Blogger Award! I'm the only girl with head covered and I think 1 out of 2 Malay bloggers in this category! Amazing really.. But yeah all the other bloggers are really hot & sexy. 

But anyways, ain't this about BLOGGER AWARD? I mean who else writes about daily outfits, feeds you with fashion shows (instantly via instagram), does event write-ups & reviews and also writes about fashion trend? In hijab, no less ;) Come on, don't you value style with substance as I do? *cough cough*

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It really would mean a lot to me...

I aspire to be as successful as Elin Kling who started as a fashion blogger. Slow & steady! Now vote vote vote, please? *flutters short eyelashes*

PRESS CONF: Rizalman x Tesco Raya Collection

Shot taken & edited using iPhone 4s.

More pictures below:

ART WITH HEART: a Refugee Art Project

Gin & Jacqie™ is not a new name in the bag-making industry, the line of bag was inspired by the avid traveller Jacqueline Ng who are always on the search of functional every day bags which are practical yet also stylish and does not cost a bomb! Having a keen interest in business, Jacqueline decided to quit her 9 to 5 job and to take the risk of setting up her own business.  As a girl on the go, she sought a laptop bag which she could carry around from day to night and not look out of style. Hence, with the start of laptop bags, a collection and a new upstart began. 

The core focus of the brand is well-made bags that are beautiful and appropriate be carried in any setting, be it the office, the mall or the resort, whatever your inclination.  The line focuses on classic shapes are complemented by an array of gorgeous fabrics and innovative detailing. Gin & Jacqie™ bags are made to be timeless and evergreen, to be as relevant today as they will be tomorrow. Materials and fabrics are selected to be durable, low on maintenance and wardrobe-friendly. 

The most honorable thing about Gin & Jacqie™ is that they also take time out from travelling & designing cool practical bags and participate in a charity drive every single year. So this year they have been working on with United Nations Refugee Agency Malaysia (UNHCR). Over the past couple of months, they've been visiting the refugee camp and noticing the amazing talents hidden within the borders of the walls, and they've grown very attached to the children in the camp, most of which are orphaned or have very little to boast but seemingly unfathomed by their situation. The families that call this camp their shared home have fled their countries due to unforeseen circumstances, and UNHCR gives them a sense of hope and home in the unknown.

KL STREETSNAP: Modest in Tribal!

Insiya, student. Spotted at KL Sentral.

The other day I saw this girl at the train station & I just had the urge to chase her down & take her style shot. I'm not that kind of fashion blogger but this rare occurrence of finding a style gem in KL had really turned me on, fashion wise! So she was born in Malaysia but her parents is Pakistani and resides here. It looks like she's wearing a prayer dress but the chevron prints & vibrant colors is so eye-catching! Love this, featuring her in my blog and gonna start a new StreetStyle section ♥ so inspired! 

So be on the look-out KL fashionistas and dress your best, always!

Read all the comments from Insiya's friends { here! }

WIWT: Vintage Cape & Turban Tutorial

Joined to the wrists & Charles & Keith bags.

I know you wonder how do I pick my daily outfit, one way for me is to pick up an item and make that the statement piece. I know I can be quite the gibberish sometimes and it seems like almost every single piece I wear is a highlight (neon here, neon there), but hey ofcourse that's the truth but that will only work if I style my clothes to enhance one main piece, ironically. Over the months of actually wearing hijab & modest clothes properly (still learning my ways, don't diss), I have gone though my awkward phases - worn clothes and color combi that make me think now "DUDE WHAT WAS I THINKING?!" but reality is all those moments helped me become a better 'stylist' for myself and hopefully help others in their fashion crisis as well through blogging about it.

EVENT: Azya Bazaar

I was suppose to join this event and open up a booth but I backed out because I don't think we have that many items in our stocks right now, plus we have friend's weddings to go to that weekend ♥ As soon as I arrive I went straight to my friends's booths: Ammara Hijabi, CalaQisya + Calaman, Old Blossom Box, RSC, Wonder Wardrobe, Emlynne.

With glowing Wwyda in green!

Sarah of Ammara Hijabi, holding their cape in tiffany ;)

But after a few snaps and chats, suddenly I was whisked away to the backstage coz apparently my help was needed! I felt like a WonderWomen, glad I wore a cape XD

X Top Model 2012: ARE YOU THE ONE?


Do you eat, breath, sleep and walk fashion? Maybe you’ve dreamed of gliding down the catwalk, flashbulbs popping all around, hundreds of people focusing their attention on your grace and beauty? If you answer ‘YES’ to all the above, Neu Urban Designs & Events is inviting young fellow female Malaysians to join the most anticipated model search, X Top Model Search Malaysia 2012.

X Top Model Search Malaysia 2012 is open to female aged 18 -27, with a minimum height of 170cm tall, with a striking and confident personality.Interested candidate are required to log on to and complete the application form. The deadline for submission of entry is by Friday, 30th June 2012. An open casting date and venue will be announced via XTMS official facebook fanpage:


Striped UNIQLO top, amped up my casual outfit with a white cape & pastel colors of the season. 
If you like this look please vote daily at UNIQLOOKS Malaysia

EVENT: Parkson 25th Anniversary Party

Me: "Oh no, we're older than Parkson!"  Naz a.k.a the husband: "Meh, no worries. Prada is older than us!"
Ahhh... I taught him so well ♥

Fashion show from the new collections of brands in Parkson.

WIWT: Devonna Drapes

Honestly one of my most favorite piece in the closet: DEVONNA blouse ♥
Click the link below for more photos!

REVIEW: ChicPop Bazaar @ MarketsMY

So I think it was last weekend that I decided to drop by ChicPop Bazaar after such a long time haven't been to one. Main attraction was the teaser photos from Tongue in Chic team of the freebies that they were giving away. Never have I ever went to a place for more self-centred reason than that! (o'rly ami?).

Posted this on my instagram and created a mini havoc where everybody was discussing "is it a typo?", "is it not a typo?", "why is it spelled that way?!", "is it really proenza?", "OMG YOU'RE SO LUCKY!". LOLOLOL hilarious! But it was partly my bad for posting it with a caption "got my Proenza!" :P

Anyways, planned to meet Emmy & Shuz there but Shuz bailed (BOOOOOOOOOOOO!) and God knows how many times I confidently whatsapp them prior to the event saying I'm resilient, I won't be buying anything just want the goodies or whatever. NOT! Bite my own tongue, like Bieber would say never say never.. But I mean really you guys, how can you resist these (click for more!):