Sensuous, indeed!

Remember this post? Well guess what?! Okay I'll just tell, I WON!! I sent in 3 entries and the last one, with the least effort ever, won the contest. I think I never won a contest before? Okay maybe I have but this one is super easy because of this virtual paper doll thingy called Looklet it's just too damn fun to play with. I couldn't stop myself after creating my first set :P

The contest was about creating a complete outfit for a party themed as Sensuous, Estee Lauder's new line of perfume. At the back of my mind I was thinking -- nude colors, Grecian style, floor length dress, minimal gold jewelries. But Looklet didn't have that sort of dress so I had to make do with a black one.

1st entry:
Sensuous Black

I even described my dress with full passion (lol).
A lady in black walking gracefully into the room with her sensuous dark silk dress. Enticing the eyes that are watching her as the fringes on her shoulder shifts lithely at every single step she takes. Mesmerizing all the males with the click of her caged heels, evoking thoughts of what those black cage could ever mean or do to them should the lady desires to. Adolescent girls sneer in jealousy as they saw her Gina Tricot studded clutch, wishing they could be that very lady. Stylish and indeed, sensuous.

2nd entry:
Sensuous Lacy
Then I wanted to do a lace outfit but it was probably too minimal and does not stand out at all actually. If only there was a fitted lace dress like this to work with.

No description coz I don't wanna seem to eager but actually I was the only person sending multiple entries heee.. Ok crap, I forgot.
As we all know how hints of flesh makes our heart flutters, oozing sexiness in this lace piece whilst keeping it classy.

3rd entry, which won the contest!
Meet The Folks (because I did not made this set for the contest, just for fun)

I said - this is probably close to what I would wear to a Sensuous party held by TIC ;)
Which was true really, but I'd probably wear a black sheer tights coz I'm super conscious of my legs.

So I had fun playing Looklet and just started spurring random outfits, though they don't have as much items as Polyvore but it's like being a little girl all over again, dressing up my blow-up doll. You guys should try it!

Other contest I entered - TiC Turns 1!: Common Totes. I wrote a very lengthy answer at the page, when one TiC member said it's tweet exclusive! Meaning I have to tweet @tictweets to qualify for the contest. How embarrassing haha! I used to gave them the same lengthy answer but guess I was destined for Estee Lauder's Sensuous :P

Anyways, thank you so much TiC. They're giving away free nice things for 30 days to commemorate their 1st birthday so watcha waiting for? Join in the fun!

Lover's Quote

Yesterday we only met once, for only a brief moment of sharing the car to the office together. Before he sleeps, he sent me a text message saying above ♥

I love this man, no doubt about it..

A day before yesterday was raining cats & dogs nearing ifthar time and we had to come into the restaurant way earlier than we normally do. So I had my Bel-ami in hand and read it while waiting for Maghrib, he was irritated because he had nothing to read hence he went to the 7-Eleven store next door and bought what may seem the most metrosexual magazine ever! I laughed so hard especially when I saw both the male models are bald, and so was the man reading it. ROFLMAO!

I had Nasi Goreng Thailand & ice tea.
And actually Men's Health was a pretty good read & I've finished up my Bel-Ami ;)

What are you reading right now?

Private Sales: REEBONZ

I bet each and everyone of us loves a good deal, and when opportunity arises why not take it while it's still there rite? I first encountered Reebonz through Singaporean fashion blogger, Eleh. So when an email from Wen Lin (representative of Reebonz) came in I was certainly elated & a tad bit surprised to be chosen to do a write up for the company.

Reebonz (pronounced as ribbons) is actually Asia Pacific’s first exclusive online shopping destination of premier brands and private sales. Just like its tagline “Unveil the surprise” suggests, Reebonz is akin to a present. Once you untie the “reebonz”, a surprise awaits you! How lovely, especially it's one of those Miu Miu purse or Chloe boots you decided not to buy last season and regret not doing so. This is a chance for you to grab hold of those designer items at discount prices! And that's not all, discounts at Reebonz can go up to 70% off for some products. They also provide installment plan, collaborating with UOB credit card with 0% interest. Well, ofcourse with terms & conditions applies. I bet that's not gonna stop you, will it?

