WIWT: Military Chic

Remember my oversized Khaki jacket post? So here's me in my beloved military jacket / parka in two different nights :)

Night 1, at Putrajaya on 19th January 2011. We had Sushi King for dinner & watched Season of Witch.
WHAT I WORE: Topshop inspired military jacket from Little Paris Dressbook, maroon lace dress (can't remember where I bought this), white bow thin belt (last worn here, can't remember where I bought this), Zara jeans, Vincci+ wooden wedges (last worn here) & Casio watch from my online retro Casio shop, Urban-Retro.

Night 2, crashed at my BFF's place last night (husband went for his boy's night out, they talked till dawn at various mamak & kopitiam zzzzz ). While me & Wynn talked all things weddings! My own Rozita Che Wynn is getting hitched February 2012 ♥ Congrats girl! I'll be by your side as long as you need me :) and sorry I used your ceiling length mirror closet to take my style shot XD
WHAT I WORE: Maysaa chiffon snood (perfect for lazy hijab days, just fit it on & zip!), 2 tone shawl from ShawlbyVsnow (to add colors to my outfit), Uniqlo VOGUE shirt (last worn here), Zara light grey jeans (last worn here), vintage belt & Primark tiered heart necklace that you can barely see.

You've seen this purple scarf here.
Naz doing a great impression of a Japanese face....
Haha! No lah, I'm just kidding. Took this shot of him accidentally. Funny though, huh?

Fashion Valet cookie received in Mimpi Kita goodies bag ;) Yummeh!
The garang stray momma cat & kitty who lives under a door next to the window of our apartment; at the corridor area. we fed her cat food for the first time, she's still a lil cautious but hungry...

p/s: I've realized that I now have quite a number of new hijabi readers and all I can say is that I'm not perfect in so many ways maka diharapkan mana yang baik dijadikan tauladan mana yang buruk jadikanlah sempadan. Insyallah let us all grow in our own pace to better ourselves ♥



  1. @ The hijabi readers part, i totally agree!! Inshaallah we will all grow! Ameen!

  2. you're soooo inspiring lah kak ami!!!

  3. @labella, amin..

    @farah, awwww thank you dear!

  4. @aliyah, i couldnt let all the sadness eat me up alive <3

    @sabdaziz, awwww geez thanks dear :))))

    @ciare, pakai la wedges yang flat aka flatform orang panggil sekarang. rindu kamu jugak twin *hugs

  5. fantastic shoes!!!


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