♥ the cover photo, ♥ the crazy quirky design and ofcourse who doesn't love all the Miu Miu. Chloe is fierce, no?

Kitsch swallows, daisies and cats! ♥

p/s: Who's going to LEFTBLOCK x Nike party tonight? Thanks Jezmine dearie for the invite :D

WIWT: Sunday 18th

Photos from last Sunday, stayed over at my brother-in-law's house as Naz's parents came from Perak to go baby stuffs shopping for............................... my sister in law lah! Eheh, her due date is around 8th May.

Gedik santai with hubby baby. I love the natural lighting that made my face looked flawless~~

I actually bought two skirts from Cotton On the day before and they told me it was No Plastics Bags Day and since I didn't have any shopping bag with me that day, I had to carry it around like a thief! I even bought a pair of new sandals and I had to carry it on my arms in and out of other retail stores (while holding Cotton On's receipt in hand T_T). NOTETOSELF: always bring shopping bag on weekends.

So anyways I wore one of the new floral bandage skirts that day and my mother in law approves! XD

WHAT I WORE: vintage jacket, Topshop purple tee, Cotton On floral bandage skirt, Vincci sandals and Trendy Confessions hobo bag. Practically the same bag & shoe I wore from previous post coz I didn't bring a lot sleeping at their house :)

Anyways, two weeks before my wedding me and my girlfriends went out to do all the girly stuffs - eyebrow threading, pedicure & manicure and I spent my RM52 voucher to trim my hair at REPLACEMENT. I love how Shane took really good care of me eventhough we came in almost at closing hour and he even washed my hair twice, all I did was trim my hair! ♥

Fariza colored her nails yummy mocha latte!
We had our dinner at Nirwana, Bangsar and these girls are doing a peria goreng ad. Haha! I know Jezmine raves about this peria goreng!

p/s: Ask me anything, nicely :)


What We Ate Today (19.04.2010)

On Saturday we went up to Sunway Pyramid to meet a client and then we decided to have our dinner at Pasta Zanmai since we've never eaten there before. Pasta Zanmai serves Japanese-Western fusion food so it was pretty interesting and tasty if I may say so :)

We chose this set - squid & prawn pasta with white sauce. It came in a large wok.

Part of the set - I think that's sweet soy sauced chicken with half cooked egg on top, with pasta. Salad with crab meat shredded and sesame sauce. And not to forget, miso soup. This meal is called double mini, so it's smaller than the original sized meal. For a first-timer, it's quite a good deal coz you get to taste two different meals without burning much in your pocket. This set was around RM20++ if I'm not mistaken.

Then we ordered a pizza, can't remember which but it was good! The pizza is crispy thin but was filling enough to be consumed for one average person.

And eversince Naz learnt from his Japanese friends about sharing foods, that's how we do it each time. We order a few meal, and share them together by eating it in small plates. These blue flowered plates were already on the table so it served our purpose. I think it's a very good practice, and you get to taste everyone's food! Haha XD

Our dessert, RM8 for 3 shot glasses of yogurt + fresh fruits + cookie crumbs/raisins.
We thought it was custard at first, but yogurt it was! I love yogurt so I have no qualms about this, but it surely is a nice dessert idea for people coming over for dinners or just supper at nite :)

Tapi comel;

What I Wore that day;
Yellow eyelet top from Selltrade_KL back in the days, vintage high-waisted skirt from Soak Republic bazaar sale, The Shoplifters denim vest, Trendy Confessions hobo bag, Vincci nude brown with purple bejeweled embellishments.

Been abandoning fashion posts since the wedding preparation started, so whut up fashionsistah!


Solemnization OUTFIT: final fitting

Alright finally transfered the photos from my Lumix, out of almost 600++ photos most of them are photos from Naz's business trip to Japan prior to our wedding T_T

But! I do have these photos waiting to be posted - photos taken during my final fitting of my solemnization outfit at MIMPI KITA, Bangsar. Pardon my lack of make-up, we drove there straight from work and madamoiselle was tired ahah.

Nurul helping me to clip the veil onto my hair, totally forgot to bring a scrunchie to tie up my hair in a bun.

The long veil I wanted!

Notice my super large zit? It has now dried off and my skin is so much better without the tiny zits accompanying it too! Flawless skin after wedding? That's not helping T_T

Totally feel like a princess in my nikah dress. I LOVE IT!!! And super glad I chose the ombre chiffon for my skirt. Thank you so much MIMPI KITA!

Thank you so much Nuwol! Heheheheheheheheheheh. I need to see you to give back the Nine West heels you so nicely offered to loan coz it matches my nikah outfit. Sweet tau.

I went back home grinning ear to ear and woke up with same facial expression, as I hung the outfit at the end of bed. Ahhhh ♥



Too lazy to update lately, anyways just received this from Aizat BLISS CANDID as a teaser photo. Photo taken at a road infront of my house, after our solemnization ceremony. Didn't know I could bend like that, but then again I do remember having back-aches after doing that lil stunt. Oh the horror of aging bones.

And here's my bertandang dress, worn on Naz's side of reception. Modeled by my own bridesmaid for an article about AMIR MIRZA, out in Utusan (cover of Mode). Read the article here. My white dress was also in the article in the newspaper, if you manage to read Utusan yesterday :)

here's me getting ready in that dress while AFAD tidying up my hair, Afad was the one who did my makeup + hairdo in all three occasions, he even did my feathered hand bouquets which I get to keep ;)

till my next lazy update ;p


dude, she just got married!


It's been awhile huh? Can't believe it's already over, the wedding I mean. All the hustles & bustles, sweats & tears, major stressed out over the ticking clock - all for preparation of one day, okay for me it was xx days of running around tidying up the house (moved all the furnitures around the house, propped open all the carpets at the living room, cleaned & washed away all the chicken shits at the garage [they think they own the garage and mom let it be], didn't even have time to wear henna on the tips of my fingers & toes, worrying about mom wanting to force her red tekat emas set on me [she tried to put it on the door curtain of bride's room during my khatam Quran, so I can't stop her T_T], we forgot about the whole wedding cake cutting ceremony [poor Unazukin!], pity some of my friends didn't get the doorgifts coz it ran out before they came, but anyways the feeling of waking up and closing your eyes to sleep next to the one you love every single day makes it so worth it. It's a whole different feeling I can't quite describe. Wonder why I didn't get married earlier anyways haha.

I don't have photos of my own, so here's a few photos from friends. Thank you so much guys for coming! I'm gonna do a THANK YOU entry next :))

To sum it up, it was a small, simple and some might say quaint wedding just how I wanted it to be. I love my reception, make-up and dresses, guests praised that the food was great (gulai tempoyak, rendang tok, pajeri nenas & ayam goreng cicah kuah asam.. whut up Perak-ians)! For 3 months of preparation, I think I did alright hehe. Of course there were flaws here & there but I am happily married now after 7 years of courtship..

So, who cares! :P

p/s: Can't wait for photos from Bliss Candid. Congratulations to Aizat & Nadia on their engagement last weekend ♥