Maysaa Chiffon Scarf | Honey Pumpkin Buttoned Shirt | Beaded Collar Necklace, a souvenir from Bali from Kish (She writes poetry, surfs the ocean and back-pack travelling to lots of countries; I wish I am as daring & determined as she is <3) | Zara Tribal print Pants | Studded Blue Flats from Charles & Keith

*DIY signage by Shuz*
Went to ZVSH Studio at Soho Empire 2 nights ago for pot-luck iftar and apparently a surprise birthday dinner for me! Sneaky lil friends, I LOVE YOUS! ZVSH is my Shoplifter sister Shuz's design studio where she makes and design clothes. She also teaches sewing/pattern-making/drafting classes here, so if you are interested in knowing how to sew and designing clothes with your hands you can contact Shuz. She has a really distinctive sense in fashion and dare I say has received DEAN LIST achievement in almost each semester she was in UiTM. *proud sister*

Check out:
ZVSH on facebook

Grizzlaaay Beah. Totally out of character in this picture.

The Shoplifters + Emmy
Jejaka2 Ber-Diafragma Penuh + Naz

Please be warned that Grizzly is a feisty lil bear to strangers so since this is my first time meeting him, he's all wary and garang with me. Grrrrr! We're innocent of animal abuse, Grizzly was abusing us! 
Grizzly bertukar!

Let's break our fast.

SURPRISE! Best thing happens when you least expected of it :")
Turned 27. Thank you so much guys for the crepe cake and lovely surprise!!! Loooooooooooove!

Serious faces / funny faces / bloated faces.
Played Mafia vs Orang Kampung game. Losers had to eat and one can lose so many times until death becomes them. Fuh! 

Grizzly is being possessed and Shaman Shuz attempting to calm him.
Skateboard stunts by possessed Grizzly.
Growling Grizzly.

Anyways I had so much fun that night, it was nice to be around with people you care about and just be crazy every once in a while! Love this bunch of peeps <3
Tangan panjang = The Shoplifters.

some photos are courtesy of Tina.

Fashion: Wrist Wars

A sure fire way to update your basic outfit is by adding on accessories and lately there has been a trend going on that crosses between genders and very versatile according to your mood and personal style: BRACELETS and LOTS of THEM!

Tips or tricks on layering bracelets:
» "Colors and textures! Don't overthink the combo." - Joanna Hillman, Harper's Bazaar
»"I like a good chaotic armful. I think the key however is to make sure they are pretty snug on your wrist, so they aren't all overlapping and piling up on top of one another." - Isabelle Rancier, Refinery29
»"Always mix materials, colors, glam vs. rock, hard vs. soft, ect...More is more. Don't be afraid. Don't match. Pile it on! Most importantly, wear pieces that have meaning to you so that each has a story and reminds you of a moment in time. Then, it doesn't matter how you wear it." - Emily Coppock, Lacoste
» "I constantly change up the Monique Péan bracelets, bangles, and cuffs I wear on my left arm, and I'm never without at least 10 on at any given time. The more the better! I say have fun; mix and match bangles with link bracelets, and you're ready for anything! Arm candy central!" - Catrinel Ardeus, Monique Pean
»"Once they fall off, they're gone forever. Try to mix as much healthy color as possible. Bracelets should be fun!" - Alan Eckstein, Timo Weiland

Here's my version of my arm candies;

Check out some of these local online shops that sells varieties of bracelets & bangles, I get mine mostly from DIVA and local shops though.
1. PERTE (handmade jewelry) 2. SOAK REPUBLIC 3. FashionValet
4. TiCSTORE 5. ZIKKOS & for Casio watches 6. URBAN-RETRO

If you feel like you already have enough to start a wrist war, why not DONATE some of those cash?Check out Islamic Relief Malaysia on how you can help make someone's life better, trust me it feels good to help, even from afar;

source via,


So yesterday was my birthday, didn't plan anything fancy or extravaganz. I just had a quiet evening with Naz, had iftar at Delicious and he brought home the pavlova coz he said he wanted to. Being me, I was super sleepy and slept like a baby even before it was 12am. And at 12 he woke me up to this lil thing on the coffee table in a dark living room. It was nice, and quaint :)

Honestly though I wasn't expecting anything because I feel grateful enough to be alive and kicking long enough to reach a year older, considering what I've gone through from last year till now. All I want to do is just soak in all the happiness and feel blessed.

Thank you so much to every single one of you who wished me on facebook, twitter, instagram and even writing a blog post wish! You all made me feel so special :) What's even more surprising was that a few people tweeted me saying Kak Noryn Aziz, the beautiful jazz singer mentioned my name during her appearance in Wanita Hari Ini yesterday for segment Turban Style / Gaya Turban. That certainly made my day! I am certainly honored that she would even come down to this bazaar I joined sometime ago to get herself on quite a number of Schanaz Scarf <3

And thanks to Jezmine Blossom, my Schanaz Scarves was initially introduced to Noryn when she styled her for InTrend - Hijabista issue which came out in September 2011. Don't forget to go & get it!
In this cover Kak Noryn is wearing Schanaz Scarf in Canary Yellow ;)
InsyaAllah will restock more Schanaz Scarves after raya.

For my birthday I treated myself to some sale items from ZARA & Diva. I LOVE SALES!
Don't know when I'm gonna wear that choker but it was only RM21 so how can I resist that? Plus, it has really been awhile since I last shopped. Saving up for a trip to the land of Lord of The Ring! ;)

Nike Sportswear Fall/Holiday Collection

Nike Sportswear Fall/Holiday 2011 Collection
This season sees a variety of designs and colorways that keeps things fresh & fun. But the products are not merely hot just coz of the design - Nike Sportswear is now incorporating innovations seen in their performance lines into selected products giving long-wearing comfort & durability.

Was very fortunate to be invited to explore the rooms and spaces of "Nike Crib" last Friday at Faces Platinum Suites Show Gallery. In within those spaces was decorated with latest seasonal apparel and accessories of Nike Sportswear, taking a cue from Nike's strong association with authentic sport; the Nike Sportswear range has taken on a new motto of - 'Always On'. Realizing that sports is not only a game, it is a culture that have impacted every single person that have taken interest on it directly or even indirectly - Nike has created products that can be used in the lifestyle of the athlete completely; whether on the field or off-field. 

During the event, we were given chances to style through the latest pieces and create a look for the season. The girls were given a a male model and guys vice versa. It was quite fun picking and sorting things up with the new pieces from the season.
The models and celebrity, Joe Flizzow.

Was given Godiva chocolates as souvenir for guests that was fasting. There's me & Helenness Chong.

With the man himself, Mr. Joe Flizzow. Was psyched to know that he will be releasing content based video musics soon and would like to invite bloggers in the press release as well. Was even more psyched when he followed me back on twitter after I tweeted him that day! 

Definitely one of the best highlight of the year, I've been his fan since "Ala Canggung" hehe, and we have their Too Phat's original CD in our car that we took out to play every once in a while ;)

EDGY MINIMALIST, staying to only basic and dark colors with pops of edgy accessories.
Maysaa Chiffon Scarf | Purplish grey Oversized Shirt from Iamjetfuelshop | Bib necklace & random accesories, inspired by these arm party going on | Tapered trousers from The Shoplifters, I think this is the only black tailored pants I own! Damn. | Slitted wedges bought online, can't remember where it's so old the outer sole finally gave way that night :"(