Reebonz helds events which last for a short period of time and that are open exclusively to members only. Brands that have made their appearance on Reebonz previously include APC, Irregular Choice, Stuart Weitzman, Gucci and so on. Excited much?

To gain access to these private sales and more, the kind people at Reebonz have now created an invitation code especially for Sputnik Sweetheart readers to sign up!

Simply enter the invitation code “sputnik” at or click on and proceed to sign up as a member!

For those who are interested to know more about Reebonz and their private sales, you may join their Facebook fan page or visit their blog.

Ready to unveil the surprise? ;)

The Fictional Bride's Wedding Dress

Some of you who would probably know that I'm a fan of the Twilight Saga, I even go as much as recommending an alternate read; a fan fiction of the characters in Twilight. Still deliciously good, just sayin'.

Well then, the mash up combination of Fashion + Twilight + Wedding (dresses), are just three perfect entities that would spark an interest in me (like wtf!). I am getting married next year so browsing for wedding inspirations has been a habit for me since the engagement. For those who knows nothing about Bella & wedding dresses (what----??), just calm down and I won't reveal the plot to you.

My personal thoughts:
  • Love Siriano's tiered dress and lace bustier, very dearly romantic. But being it off high neck with no sleeves is tad revealing for me at least.
  • Lhuillier's mermaid style dress with lace detailing on the top and long veil is definitely appealing.
  • Now, I'm no fashion student or designer therefore it's rather hard for me to interpret Reyes's sketches but I'm sure it's very beautiful. Help anyone?
  • Erin Fetherston's design is a delight to look at, endearingly cute and loving the puffy sleeves. I can so imagine Bella in this one.
  • Tad too sexy for demure Bella, but who knows right? A modern cut revealing the backside, I myself would not dare to wear that on my own wedding. I'm unnecessarily tad too shy.. on Prabal Gurung's design.
  • Max Azria - a definite yes! Lace lace lace lace.. ♥
  • Leia Rose - loving the unique rear side.
  • Badgley Mischka - looks like a modern interpretation of kebaya. Quite a common choice for Malay & Indonesian brides.
  • Zac Posen - pink? Hmm...
The attention on Twilight Saga on the internet is probably overwhelming on every angle and crevices, but ya can't help but just enjoy it. Even Prada's Fall runway look has that sparkly vampire going on. It's exciting really! Though I would not know for sure which one of the above designs suits Alice's & Bella's taste, but I do know what Kristen Stewart would like: Givenchy Haute Couture.

Which one of those dresses is your pick?

via InStyle

Gray Mascara?

Mascara wands get gloomy, thanks to YSL.

“Gray mascara?”

The words had barely escaped my mouth before I was rushing over to consult with NYLON’s Beauty Director, Holly Siegel.

Yes, she had a tube of the new autumnal shade of Volume Effet Faux Cils mascara from Yves Saint Laurent. No, she didn’t know of any other brands producing tubes in gunmetal. Yes, I could “borrow” it.

My excitement was due, in part, by just how beguiling the mascara shade has been. Wands have gone from midnight black to electric blue, but never has gray been used to pump up lashes (trust me, I checked). Yet everything else in the beauty aisle has been gray-washed: Smokey eyes have gone slate, nail polishes have gone heather, and even lipstick has gone lilac-tinged dove.

YSL’s “sublime gray” is a perfect fit for eyelashes, since the shade is a bit subtler than your average asphalt color, but way more interesting than a chestnut brown. And because it’s been a favorite among designers (from the French fashion house to younger labels like Doo.Ri), it won’t be hard to find a matching ensemble in your closet.

Going back to your tube of crusty black once you go gray? A bit more difficult.

$28.50 at


An intense look in a single stroke with our must-have industry leading mascara.

