Lady Who?

Not a fan of Lady Gaga, but Nicole does rock in this.
Louis Vuitton "Stephen Sprouse" collection:

Oh Marc!

source: sf, Nicole Richie impersonating Lady Gaga for BlackBook mag April 09. hypebeast.


R.I.P Rorschach

Have you guys watched Watchmen? Well if you haven't you better do it soon. Coz believe me there's nothing that you that wouldn't like about this movie. It's not at all an action-pack thriller comic sci-fi kind of movie, it's more a drama with lots of emotion being bounced of in the tug of war between power of good and evil. How someone cannot be simply GOOD & KIND all the time, and there will always be that gray area that we sometime step into. It's kinda sad in the end, particularly for me because I love Rorschach's character. Despite of his brute looks, and most likeliness of not stepping into the shower for more than a year, but he's got a good heart. Very intent to make things right, the one vigilante do-gooder who is a nutcase; driven by vengeance and sees that evil must be violently punished. My bad boy.

It's also an interesting fact that (in the original comic) that he started to wear his mask after reading upon the murder of Kitty Genovease, disgusted of the crime rate of New York he worked up Rorschach's character and became his own version of a superhero. Kitty was violently stabbed near her flat with random (said to be 38) witnesses hearing or seeing the assault but did not nothing to help. Is our world any better nowadays? Kinda scary hm?

Anyways, I am not or never was a comic enthusiast except for occasional Yuyu Hakusho, Detective Conan, Doraemon (haha!) and that's probably it. Mostly during my high school years, because my lil brother is a comic geek, if he had known how to put Internet to better use he would probably be more hardcore these days lol. This character was gorgeous *fangirlmode:on*

Yuyu Hakusho

On a more fashionable note, here's a spread Coco Rocha did on Superheroes, Vogue US slightly old article of May 2008.

Coco Rocha does Poison Ivy with a Nina Ricci Swarovski embellished dress custom made for Vogue.

Catwoman by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana with Christian Louboutin for Rodarte shoes.

The Little Mermaid with Gaultier rubber bodysuit with shell detail and sequined detail.

A Batman inspired custom made for Vogue Rick Owens zippered leather-and-cashmere suit.

Loving the headpiece for Catwoman, I'd chose that for my mask if I was a superhero. Heh. And being that, have Rorschach as my lunatic partner ;)

"None of you understand. I'm not locked up in here with you... you're locked up in here with me."

source:wiki, stylefrizz.

Surprisingly Featured

Dalam diam :D

Thanks Jessica of TIC! See, told ya doing minor goodness to mummy and family members you'll get great rewards instantaneously! Good thing I visited mine last week and spent some good time with her. Miss her already knowing that she's home alone since the elder brother move out to Penang a few days ago... hmm

Hope Bonda is okay.

On other news, I think my 1 year old Dell is infected by virus. The display monitor will go whizzing wappie duo and flat black after 10 minutes of turning it on. I only can log in using Safe Mode while making sure my monitor won't go asleep (i know there's an option to turn that off but malas!). Haven't been shopping for awhile, except some essentials like a brand new set of skincare, the largest cheapest Crocodile travelling suitcase on sale, leather Crocodile luggage for jejaka botak (yay Jusco vouchers) and hmmm shoplifters stuffs T___T

And I haven't even started on the Bandung fund for this June! And I am so lusting over all of these heels, I know YOU are too! Where to find easy money, tell me?

I feel like I have too many black shoes, though non are lace-ups. This is sooo Ann Demeulemeester. White/Nude is also sexy this season, kan?
*okay the picture is way too big for my blog, click on it aite *

Nyummy Miss Chunky, hope it's not too heavy ^-^

SOO DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, wants it in Pink *hinthint*

Miss Strappy :)

Also available in Nude/Gold *dies*

So sweet :)

All I have to do is be patient till July. This is MADNESS I TELL YOU MADNESS!



I'm going home to ma familia this weekend. I've been a bad, bad girl.
My distant cousin past away two days ago and I couldn't go back because I have this big event at work that I had to join. I should've gone and visit her in the hospital when I had the chance but I didn't. I feel so guilty about it. Haven't seen mom for awhile too... :/



Nothing Is Ever Like What It Seems

Tribute to Lost My Fangs ;)
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1. Open this website :

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cob-web crawling on your filthy skin

Source: JaknJill.

Omnomnom, I got one for myself in white/black. Available at The Shoplifters, well, a more subtle version of it ofcourse :)