Doa Selamat Soiree

On 3rd April 2010, when everyone was busy and gushing over Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian; I was busy tending over friends & family members who came over to celebrate with me the soft launching of SHOP SPUTNIKSWEETHEART (website not yet ready due to programmer husband getting swamped with work at Sony office, but products will be uploaded to shop's facebook page instead!) and coincide with our 1st wedding anniversary. Can't believe a year has gone by but I'm looking forward to more years to come ♥

Syahreen, Nadhirah, Kak Yunne, Fatin, Diana | with Kak Yunne

The hottie line-up with auntie Sputnik; Eleanor, Lyana, Akma.

Julissa / Jackie, been rocking a turban since years ago! | with Nadhirah

with Fatin a.k.a Honeypokapoka | with Eyqa Sugarscarf!

with Arlynz, ex-housemate/colleague at Sony.

Baby Fira, Aishah Amin, Fatimah Amin a.ka Nabilah Amy Search, Yanny

with Ayuda Yudnan :)

Nurul & Zana of Mimpi Kita | E, the gorgeous mommy-to-be!

Bestie Fariza Alice, SEMESTIAN '97~forever

Darling mommy-to-be Ima, SEMESTIAN '97~forever

Supa fly Mas Angelina of The Wardrobe, Bono of Stellar & Eyqa.

With Tita a.k.a 'Sharifah Amani' & Yani

Cikgu Bono and Tina, our permanent model for The Shoplifters now works for Shop SputnikSweetheart. Kidding!

Thank you so so much everyone for coming over, I had so much fun hosting albeit a lil disorganized since there were only two of us to handle all the guests but I love it! I'm looking forward to hosting more soirees like this in the future (as long as I don't have to cook! XD)
Alhamdulillah our marriage is 1 year old, I'm slowly starting my own business and good things are just starting to happen. Bliss, Alhamdulillah ♥

WHAT I WORE: Chiffon Silk leopard print scarf from Shop SputnikSweetheart | Vintage maxi dress from The Shoplifters | MNG brown pants | Casio from Urban Retro

More pictures { here }

p/s: I've been awarded as FEATURED BLOGGER OF THE MONTH by Tongue in Chic! Check-out my lil interview and look forward for articles written by me to be published in TiC the whole of April ;)



  1. k.ami.banyak nya baju.sukeeenyaaaa.nk shoppink lah cm ni.

  2. Ya Allah I dah gemok! Camana nak kawin ni....
    Btw the skirt is gorjezzz <3

  3. @rara, nanti i upload semuaaaa okay :)

    @tina, manade gumok *tangan ke bahu mata ke atas*

  4. ami dear, i love all the pictures and i love that cardigan i bought. will pose in it and tag you later =)

  5. @Farah, online shop je dear. yang tu i turned a room into an office/studio for me to work at everyday

  6. @Kak Yunne, looking forward to it :)

  7. I <3 the face Honeypokapoka is making! Her face in the picture makes her look like a chipmunk(just joking)! :D

    Everyone looks GREAT!

    You should do a scarf/hijab tutorial.

  8. waaa semua nya cantik2, lovely style!
    new follower :)
    Hijab Kawaii

  9. As per usual, I wish I was there! Alhamdulillah it went well my love.

  10. hii..I love your blog.Your style is awesome. Baca2 I bru perasaan, there's Kak Tita, doctor-to-be (or she's already a doc??, not sure :P). She's one of my seniors. She looks like Sharifah Amani kan?

  11. kak r u??...
    hopefully fine n healthy eyh??..ske lah tgk kak ami..nice n gorgeous as always!!..

  12. @whibley, yep she's like sharifah amani haha but she hates being compared to her lol!

    @akudankamoo, my cancer relapsed in april 2011 and i just finished my salvage chemo. i'm coping day by day now. thanks btw dear :)


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