GIVEAWAY: Shop Consciously with H&M

Now what does shop consciously means? In line with H&M new commitment in providing sustainable fashion, they have created a H&M Concious Collection which are actually garments made from more sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyesters and Tencel (biodegradable material made from wood pulp cellulose). 

Vanessa Paradis as the face of H&M Concious Collection 2013.

The collection this year is full of optimism for spring, with romantic styles like a floor-length dress alongside sporty shapes such as a cropped jumpsuit and a tropical print T-shirt dress. There are accessories too, such as ankle-strap heels, and the entire collection is made from more sustainable materials.

This effort shows clearly that choosing greener fashion does not mean compromising on design or price.
The full women’s collection will be available in H&M stores now, alongside Conscious collections for Men - blazers, chinos, Ikat print shirts and shorts – as well as fun prints for kids and babies.

H&M Conscious Collection are available at all H&M stores -Lot 10 Shopping Centre, Setia City Mall and Paradigm Mall.

Now for my lovely readers, I am giving away 5 exclusive H&M Conscious pouch! All you have to do is just answer these two simple questions:

1) Who is the face of the Conscious Collection 2013 campaign?
2) Name two types of fabric/material used in the making of garments in the Conscious Collection

5 lucky winners will be chosen randomly & winners will be announced on 8th April 2013. Comment below with your answers & email address!



My Favorite Look Under RM200 c/o HK Station, Sungei Wang

Hello everyone, so it's been awhile since I last talk about my shopping experience but today I have something super nice to share! I was actually invited by HK Station @ Sungei Wang Plaza to try & shop for looks under RM200 and also model the clothes. This is super exciting coz who doesn't love cheap deals am I right?? Well look no further coz Sungei Wang Plaza has created a whole floor for your shopping experience at such low low prices! I know the place can be quite confusing at times, even I was afraid I would get lost but I just straight away went to the Yellow & Orange section and take the lift there to Level 6 and voila I've arrived!

Infront of the lift at Level 6 which looked like I just stepped out of the LRT, lolz.

Crazy shopping begins!

RM25 soft cotton cardigans I wish I had bought! T_T

RM39 blazer! Yummeh ♥

These tops are only RM25! 

Love love looooove ♥

RED & BLUE with Buttons

Wow, so it's been awhile huh? This is so awkward, I mean something that I used to do for awhile which is blogging and haven't been into it for sometime, it's like super hard to get back into the notion of writing. Believe me I have tried to write something, opened up and closing the window and the process repeats for a few times over the course of three months of absolute silence? Truthfully I have been a lil sick when we entered 2013, fever + flu + cough come and go as they wish for about 2 months and I was just not feeling it anymore. What is it you ask? I don't know perhaps I just needed sometime to clear my head and believe me I really don't need that much time coz when I start doing it, one would say relaxing and taking time off but the harsh word would be procrastinating. Jyeah I said it, once I got into procrastinating mode I became overly relaxed. And even though I wanted to stop and just get into the groove again I just couldn't. Everything just felt so alien to me, so lesson learned peeps. I am not the kind of person who should be relaxing too much for too long. Dangerous & nasty habit. 

Anyways, I did a small project with the talented Shahida Shariff of Button My Buttons. Check out her lovely designs and products as worn by me in her studio. Lucky for me she was also a great photography director so she pretty much showed me which pose would look good and all, learned a lot! :)


LOOK 2 below with the same top, but different look ♥