The secret? The triple-film complex. A coating film for intensity, a conditioning film for curve, a fixing film for long-lasting effectiveness. Even the brush applicator combines nylon fibers of varying diameters for volume enhancement as never before.

New Shade #8 Sublime Grey is inspired by the grey flannel seen on the YSL Fall 2009 Ready To Wear runway.

Click here for a video showing you how to achieve the signature YSL look.
Not sure when it will be available in KL though. Will save up for this, perhaps..
EDIT: Now that I've watched the video, I think I'm inclined to buy YSL TOUCHE ÉCLAT too.. damnson!

via Nylon 25082009 & YSL Beauty US

I <3 Freedom

It's been awhile since I last post an editorial I love, this one certainly one of my favs. This type of photos, whimsical, soft and dreamy wins my heart instantly. Not to mention the styling is sick too, 70's ♥. 18 pages of the model Sophie Srej enjoying the sunny outdoors in Marie Claire Italia (September 2009), photographed by David Bellemère. Google him and you shall enjoy the works of a man who knows how to play with lights, natural lights, and how to work nature into fashion.

via fashgonerogue


25? Really?!

Thanks to Adik, K-rol, Lia and my fiance for a somewhat surprise birthday celebration. My 25th birthday fell on 22nd August, on the same day all muslems starts fasting for Ramadhan. I feel blessed in a way. Can't believe I'm already quarter of a decade, but I ain't complaining. Atleast not much, I'm still working my way up there, slowly.

When the food came we were too hungry & eager to eat we didn't take any photos. Thank GOD coz even the sight of that pineapple juice and cookies are killing me. Fasting101: DO NOT LOOK AT FOOD PHOTOS, EVER. They bought mini cupcakes coz fiance didn't have Awesome Dzu's number to make a special order, as he told me. If only he asked me lah kan.. Received a free box of cookies from +wondermilk, named Koko Fudge, seriously delish! You must stop by this Ramadhan at +wondermilk (be warned, full of tasty cute temptations), while stocks lasts :)

Was wearing: printed top, Bloop, Jakarta | black high-waisted acid wash skinnies, TOPSHOP | bag, Nine West | fuschia pink flats, Vincci|

Highlight of all birthday wishes, one person wished me Happy 22nd Birthday. Confirmed my thoughts that I look aptly younger than I should, hah! XD

Sensuous Black

Taking part in TiC turns 1 - Estee Lauder Sensuous contest, find out and join here.

New addition to the foot family, Studded Biker Boots & Balmain inspired heels ;)

Miss Serratos is hot!



Mourning A Black Loss

I lost (accidentally left) my favorite black satin blazer in Penang. I can't even muster the effort to thoroughly think where I might have left it, coz then I would break down and cry. Seriously dude, I only have one blazer, in black, and hard satin. Effin' love that piece of shit :(

Balmain Blazer via LuisaViaRoma

On another note, TOPSHOP really do have very nice collection of blazers and jackets. Now if only I have a few thousand £ lying around.. Hmm.

Anyways, accompanied Naz (the fiance) and his lil sister to do some shopping last night. I manage to get out of the shopping complex without buying anything, YAY!! It wasn't easy and didn't make feel happy leaving all those temptations behind but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, especially flat broke busted penniless girl ala moi. Now this is the moment where I feel I can't believe I wrote previous statement and really meant it, duude a few months ago I'm so pro at denying temptations! They caught up with me apparently T_T

Naz's sister bought the same Nine West long purse but in black color, we match :P, now we can whip out our purses together and battle at the cash counter LOL. I do not make sense. I have a nagging desire to take a quick look at Zara (again? roll eyes to self) and nab a suede harem pants even if it's one size larger, at RM40 it's justifiable. Yes/No?

Spreading the good news, though the prices are pretty much the same as last week's sale:

ZARA FINAL CLEARANCE at rock bottom prices - in stores from Thursday, 20 Aug onwards! - by ZARA Mid Valley.

Received it via sms yesterday. Imma just spreading the loove ♥

p/s: my birthday is actually tomorrow, how can I forget!*wiggles eyebrow suggestively*