WIWT: F&F Fashion Show

WHAT I WORE: Schanaz Scarf in Deep Turquoise, exclusively made | Inner balqis from Sugarscarf | Ruffled Back Blazer from The Shoplifters | Printed top from Topshop | Ethnic necklace from IAMJETFUELSHOP | Vintage silk harem pants from The Wardrobe | Zara pink pumps

With the gorgeous lady, Hanie Hidayah. Love her lacey boots! | Darling Fira Hanis in her own self styled turban ♥

In conjunction with STYLO Fashion Grand Prix, KL 2011. F&F & STYLO International has invited me to the Malaysian premier of the international fashion brand featuring;
WHAT: F&F Spring Summer 2011 Collection.
WHEN: Tuesday 5th April 2011, 8pm.
WHERE: Scarlett Theatre.

A bit of introduction, F&F is actually a clothing brand from UK which has already been in the business of clothes manufacturing & designing since the year 2001. It caters to all young and old, women & men from day dresses to beach wear to formal office wear and casual, they also have clothes of children but was not featured that night, you can check them out yourself at a store near you ;) What was showcased that night was the Spring Summer 2011 Collection, with bright florals, tie dye prints & even stripes. On to the pictures!
Love love love the maxi dresses and what looks like a cute tweed bow jacket on bottom right. Adorable! ♥ They also have harem pants, beautiful swing skirts and casual t-shirts which I'll upload more on my facebook :)

And the men also have much to choose from, even my husband likes the striped shirt the model is wearing (top right). Looks like a visit to TESCO entails soon! Yes, F&F will be available at all TESCO outlets at a very reasonable price. Seeing the range of clothes I can't wait to go see & touch and probably purchase some for myself.

The line-up. Hmmm... which one should I choose? Not shown here but in the catalog, there's also a floral jumpsuit for women. I'm so in love prints now (as you can see in what I'm wearing that night)!

Highlight of the night, some of the celebrity that walked the runway:
The gorgeous & lanky Elaine Daly ♥

The super cute Azura Zainal.

And last but not least, Malaysian home grown budding supermodel - Angie Ng. I just recently saw her in an interview by Bella @ NTV7 and some of her work was portrayed. You'll be blown away as I am, click { here }. My regret was that I didn't recognize her before the show started, this lanky young lady walked in regally in a bright yellow maxi dress, standing out in a room full of people wearing black. That's another wonder, why was everyone wearing black? I must've missed a notice about that, as me & my girls were the only ones donning colors & prints and Angie Ng was in color too so I felt a bit comforted even though I didn't even know her that time but she's so pretty! Nothing beats being out of place, being that this was my first time at a fashion show ^_^

Best thing of that night! We spotted Dato' Jimmy Choo sitting across us before the show started and of course did not miss the chance for a photo opportunity with him after the fashion show ended. Did not however grab his shoes or anything coz he has bodyguards surrounding him at all time, haha kidding! XD

The girls who were with me that night; Mastura, Syahreen, Diana, Jezmine, Fira & Adriani.

Hijabi line-up.

Now, Naz just received a RM70 TESCO voucher from his work for some other reason and he gave it to me! Yippee! What should I buy eh? ;)

Full pictures of the collection { here } & the after show pictures { here }



  1. i love this outfit the most. Not too casual not too funky but you make the night alive with the colour combination.
    i love your braveness to out together the texturish pants with the perhaps abstract shirts.

    in short, i love ze outfit :D

  2. amiiii...
    shame on me.baru je followed ko.selama ni igt nk flw.huhu..already added u into my bloglist too!

    can't wait for the 'doa selamat' entry


  3. thank you so much aliah, that meant a lot xx

    @cima T_____________T how dagherr youuuh. sampai hati mu ima. nasib doa selamat aku ko datang haha :D

  4. F&F is not that popular here in england to be honest :) The only retailer that sell's F&F clothing is our grocery retailer 'tesco's' but it's nice to see it in a different light elsewhere. I sure hope they arent charging you extra cause here it's dirt cheap.

    Oh and You girls look great :D

    Masha Allah

  5. sis!
    cantik sentiasa!
    btw,scarlet theatre kt mana ye?

    tesco voucher tu,bg i je!
    ngehehehe :P

  6. salam..hi sis this is really a gorgeous n stylish it so much!! for sure will HYPE it soon... ^^

  7. U guys look super pretty and fabulous

  8. suka sgt style yang awk n kawan2 pakai.. ni style apa ya?

  9. @mamaleen, style apa? humm ntah takde name kot style ni.. personal style? haha


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