WIWT: Yellow!

WHAT I WORE: Inner Balqis from Sugarscarf, Mustard longsleeved tee from MNG, vintage belt, brown wide legged jumpsuit (the same one I wore to ChicPOP), Mulberry inspired fur bag from tiffanywardrobe, Charles & Keith studded flats.

Diana came over to pick up the vintage dress she bought from me, and we went for a fro-yo date at Seri Bangi. Just found out that it's actually owned by Ainul Aishah's mother, first time I met Ainul Aishah was when she modeled for Old Blossom Box opening. She's so cute ♥ I'm also loving Diana's Alexander McQueen inspired scarf.

My healthy breakfast this morning = 2 green apples + 3 frozen strawberries + 250ml milk + top off with butterscotch honey syrup. Blend that milkshake!

Was reminded to eat more fresh fruits & water by a reader who also have cancer, thank you so much Saadah for your wonderful email. I admit I have been neglecting those two for a while, tsk. I have an appointment with my oncologist tomorrow and I hope the in-depth result of my bone marrow assessment is A-OK. Prays for clean bone marrow. Amin..


  1. cantik! i nmpk u dekat chic pop event that day.but segan nak tegur u.;)

  2. @zetty, ala ye ke? why tak tegur.. so sad :( lainkali nampak mesti say hi okay? hehe

  3. suka laaa.. hehe
    ouh btw i malu lah nak tegur u mase kat OBB =.=

  4. @nisa, oh nisa i can't blame you masa kat OBB terlalu ramai orang yang cantik2 i felt so shy... but next time do say hi, i promise i tak makan orang :)

  5. I love your yellow tee and brown jumpsuit...hee..very stylish la..I would like to ask you something..sesuai tak if i pakai yellow color because I nie gelap sikit..sawo matang nye skin..he..thank you!

  6. @teenot, saya baru pergi blog awak and honestly your skin tone is similar to mine :) so no worries, yellow actually makes your skin look brighter. so orang berkulit lebih gelap pun sesuai dengan warna kuning, apatah lagi yang berkulit cerah kan :)

  7. thanks ami!hee..lepas nie confident sikit la nak pakai..hope you dont mind..and next time I'll ask you for another!hee..nice to know you!

  8. kak ami comel! :) omg suka gila kuning tu.argh u punya outfit semua to die for, i rase kalau ade chance nak rob ke apa ke.i nak rob baju2 u la :P tapi kasut taley a.u kaki tecik tecik :(

    xoxo sherah!

  9. Have only one mustard yellow in my closet:(

    You look elegant with yellow:) Btw, where can I find a jumpsuit as I am petite...

  10. love this look Ami. So simple but the same time looks so cozy. Lovely yellow tee!! xx

    p/s: I agreed with teenot couse i also never matched to wearing the bright yellow & peach..urrr..geram je..!! xo

  11. woahhh ami im loving the color combo of yr outfit..i started to appreciate mustard color too hehehe but im scared to make drastic changes because i still like dark style because i think it suits my personality better. ye ami, please makan buah byk byk! suka sgt tengok u ceria much different from the day i visited you at the hospital :D *hugs* 6hb ni kita konvoi ramai2 nak? nak itot jugak :D

  12. Great outfit! Love the colors. :)

  13. @teenot, yay good to know!

    @sherah, jgn rob i! haha, kaki i size 6 la dear. kaki u berapa?

    @eyeda, i rasa u can try Old Blossom Box. Most jumpsuits i jumpa agak panjang if u r really petite kena alter la dear. but anyways i'm only 154cm..

    @fariza, lepas ni boleh la pakai yellow! i will follow youuuuuu hehehehe

    @ladygaga, u try la golden yellow with black. that could make it edgy like you :D thanks emmy, i happy coz ada kwn2 cam uuuuu heeee

    @thomessa, gracias love!

  14. salam sis ami..
    LOVE this yellow look,
    yarrr..we also met at the chic POP..ur so kind..nice meeting u there... ^^ bile nk jmp lg nih..haha

  15. i suke ur style... kalau u jual preloved ur shoes.. i nakk!!

  16. tutti frutti yummy Bangi pn da ade tutti frutti! nt cik ami singgah Bangi , halo2 Daya H . I'll treat as salam perkenalan . :)


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